Hometrend Property Management

Hometrend Property Management – Trend Property & Management is your source for honest and reliable property management services in Fort Worth. We manage each property with the care and dedication that we bring to our own investments. Our experience can work for you to raise your property’s performance and provide you with a more successful investment portfolio.

Don’t settle for a tenant who seems okay. You need a tenant who meets your high standards. This is one of your most valuable investments; You want to make sure you are placing a tenant who is responsible, trustworthy, and easy to work with. We help you find those tenants with a strategic marketing process and a rigorous selection process.

Hometrend Property Management

Hometrend Property Management

We follow all fair housing laws and make sure your property complies with the Texas Property Code before we move someone. The tenants we place have a few things in common.

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You can expect weekly updates while your home is vacant and a detailed report on each applicant for approval or discussion.

We help you increase your return on investment by reducing vacancy and turnover costs with outstanding tenant retention efforts. Our responsive service and open door policy lets tenants know we care about them and their experience. That keeps them in place. Turnover and vacancies don’t have to be a constant drag on your ROI.

More than 75 percent of our existing tenants renewed their leases in the past year, and that’s generating steady income for you.

We also offer affordable maintenance, allowing you to keep your property in good shape without spending money. Our network of qualified contractors provides world-class service at rates lower than the average independent provider. Plus, you get value every day with our affordable management fees.

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Serving all Fort Worth neighborhoods including Villages of Woodland Springs, Bar C Ranch, McPherson Ranch, and Heritage.

Take the hassle out of owning a rental property and reduce the headaches that keep you up at night. At Trend Property & Management, our experience has allowed us to create systems and processes that keep our work efficient and effective. We anticipate and respond to your needs with courtesy and care.

Receive a monthly statement so you know how your property is performing and when it’s time to negotiate a new purchase or rental sale of your existing home, Trend Property & Management guides you through the transaction with expertise and ease. We work hard so you don’t have to.

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Hometrend Property Management

Schedule your free 1-hour training session with real estate investment professional Jason Zimmerman. With over 20 years of experience, Jason will be happy to answer any questions he has about rental homes and help brainstorm ideas on how to invest in real estate in Tarrant County.

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Trend manages my three rentals in Saginaw. They helped me out of a difficult situation with one of my communities of owners. They really supported me and the end result was positive.

Plus, I’ll never have to worry about when my rental income will arrive, since it arrives on the same day each month.

We make property management in Fort Worth easy. Our team is ready to meet your unique investment needs and care for your property as if it were our own. We are proud of our reputation in Fort Worth and throughout Tarrant County for providing exceptional leadership in the local real estate and property management markets. Talk to us about where you are with your rental home and where you want to go.

If you would like more information about our properties and what it is like to work with Trend Property & Management, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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Michele Stokan is a property manager who has specialized in residential management since 2002. She has a thorough understanding of the Texas Property Code and all state and federal fair housing laws. Michele has handled evictions and court appeals and expertly handles the entire leasing and management process, from marketing a vacant home to converting it between tenants. She works well with vendors, tenants, landlords, and other community partners. Michele is solution oriented and a creative problem solver.

Maintenance needs are handled by David Turner, who has coordinated real estate maintenance for over three years. In addition to his experience in the field of property management, David has spent time in the field of accounting, the home health industry, and staffing and scheduling. His ability to multi-task and focus on the details ensures that routine and emergency maintenance issues are handled efficiently and effectively at all of our properties.

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Juli Palmer-Norris joined the Trend team in 2007 as a receptionist and quickly learned all there is to know about leasing and management. She obtained her real estate license from her in 2010 and began working in sales and marketing with Trend. Juli is often the first point of contact for new investors interested in real estate opportunities or curious about professional property management, making her the face of Trend. Since becoming licensed, she has sold more than 130 properties and leases between 50 and 60 homes each year.

Hometrend Property Management

Juli enjoys reading, swimming, and rescuing animals. She has been married for 21 years and has two adult children.

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Call us at 817 427-0008 during business hours. We’ll have a team member talk to you about services and pricing.

Jason Zimmerman graduated from Howard Payne University in Texas and began investing in real estate in 1998. His professional experience includes working as a loan officer for eight years and he is a licensed real estate broker in Texas. Jason specializes in flipping homes, buying distressed notes, AirBNB/VRBO investing, IRA investing, new construction, rehabs, traditional finance, creative finance, commercial purchases, multi-family purchases, and college housing. He also brings a wealth of personal experience to Trend Property Management, as he owns 15 investment properties. He is passionate about real estate and loves helping new investors. HOW REMOTE WORKING WILL AFFECT YOUR OUTCOME AS A LANDLORD HOW RENTAL PROPERTY USE HAS CHANGED SINCE COVID

Obviously, it goes without saying, but… a lot of things have changed drastically in the last 2-3 years. The way our residential rental properties are used has not escaped review. The big shift to remote work that came with Covid is more or less here to stay, as both employers and employees see significant benefits. While businesses may enjoy the fact that they are under less pressure to rent thousands of square feet of office space, those of us who own apartments and residential spaces must adjust our expectations to meet this new reality.

As more and more people have gotten used to working from home, the reality is that people working in sweatpants with a dog at their feet is about to become the norm. In a recent survey, 68% of Americans said they would prefer to work remotely. As we have already seen, people at home means that the use of public services will increase. More dishwashing, more handwashing, more bathroom use, more showers mean higher water and sewer bills for you, the property owner. More traffic in the home means higher electricity bills and energy bills if not paid by all tenants.

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In addition to direct cost increases, wear and tear will increase dramatically. More use of faucets, more turning of door handles, more pulling of stair railings. With tenants at home more often, your heating and plumbing infrastructure will get more wear and tear and need replacement sooner than you’d prefer. Everything is being tweaked more, maybe even twice as much. If a refrigerator is used twice as much, which seems like a conservative estimate, you might only get 7 years when you were expecting 14.

Recent changes in our lives could also mean more guests than in the past. Since people are conditioned to avoid public areas but still crave social interaction, there may be more people in your apartment than normal. That will add to both utility use and wear items. Speaking of social interaction and attrition, we saw an increase in pet ownership during the pandemic. Pets are delightful to many, but to an owner, they are destructive and costly.

The first step is increased awareness. The better you understand this reality, the better you can plan and adapt to it. In the future, when presenting a vacant unit to a prospective tenant, be sure to consider how these additional costs will influence the amount of rent you are looking for. If your water and sewer bills double some months, you should be aware of this and factor it into your price. You must provide rental prices that make sense for you and your expenses. You probably know that rental prices have also skyrocketed in recent years. Nexus doesn’t recommend raising rents just to keep up with market prices, but including these additional costs in your pricing strategy and being able to explain it to prospective tenants could go a long way. Just keep in mind that with rent going up, expectations go up. Tenants will fully expect the condition

Hometrend Property Management

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