Gva Property Management Lawsuit

Gva Property Management Lawsuit – CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A mother of three signed a lease and put down money in the city of Portland, and then…checked out the place.

In her words, “I feel like I need a shower when I get home. You can smell the infection when you walk in the door.”

Gva Property Management Lawsuit

Gva Property Management Lawsuit

So she called us asking for help getting out of her lease and getting her money back.

The Real Deal May 2014 By The Real Deal

Caitlin Young and her family live in Ingleside, and their house is for sale. They’re downsizing, which is how they found a townhouse at Bridge Pointe Landing in Portland.

He invited us into his room, and if you can’t smell the scent he said, you can’t miss seeing where it came from.

When Young pulled the stove away from the wall, we saw dead ends, rodent droppings and small holes in the wall where they could get into the kitchen.

“Yesterday, there was still peanut butter in here,” he said as he showed us the mouse traps he had placed in the kitchen. “So something ate peanut butter but didn’t set a trap.”

July/august 2019 Window Magazine By Austin Apartment Association

Young says he’s already paid more than $1,700 in management and moved a few boxes, but he’s never slept in the city.

“And he told me ‘this doesn’t make the house uninhabitable’. He told me ‘there’s nothing illegal about this’, and ‘there’s nothing in the lease that makes this a reason to stop’.”

So the young man contacted Portland Code Enforcement. After their inspection, a notice was sent to Juniper Investment Group of Houston, the owner of the property, saying that five rules were violated.

Gva Property Management Lawsuit

Some of these abuses include defamation, speech; . “

Ts: Veteran Asks For Help With Local Apartment Ownership

“I go there every day to take pictures and I feel like I need a shower when I get home. You can smell the infection when you walk in the door,” Young told Troubleshooters.

Troubleshooters visit the management office before leaving the property. Shelby Perez advised us to contact GVA Property Management.

On Nov. 2, Young hired an attorney to send a letter demanding the administration, giving them 14 days to repay Young about $1,700 he already paid for not moving his family to such a location.Jordan Alexander Eaton was arrested. Dec. 30 for the suspected shooting death of Valentin Gonzales IV, San Antonio police said.

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Valentin Gonzales IV was reportedly shot and killed on December 30 by Jordan Alexander Eaton during a fight between Eaton’s dogs at the Department of Health Medical Center in San Antonio.

Portland Tenant Secures $105k Settlement After Complaining Of Bad Living Conditions

Gonzales’ widow, Brittany Gonzales, this week filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against an Austin real estate company.

He says Eaton, 18, had been threatening the facility for months and even though management knew about it, nothing was done.

“Either he threatened violence or he actually committed violence and the administration actually knew about it,” said Dan Packard, a San Antonio attorney who is a widow. “How do you make a tenant who threatens other residents? I don’t think you let them stay on campus,” he said.

Gva Property Management Lawsuit

Brittany Gonzales is seeking more than $1 million in damages in the lawsuit, which was filed in San Antonio County District Court.

The Real Deal December 2013 By The Real Deal

The landlord, Austin-based 7207 Snowden Road LLC, did not respond to requests for comment Thursday. It is affiliated with GVA Asset Management, which manages assets, according to the company’s website.

7207 Snowden bought the property in late 2020 with Dallas’ Theia Landmark Investors, according to Bexar County land records. Theia is also named – apparently incorrectly – as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Eaton was arrested on charges of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and concurrent charges of auto theft from July 2020. Court records show he was released on $280,000 bond and is awaiting charges. His defense attorney did not respond to a request for comment. Eaton has not been charged in the Brittany Gonzales case.

According to her lawsuit, Eaton objected to the way Brittany Gonzales grazed her dogs while they were in the property’s yard.

The Real Deal February 2015 By The Real Deal

“He began yelling at her, then pulled out a 45mm handgun loaded with ammunition and threatened her,” the complaint states.

