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Hensley Property Management – This month, we caught up with Elizabeth Hensley, president and senior association manager at The Helm Management Co., to discuss the latest HOA news and hear what’s going on at her company. We would like to thank Elizabeth for her time. Please continue below to read the full interview.

The Helm Management Co. is a full-service real estate and asset management company with 40 years of experience in real estate management. One of our main areas of focus has been in the area of ​​home owner associations. The Helm Management Co. has a diverse real estate portfolio. No property is too big or small to manage. In addition to maintaining the common elements of the property, the management company must provide accurate financial reporting and administrative support to the community, The Helm Management Co. does just that. The Helm continues its focus on Southern California and emphasizes a hands-on approach to management with the personal, customized attitude of ownership that has been a signature of the family business approach.

Hensley Property Management

Hensley Property Management

J. David Rauch What do you think about the ’cause’ and ‘prevention’ of the Surfside Florida housing disaster?

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Elizabeth Hensley. “So many factors ultimately led to the Surfside disaster. Perhaps the dire result is the culmination of years of failure on many sides. It was definitely a wake-up call for many communities. You can’t be myopic and not think long term when it comes to property maintenance and upkeep, especially in an aging building. It is important to remember that Board members are volunteers and should feel empowered to connect with experts and professionals in various fields.”

J. David Rauch. “What are the major changes you or your company have made to your business because of Covid?”

Elizabeth Hensley. “The pandemic has greatly affected our daily lives and businesses over the past 18 months, as it has and continues to do for most individuals and small businesses. First and foremost, we needed to keep our staff safe and healthy in order to continue to manage our properties and communities. Fortunately, our team worked together to transition to a mostly remote environment in the early days while keeping limited core staff in the office. Our front door has remained closed to the public throughout as we manage regional variations of COVID, but we continue to serve our reduced customer base with an outdoor option and encourage meetings. E-mail and telephone communications have definitely increased. We found ourselves working more hours during 2020 to address additional sanitation needs, facility closures, mask policies, and more. The constant learning curve and ultimate concern for each other kept us moving. The transition to virtual meetings is a positive result through all of this, allowing individuals who may have never participated before to now participate in their community in a safe and convenient way. Technology and education have been instrumental in driving many of our business practices during this time. But in the end, it was the dedication of our family and staff that kept us going despite the many challenges of the past few months.”

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J. David Rauch. “Do you have any tips for sellers on how to reduce the pain of being a community manager, especially with the Covid delay?”

Kathy Hensley, Cpm ®

Elizabeth Hensley. “The vendors we work with have been excellent throughout. Being prepared to have masks on the property and being aware that all communities and individuals are different in managing protocols is important. Keep politics at home. Planning work in advance, notifying affected parties, and following COVID protocols when necessary is appreciated. We recognize that our vendors have been significantly impacted during this time as well, so dialogue around supply delays, staffing issues, etc. helps our leaders communicate this information to our communities. It should be no secret that everyone in the industry is facing challenges right now, and that’s the reality. Not talking about it and sharing the experience is not good. We are partners through this.”

J. David Rauch. “There have been buyouts (rollovers) of management companies by larger companies. Do you see this practice continuing in our industry?”

Elizabeth Hensley. “I see this going on. Investment groups and larger companies have often approached small businesses about acquisitions. The downside over time, as I see it, is that larger companies have less ability to fine-tune individual contracts, adapt to needs, and build local relationships with the communities they serve. Southern California has needs and practices that are quite different from other regions. It is important that there are individuals at the administrative and management levels at the top who understand those needs and expectations and are able to make changes when necessary.”

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Hensley Property Management

J. David Rauch. “If you could give one piece of advice to others in this industry, what would it be?”

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Elizabeth Hensley. “Understand that you control most people. From time to time I have experienced therapist, mediator, caregiver, investigator, paramedic, plumber, and friend depending on the situation. And that’s just to try and call about parking. As a manager, you wear many hats to navigate the many people you meet every day. Understand that although situations are similar, people are unique.”

Elizabeth Hensley. “If only I had free time. Reading is a long-lost hobby that I tried to revive this past summer. I enjoy true crime and novels set in Nantucket. My dream would be to reclaim ownership of a beachside inn, brew coffee every morning and help people escape from the everyday. Like many others, I’m in love with cycling through the Peloton app during COVID. Whenever there is an opportunity, I like to travel with my family. We recently traveled through California and it was fun to see so many highlights through the eyes of my three kids. If we’re not at a baseball game or gym class, you can find us rooting for the Padres or going to dinner in La Mesa.”

Elizabeth Hensley. “In a world where everything is expected instantly, try to understand that you are only one person and you can only do so much. The work will be there tomorrow and the world will go on. If you put forth consistent effort and achieve goals, maintain character, and have a little fun in the process, it will all come together. We need to slow down a bit to have a chance to read, review, and decide the next best steps to solve the problems. Sometimes it can’t be an instant answer.” Steve Kramer Principal Bellevue, WA Co-Founder Steve Kramer has over 30 years of commercial real estate experience facilitating his clients’ needs at every stage of the investment life cycle. More

Rick Gervais Principal Bellevue, WA co-founder, Rick Gervais oversees the company’s managed portfolio of approximately 17 million square feet in the greater Seattle, Portland and Bay Area markets. More

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Steve Penn President – Management Services Bellevue, WA Steve Penn joined in 2016 as President of Management Services. In this role, Steve oversees all aspects of our management services business in Washington, Oregon and Northern California. More

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Richard Caragol Seattle, WA Senior Director of Accounting Services Richard joined in July 2022 and serves as a senior director of KG Investment Properties, including property management, development and corporate finance. More

Josh Shearer Senior Vice President, Regional Director Bellevue, WA Josh is the Regional Director for Industrial Operations in the Portland market as well as the Seattle market. In this role, he is responsible for the oversight and overall performance of portfolios managed by . More

Hensley Property Management

Jill Rinde Senior Vice President, Regional Director, WA Office Portfolio Bellevue, WA Jill Rinde joined in 2018 and is responsible for the overall performance of our managed Office portfolio. Jill has extensive industry and market experience to provide strategic support and direction to both employees and our clients. More

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Beth Madrid Senior Vice President, Regional Director Bay Area Beth Madrid joined in 2015 and has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate property management and operations. As Senior Vice President, Regional Director of Northern California Operations, he leads a team of real estate professionals. He is responsible for the oversight and operations of the Bay Area portfolio of real estate management and leasing services. More

Jolene Robinson Director Renton, Washington Jolene is the Director of an Industrial portfolio consisting of 6 million+ square feet of space in Washington, DC. Jolene is responsible for overseeing multiple client portfolios in the southern industrial market, in addition to overseeing and developing the local industrial management team. More

Tony Cook Senior Project Manager Bellevue, Washington Member since 2022 Tony is responsible for managing tenant improvement projects as well as capital projects for the property management team. Tony manages the project team as well as the contractors, subcontractors and suppliers needed to complete the project. More

Johan Fredrikson Seattle-based Senior Property Manager WA Johan Fredrikson joined

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