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H&r Property Management – The journey, shared by Deb, HR/Office Manager of a multi-location property management company. We’ve been serving their team since 2004, helping with payroll, taxes, HR compliance, employee relations and workers’ compensation.

There is no “before DES” for me. They were hired by the previous office manager and CEO, brought on board to help with a workload that was really too much for them to handle on their own. We have now grown to an office team of five, and DES continues to bring tremendous value.

H&r Property Management

H&r Property Management

Our workload was overwhelming… I consider DES to be our HR team and they are great at it!

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Growth is exciting and good, but it definitely stretched us and opened our eyes to complexity we hadn’t encountered before. Especially as our team grew (currently we have about 45 employees), we had more and more questions. Workers’ compensation issues and claims have definitely been the most difficult for us.

It is very difficult when you have someone you trust and count on who is only a phone call away. I can say, “Hey, this is how I think I should handle this. What do you think?” Or if it’s a really sticky situation, I’ve asked them to come out and help us deal with something as well.

Lori on the DES team was a particularly helpful resource, guiding me through several different incidents. Lori, and everyone there, have different areas of expertise and look out for us. Honestly, I have been approached by other PEOs, but we have such a proven relationship that I will definitely stick with DES.

We consolidated our payroll, even though we are spread across several locations, and got better rates on our worker’s comp, while saving additional money by avoiding the need for attorneys to handle our claims and issues. They’ve just covered it all, and it makes it so much simpler.

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In turn, we’ve also been able to take better care of our employees, which is a really big deal for us.

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I would ask them to take a long hard look at DES and tell them how much support they have given us, that the services are worth the price and most of all that the people are fantastic. A business process is the sequence of steps you take to achieve your business goals. Think about the day-to-day tasks you normally perform, including creating leases, contacting contractors to repair your properties, marketing your vacant homes, etc. You may not be aware of taking some of these steps while running your property management company, but they do exist. And you need to refresh them regularly, even if it means investing in new property management tools to achieve it. Identifying Current Problems with Your Processes The first step is to determine if your processes need work. Criteria for doing this include if: You can’t define what your processes are Your employees don’t understand why they work and how their activities help you achieve your business goals. You have no idea what your business goals are and the steps you need to take to reach them No documentation that outlines your business processes Everyone in the company is constantly running into bottlenecks in performing their business tasks Your customers keep complaining about the way who do you work Your property management business spends too much money on activities, yet exists without accountability Improving your business processes Once you know you have problems, you can deal with them. You can improve business processes in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include: Brainstorming to come up with a comprehensive list of business processes to manage your property Analyzing, redesigning and standardizing your business processes to improve efficiency Communicating changes to each business stakeholder Documenting business processes for reference goals Automating specific tasks to eliminate redundancy and repetition It may seem like a lot of work to refresh your business process, but don’t underestimate the importance of doing it. Below are some of the reasons why you should improve your business processes while managing your rental properties: Ensures consistency from one property to the next As a property developer, you probably manage anywhere from 26 to 500 units. But it doesn’t matter how many properties you manage. You need to provide consistent service. The last thing you want is for some landlords or renters to feel like you’re playing favorites. They will take offense to that and may seek management or rental services elsewhere. Research shows that one in three employees feel their onboarding process is inconsistent, informal or reactive. So if you need to hire employees to work with you on your investment property, your hiring and training process must be consistent. It’s the only way to ensure that the people you work with will deliver a consistent customer experience across the board. This is because they would meet the same qualification criteria. For that reason, you need to refresh your business processes. And when you do, you need to document clear guidelines that will dictate your actions in managing each rental property. It allows property owners to outsource operations without sacrificing quality Cost reduction is the number one reason why many businesses tend to outsource some of their tasks. Consider it seriously even when investing in property management tools. Some of the tasks you could outsource are graphic design, blogging, photo editing, routine maintenance, etc. However, hiring freelancers or contractors is not always easy. Since these types of employees are not permanent, you can only offer them so much training. Eventually, they have to figure things out on their own. But if people don’t know what you expect from them, they’re likely to mess up. That’s where standardized business processes come in handy. By documenting and sharing your business processes, you ensure that people know what to do. Including these processes in your contracts will protect the quality of work done on behalf of your property management business. So, you will provide excellent services no matter who is doing the work. Saves valuable time on daily tasks Another reason why you should improve your business processes is that you will save valuable time. Did you know that 45% of the tasks you currently pay someone to do can be automated? Well, the first step to automating your tasks is to understand what they are. Then you need to document all your business processes. Documenting your business processes means that someone can quickly refer to them when a problem arises. It also means you can plug these processes into the right property management tools to automate them. And if these processes are standardized, people can use them to resolve issues in a similar way, regardless of which rental property is experiencing them. Once tasks are automated, you won’t have to do them all the time. It reduces workload and frees you to concentrate on your core business operations. That way you will be able to earn more money. Just because you don’t know what your business processes are doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So you need to identify which ones are yours, if they need work and how you can improve them. Then you can start refreshing them to improve your property management business operations. Do you want to learn more about improving your business processes? Contact us today to learn more.

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H&r Property Management

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