The complaint added that Eaton began firing the gun, sending bullets whizzing past Brittany Gonzales’ face. Valentin Gonzales reportedly tried to break things up and pulled a gun on Eaton but was shot twice.

“Valentin Gonzales hit himself in front of his front door and bled to death on the lawn,” the complaint states. He was 28 years old.

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Gva Property Management Lawsuit

The witness was caught on video by a witness, who gave the audio to police. Packard said Gonzales’ children witnessed the shooting.

Falls On Bull Creek

Valentin Gonzales was about to start a new job at a Toyota plant on the South Side, the attorney said.

The complaint alleges that he followed Valentin Gonzales’ mother-in-law around the property yelling. Eaton knocked on her door and screamed threats for a long time.

The complaint added that the tenant’s disabled mother-in-law, Gonzales’ caretaker, called the police on Eaton and believed he would be evicted. But nothing was done.

“Landowners are not responsible for the criminal activity of people who come onto that property, unless they have reason to know that there may be future criminal activity,” Packard said. “We believe there is overwhelming evidence that Eaton, in particular, posed a risk to other tenants … that (7207 Snowden) was well aware of and failed to take reasonable steps to address this situation,” he said.

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Brittany Gonzales claims 7207 Snowden acted with cruelty and gross negligence, so she wants the jury to award punitive damages. He is also suing on behalf of the couple’s child. Security forces seized and tossed several apartment buildings, as seen, at the Vista Del Rey complex in Leon Valley. Credit: Kaylee Greenlee Beal for The San Antonio Report

At the Vista Del Rey building in Leon Valley earlier this month, a stream full of sewage and used toilet paper poured down the sidewalk in the middle of the building, causing a foul smell in the area.

Code inspectors in the municipality of Leon Valley have been asking the community for years to make partial repairs and clean up the facility, which continues to be in violation of the code. But every time the property is sold — as it has doubled in the past three years — that part of the information disappears, forcing law enforcement officials to start over.

Gva Property Management Lawsuit

The city is suing the owners of the apartment building to force them to repair the property. The lawsuit will remain attached to the property, even if it is sold, officials said. Now the owner, Shippy Properties, is trying to sell the complex.

Sep/oct 2019 Window On Rental Housing By Austin Apartment Association

The lawsuit, filed Aug. 5 in Bexar County District Court, reads: “Vista Del Rey Housing has been plagued by crime, poor quality of life, and numerous violations of city ordinances, endangering human life and property. ‘security.’ temporary restraining order.

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Sewage flows between buildings including the Vista Del Rey apartment complex in Leon Valley on August 6. Credit: Kaylee Greenlee Beal for The San Antonio Report

The lawsuit continues: “The city has spent years trying to resolve these issues by working with at least three different property owners, but without success. These unsanitary, dangerous and unsanitary conditions not only exist, but continue to increase as properties age and necessary repairs are not carried out. ”

The lawsuit asks the court to force property owners to pay up to $1,000,000 per day the property continues to violate city ordinances.

City Council Rushes Bill To Ban Tenant Background Checks

In a prepared statement sent to the San Antonio Report, Shippy Properties said it has “invested more than $1.5 million in renovations to the property that will make our quality of life even better.” The company “will continue to work with the city with the primary goal of providing a healthy and enjoyable life for our residents,” the statement continued.

Leon Valley City Manager Crystal Caldera said that as of the first week of August, none of the building’s 54 floors were up to code. 453-units, the largest in the city, do not have a valid certificate of occupancy for many years.

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Gva Property Management Lawsuit

Violations cited in the case include, failure to provide hot water to each unit, unsafe stairs, trash on the property and failure to obtain a valid certificate of occupancy. Caldera said most of the repairs needed are focused on the exterior, since permit inspectors haven’t had a chance to inspect the interior.

Gva Property Management

On August 6, Leon Valley City Councilman Jed Hefner spoke with several tenants.

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