Great Jones Property Management Orlando

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Great Jones, a street in Manhattan, is about 2 miles north of Wall Street. GreatJones, the namesake property management company, is closer to Main Street.

Great Jones Property Management Orlando

Great Jones Property Management Orlando

Founded in 2016 on Great Jones Street in New York City and now firmly rooted in Fort Myers, is Great Jones a technology company doing property management, or a property management company built around technology?

Property Management Uses Tech To Help Landlords, Tenants

“True brilliance is taking something complicated and making it look simple. That’s difficult. It’s easy to create something with 1,000 buttons. It’s hard to build something with five that does what 1,000 buttons do. We’re doing that.” David Diazo

“If you ask Florida, you get one answer, if you ask New York, you get another answer,” said David Diaz, one of the three founders, who oversees Florida operations from downtown Fort Myers. “We are a technology-backed property management company, and as I understand it, one of the few in this country that can actually build their own technology in a meaningful and massive way.”

The model is built on technology, with special software that allows Great Jones to serve equally the owner of one rental property as an investment partnership that owns hundreds. Model secret sauce? It is based on simple management fees and no hidden costs, resulting in exponential growth.

In less than 18 months of operation, Great Jones founding partners Jay Goldklang, 35, Abigail Besdin, 33, and Diaz, 38, have grown the company from inception to managing more than 1,000 properties valued at over $150 million in select markets from Naples to Jacksonville. . They are now eyeing the Midwest for expansion outside of Florida.

Mobberley Cir, Orlando, Fl 32832

Private companies will not disclose financial information; officials say it earned 20 times more in 2018 than it did in the first year of 2017.

From left, Jay Goldklang, Abigail Besdin, and David Diaz founded Great Jones in 2016 with the goal of revolutionizing residential property management through technology. Sincerely, Great Jones

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“We took this Wall Street approach and put it in a format suitable for customers with one to five homes,” Diaz said. “We also have customers with 50 or 100 homes, and they expect a different level of sophistication from their management company because they are used to seeing higher levels of data.”

Great Jones Property Management Orlando

In Florida, Great Jones has offices in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, serving areas around the southern Interstate 75, Interstate 95 north and Interstate 4 corridors. Fort Myers offices cover the Sarasota to Charlotte districts, Tampa Hillsboro, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk.

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Each market office is strategically located with a management and routing team configured for optimal local coverage at an efficient cost to property owners. The Fort Myers office also serves as the company’s operations center, while the New York office provides technology, product design, marketing, and some sales. Great Jones employs 25 in Fort Myers and 20 in New York.

Diaz said Goldklang, in setting up its business, adhered to a core business principle: solving customer problems requires a centralized and controlled environment.

“What he finally realized is to fix everything, you have to control everything,” Diaz said. “We want to get to the root of the problem for the customer, so we see ourselves as a hub, a trusted partner for that owner, and whatever we bring into that equation, we want to be fully aligned.”

In its first four weeks of operations at Fort Myers in the summer of 2017, Diaz said the company had registered 10 homes. In December 2018, he added 260 homes to his portfolio.

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“The number is getting bigger every month,” Diaz said. “The average property management company itself only equates to a month of growth in our numbers, and it may take them five or 10 years to get there. I didn’t honk our horn with it, the software allowed us to absorb that volume. ”

That volume business model, meanwhile, is reflected in its price. Great Jones charges a flat rate, 8% to 10% of rent depending on property type, but limits its monthly management fee to $149. It also doesn’t charge extra for services, such as repairs, if not typical in the industry. The software gives property owners their individual choice of data levels, from clients who want small details to professional investors who prefer not to be bothered.

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“We have day traders who don’t want to be called in unless their house is on fire,” Diaz says, “and we have clients who have inherited mom’s house and have never owned a rental property before. Both deserve the same level of service, and our system can be customized to suit individual needs.”

Great Jones Property Management Orlando

Previous Article Airports gear up for more growth in 2019 after airlines, flight additions Next article Close to home: Builders attribute rapid growth to focus on local marketNEW YORK, April 10, 2018 // –Great Jones, the only residential property management with services The company, which combines a highly experienced local team with cutting-edge technology, today announced the completion of an $8 million Series A financing round. Crosslink Capital led the round with participation from Juxtapose and several New York City real estate and technology entrepreneurs, including Floored founder Dave Eisenberg, Seamless founder Jason Finger, and serial entrepreneurs Kevin Ryan and David Rosenblatt.

Frazier Ave, Orlando, Fl 32811

Headquartered in New York City with a local property management team in Florida, Great Jones is rebuilding residential property management for the digital age by uniting its local property management team with proprietary technology to provide a seamless, full-service experience for owners and residents. By doing so, the company aims to make ownership worry-free and more profitable for the 25 million Americans who own rental homes.

“Real estate leasing is a truly massive market that has had a tremendous economy, but has historically been run inefficiently, offline and locally,” said Omar El-Ayat, Partner at Crosslink Capital. “It’s poised to be ushered into a much more modern and data-driven era by a team that truly understands the space itself — including a unique understanding of what owners and occupants truly crave: convenience. We love to be part of the vision them to create a modern property management system for the modern age.”

The company, which launched in late 2017, already provides full-service property management for hundreds of single-family and multi-family homes in Greater Tampa, Orlando, and Southwest Florida, with plans to launch additional markets nationwide over the next three years. . With a local property management team and high-tech platform, the company handles everything related to property leasing, including property marketing, tenant screening, rental collection, problem solving, maintenance management & advice, property inspections, lease renewal, financial reporting, legal compliance, and entry or exit strategies.

Leveraging mobile communications tools, real-time data, and massive discounts from highly vetted vendors, Great Jones makes owner-like decisions, saving customers time and thousands of dollars per year by streamlining decisions and minimizing costs. Tenants simply use online tools to log requests, which are then forwarded through the Great Jones team to pre-vetted vendors for fast, high-quality resolution. The Great Jones platform provides updates and provides owners with insight into managing their home anytime, anywhere, while tracking data to make future troubleshooting more effective.

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“By building the company to manage a seamless and transparent portfolio of distributed brick-and-mortar homes, we are enabling owners to realize investments in reverse without a headache, while at the same time improving service to residents,” said Jay Goldklang. CEO and co-founder of Great Jones. “We believe that by removing the friction associated with leasing ownership and providing modern, more practical solutions, we can open up this asset class and let a growing number of current and prospective owners make better investment decisions, not constrained by logistics or geography. “

This new funding round allows Great Jones to accelerate the expansion of its technology and services platform, continue to expand its local property management team, and invest in customer acquisition in current and future markets. The combination of the company’s on-premises services with a centralized operations team and innovative technology platform allows not only to deliver better services, but also to scale across multiple markets.

The company was founded by Jay Goldklang, David Diaz and Abigail Besdin, real estate and technology veterans who bring extensive experience in digital products, physical operations, property management, and scaling high-growth companies to the Great Jones team.

Great Jones Property Management Orlando

About Great Jones Based in New York City with a local property management team in Florida, Great Jones was founded in 2017 to bring a modern approach to residential property management, specializing in single-family and multi-family homes. The company is the only full-service residential property management company that combines a highly experienced local team with cutting-edge technology, aiming to provide

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