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Homelink Property Management – More than twenty years after the Blair government introduced the Decent Homes Standard, more than half a million social homes still do not meet even minimum standards of decency. Fire risk, poor ventilation, dampness and poor electrical installations remain all too common, but avoidable features of the UK’s social housing stock. In addition, the social housing sector faces a major modernization challenge, to meet the energy efficiency demands of achieving net zero by 2050 and to address energy poverty.

HomeLINK, the innovative Internet of Things company, was founded three years ago to provide hardware and online solutions to social landlords who want to improve their housing stock and bring positive change to their tenants. Its acquisition by Aico in 2020 has helped position HomeLINK as a market leader in the application of integrated online and hardware solutions in the social housing sector.

Homelink Property Management

Homelink Property Management

Chris Jones, CEO of HomeLINK, explains that “the main reason landlords choose our system is to help them address fire safety compliance, asset management, deterioration issues such as damp and mold problems, tackle fuel poverty and help them in their climate change strategy.”

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In the last three years, HomeLINK has grown from an innovative start-up to an established social landlord partner, working with over 380 social landlords and with 8,000 connected homes and 46,000 connected devices installed.

The company’s work with Wolverhampton Homes is typical of the wide range of services it offers. Wolverhampton Homes, which manages over 22,000 homes on behalf of Wolverhampton Council, wanted an effective and holistic view of property conditions across its housing stock, to improve property maintenance, help inform future housing decisions investment and directly benefit its residents.

The Aico-HomeLINK integrated solution for Wolverhampton Homes included the installation of a range of temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, multi-sensor CO and smoke alarms and smart electricity meters. Data collected through remote monitoring was also shared with residents through regular reports and workshops, helping to drive useful behavior change.

Over a 5-month period, the project delivered significant improvements, including a 19% improvement in ventilation, reduced risk of mold in all homes, better targeting of individual homes for energy efficiency investment and an average reduction of 8% in the use of electricity.

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The Wolverhampton case study also demonstrated the importance of involving residents in the delivery of home improvements and the day-to-day maintenance of their homes. Aico-HomeLINK has also developed an innovative Resident App to provide real-time updates on the performance of their home directly to residents.

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Chris Jones emphasizes that “The Resident app is an important part of our product offering. It helps residents take care of the health of their home, which helps them take care of their own health, save them money and reduce their carbon footprint. The resident app is like a FitBit for your home. We’ve had great feedback from residents and it’s helped us create some of the benefits seen in the Wolverhamption case study.”

Looking ahead, Aico-HomeLINK has ambitious plans to develop new products in line with the company’s mission to “provide social good” and improve people’s lives through innovation. The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve its range of services, with a new environmental sensor that measures temperature, humidity and CO2 levels about to be launched.

Homelink Property Management

In addition, Aico-HomeLINK is carrying out R&D work on smart connected hospitals for the NHS, air quality monitoring of school classrooms for Cardiff City Council and a project assisted living and telecare with Stirling council. There are plans to expand the range of monitoring devices linked to the Aico-HomeLINK platform, including teleassistance offerings, but also links to products from other manufacturers, such as boilers and heat pumps. Vaillant boilers are already included.

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The company has big ambitions for the future, including further expansion of hardware and analytics product offerings, a move into the consumer occupier sector and connecting more than 500,000 social homes within five years.

As Chris Jones concludes, “the environmental state of a home has a dramatic impact on the health of its occupants. This has been known for years in the scientific literature, but not in the public consciousness. We believe that Aico-HomeLINK will play a important role in raising public awareness of the importance of living conditions for health. Ultimately, with our sensors, analytics and applications we believe we will have a very positive impact on people’s health, safety and well-being” .

I was delighted to host these events. Came away with a deeper understanding of important decisions related to modernization, communication, data use and holistic approaches when it comes to decarbonizing homes https://twitter.com/_elementaluk/status/1570805279888916481

Elemental UK @_elementaluk Did you miss our #Decarbonisation of Social Housing webinars this week? You can watch all the sessions on demand for FREE on our Crowdcast channel 📹https://www.crowdcast.io/elemental

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Did you miss our #Decarbonisation of Social Housing webinars this week? You can watch all the sessions on demand for FREE on our Crowdcast channel 📹https://www.crowdcast.io/elemental

We use cookies to improve our website to ensure you have a better browsing experience by tracking how users interact with the site. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. Click Yes to help us continue making these improvements by saving cookies during your session. HomeLINK’s mission is to advance housing technology to help social landlords solve some of society’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, energy poverty, population aging, security against fires and poverty.

There are 5 million social homes in the UK representing 20% ​​of all housing stock. Social housing landlords often manage more than 10,000 homes, but must keep rents as low as possible and comply with increasingly stringent regulation while trying to improve services to protect the safety and well-being of tenants. They are now at a tipping point where they need to innovate. Their strategic goals often also address broader societal challenges; from reducing their carbon footprint to improving the health of residents and reducing fuel poverty to help ease the burden on the NHS.

Homelink Property Management

HomeLINK specializes in social housing IoT integration and analysis. Having worked closely with dozens of owners, we’ve carefully refined our platform, insights and recommendations over the years to ensure customer value is maintained as our platform scales. We have established partnerships with key sensor suppliers to ensure we can provide owners with a network of valuable data that is relevant to the challenges they face.

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In a recent trial with Wolverhampton Homes, we implemented temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, connected smoke detectors and smart meters in 6 volunteer homes. We integrated the data into their property management system and provided residents with a mobile phone app so they could view information and take action on their data. By empowering residents with their home data and sending important alerts directly to the homeowner, we were able to identify fire alarm tampering, improve indoor air quality by 19% , reduce the risk of mold by 30% and reduce electricity consumption by 9%. The global platform demonstrated a significant return on investment for the owner.

HomeLINK was formed in 2017 with a broad ambition to create a technology company with deep social values ​​and a social mission. A well-balanced founding team was formed and since then HomeLINK has grown rapidly. In our first year we developed an MVP, got 3 pilot owners and raised two seed rounds.

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In 2019 we secured several additional pilots, a number of 6-figure contracts to expand existing pilots and won dozens of awards. The team grew from 5 to 14 and we set out to raise a £2 million investment round to help fuel the unexpected and exciting growth we were experiencing. Our existing IoT device suppliers showed a lot of interest in participating in this round of investment and we set out to negotiate a closer strategic partnership.

In the summer of 2020 we closed an acquisition of the leading brand in our sector and of a company that shares values ​​very similar to ours; Here. Together, Aico and HomeLINK will become the leading provider of IoT technology for social housing owners.

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Through Aico, HomeLINK has already received almost a hundred additional pilot applications from landlords managing millions of social homes. With a seemingly limitless budget and an appetite for market growth, we are entering an extremely exciting phase.

Our goals from day one were to have the maximum possible positive impact on society. We have already shown that we can make an impact by reducing carbon emissions, fuel poverty, improving fire safety and improving the health and wellbeing of social tenants and we hope to increase this impact exponentially over the next 5 years.

“It has already been an extremely intense journey – from concept in 2018 to strategic acquisition by the biggest brand in our industry. Since the acquisition we have continued to make great strides and it still feels like the first chapter of a big thing.”

Homelink Property Management

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