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Hometown Property Management Ames – Taste and thrill: The Chicago Treats food truck in Ames is a taste of home for owner Cle Reed

Cle Reed and his wife, Krista Flowers, have overcome adversity during the pandemic, but their attitude is optimistic as they work to build their Chicago Treats food truck business, which specializes in dishes from Reed’s hometown Windy City.

Hometown Property Management Ames

Hometown Property Management Ames

“I have renewed my license and prepared for Iowa State students returning from spring break in 2020,” Reed said. “As soon as my location was ready, the State of Iowa announced that students would not be returning for this semester.”

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Reed has invested significant money in getting ready for this season. He said the summer was going pretty well because they were able to observe the COVID-19 protocol and serve customers. When it gets cold, business drops significantly.

As Reed was preparing for the final week of his season in December and preparing to do well, the pipes in the food trailer froze, closing it.

“Pretty much from there, it started going downhill because we couldn’t open. We ended up slipping further and further down the hole,” Reed said. “We ended up being homeless. We took our last 600 bucks and took the camper, and that’s how we do it.

“We had blessing after blessing after that. We have family coming for us. We joined the Body of Christ Church in Ames. And our lives have changed 180. So many people have come and paved the way for us.”

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As things started to unfold after the COVID-19 shutdown, good things started to happen for the Chicago Treats. Winning the Nevada Masonic Lodge food truck challenge this spring earned Reed more than just a trophy, which he proudly flaunts in his food trailer. It also gave him a positive start to the season.

Reed and Flowers, frequented at Chicago Treats by Flowers’ brother David, were looking for a place to park their food truck on a regular basis. Until they do, they are available on request and for catering events.

The Tribune spoke with the Chicago Treats last Sunday as they served by invitation at Hunziker Property Management.

Hometown Property Management Ames

“When I first arrived in Ames, I had nothing to hold on to,” Reed said. And I thought, ‘You know what? This is what I missed. I need a sense of home when I feel homesick.”

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“I felt culture shock and homesickness, but any time I could make myself a Maxwell Street Polish it would bring me back,” Reed says of the popular Chicago sausage sandwich.

For the Chicago Treats, Reed’s mother, Kim Chambers, was the inspiration for the recipe he developed. She uses her recipe for her fried chicken, she says.

“My mom really insisted on telling me you can’t fry the chicken first,” Reed said. “You have to salt it and then bake it when you order it.”

“It’s very fresh,” said Bunga. “We don’t like to think of ourselves as fast food. We have a new policy that we don’t make more than three meals beforehand. Everything is made fresh.”

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Reed has a catering portfolio of Chicago cuisine and comfort food. Dishes on offer from the food trucks vary, and customers can check on Facebook to see what’s served.

“I try to challenge myself every time I cook,” says Reed. “It’s about the feel and kick to it and how much originality comes with it. That’s what I plan to do with each one. Even though it’s a Chicago dish, it all has a bit of Cle to it. ”

Drinks include Liquid Candies, which are homemade juices that might make your jaw tingle. “It’s really hydrating, though sweet,” says Reed.

Hometown Property Management Ames

They have a great recipe for homemade lemonade, she says, but they’re using it to help their 3-year-old daughter, Evona, start a lemonade stand that will occasionally accompany Chicago Treats.

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One of Reed’s menu items is the Chicago Dog, a quarter-pound beef hot dog with onions, sweetness, tomatoes, mustard, and pickled spears.

The Italian Beef Sandwich, “which Chicago is very famous for,” says Reed, uses beef he’s seasoned, smoked and marinated in au jus, then sliced. Cheese and paprika are added.

“I take the cheese and sprinkle it on the grill and you get a nice, crunchy cheese,” says Reed. “Then you put it on a bun with beef on it.”

Reed makes a gluten-sensitive version of the sandwich that uses crunchy cheese instead of bread.

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“I make my own marinara sauce and season it,” she says. “I also make my own beef sausage.”

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The Maxwell Street Polish is smoked Polish sausage with 4 to 6 ounces of onion and a piece of mustard.

The Chicago Treats menu item, which also includes a chicken and beef slider, is also available as a catering item, Flowers said.

Hometown Property Management Ames

“We look for locations everyday,” he said. “It would be great to have a place to set up when we are not catering. We’re really just doing catering and events now until we’re invited to park somewhere. ”

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