Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers

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Great Jones, a street in Manhattan, about 2 miles north of Wall Street. GreatJones, its namesake property management company, is located along Main Street.

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers

Founded in 2016 on Great Jones Street, New York City, and now rooted in Fort Myers, Great Jones is a property management technology company, or a property management company built around around technology?

Lacota Ave, Fort Myers, Fl 33905

“Real wisdom is taking something complex and making it look simple. That’s hard. It’s very easy to build something with 1,000 buttons. It’s hard to build something with five that make 1,000 buttons. they do. We do.” David Diaz

“If you ask Florida you get one answer, if you ask New York you get another,” says David Diaz, one of the three co-founders, who oversees the Florida operation in from the Fort Myers city office. “We’re a technology-driven asset management company, and as I understand it, I’m one of the very few in the country that can build their own technology in a meaningful and large way. very much.”

That model is built on technology, with specialized software that allows Great Jones to serve just as well a single rental property owner as it does an investment partnership with hundreds. The model’s secret soap? It is based on low management fees and no hidden fees, resulting in high growth.

In less than 18 months of operation, Great Jones founding partners Jay Goldklang, 35, Abigail Besdin, 33, and Diaz, 38, have grown the firm from scratch to managing more than 1,000 properties. worth more than $150 million in. select markets from Naples to Jacksonville. They are now looking at the Midwest for expansion outside of Florida.

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The private company refuses to disclose financial information; officials say it earned more than 20 times more in 2018 than it did in its first year in 2017.

From left, Jay Goldklang, Abigail Besdin and David Diaz founded Great Jones in 2016 with the goal of revolutionizing residential property management through technology. Courtesy of the Great Jones

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“We’re taking this Wall Street approach and putting it in an efficient way for the one- to five-home buyer,” says Diaz. “We have clients with 50 or 100 properties, and they expect a different level of sophistication from their management company because they’re used to seeing a higher level of data.”

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers

In Florida, Great Jones has offices in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, serving areas along the south Interstate 75, north Interstate 95 and Interstate 4 corridors. The Fort Myers office covers Sarasota to Charlotte counties, the Tampa office Hillsboro, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk counties.

Eden South, Mba

Each market office is located in an orderly manner with management teams and routes prepared for home security at a reasonable cost to the property owner. The Fort Myers office also serves as an operations center for the company, while the New York office provides technology, product design, marketing and some sales. Great Jones employs 25 in Fort Myers and 20 New York.

Diaz says that Goldklang, when he founded the business, latched on to an important business principle: solving customer problems requires a centralized, controlled environment.

“What he finally realized was to get everything right, you have to manage it all,” says Diaz. “We want to solve the customer’s problem, so we consider ourselves a center, a trusted partner of that owner, and whatever we bring to that equation we want to fully agree.”

In its first four weeks of operation in Fort Myers in the summer of 2017, Diaz said the company signed 10 homes. In December 2018, it added 260 homes to its portfolio.

San Luis Dr #5516, North Fort Myers, Fl 33903

Diaz says: “The number is increasing every month. “The total value of the property management company itself is only one month of our growth in number, and it may have taken them five or 10 years to get there. When I blow our horn with that, the software allows us to absorb that sound. ”

That business model, then, is reflected in its prices. Great Jones charges a flat rate, 8% to 10% of rent depending on the type of property, but caps its monthly payment at $149. It also does not charge additional fees for services, such as repairs, otherwise common in the industry. The software provides property owners with their individual preferred level of data, from the consumer who wants little information to the professional trader who prefers to be hassle-free.

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“We have a realtor who doesn’t want to be named unless the house is on fire, and we have a client who inherited his mother’s house and never owned a rental property,” says Diaz. . Both deserve the same level of service, and our system can be tailored to their needs. ”

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers

Previous Article Airports poised for more growth in 2019 after flights, flight additions Next Article Closer to home: Builder suggests faster growth to focus on domestic marketDave Diaz, student of 1998 of Cape Coral High School and a resident, established and working in what he calls. “Heart” by Great Jones and Jay Goldklang.

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Diaz, 38, a 1998 Cape Coral High School graduate and Cape Coral resident, works at what he calls the “heart” of Great Jones, a rental property management company that combines digital strategy and analytics. and local customer service in Southwest Florida and beyond.

The company can be found online at, as the website has been taken over by the restaurant, Great Jones Cafe, 54 Great Jones Street in New York City. Great Jones’ original headquarters were on that street in Manhattan, hence the name.

“When you think about it, renting housing, it hasn’t changed much in the last 30 or 40 years,” Diaz said. “But we’re using technology to figure out how to manage families. We’re in the third year of our business plan in just six months.”

Many digital disruptors have emerged in the last decade. Uber has taken a large share of the taxi market. Netflix has changed TV. Airbnb has given vacationers the option to rent vacation homes instead of hotels.

Hellman Ave, Fort Myers, Fl 33905

But until Great Jones started, Diaz said, there hadn’t been a single site for homeowners looking to rent out their second homes year after year. Great Jones rents annually, not monthly.

Great Jones charges its customers eight to 10 percent each month. The fee includes handling every aspect of renting a house: Negotiating and finding potential tenants, dealing with emergency maintenance, buying new appliances (at an expensive price on behalf of the landlord), hiring lawn services, collecting rent, tracking delinquent payments, etc.

“There are something like 16 million homes in the United States that are not owned by renters,” Diaz said. “If we can get just one percent of that, we’ll be successful.”

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Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers

Great Jones started by managing one house in 2017. It now has about 300 houses with an aggressive goal to reach 1,000 by the end of 2018.

Recent Real Estate Transactions In Northeast Florida

There are about 70 homes in Cape Coral under contract and 70 elsewhere in Lee County, Diaz said. All other customers travel north on I-75 to Tampa and cross I-4 in the Orlando area. The company is looking to expand to the east coast of Florida next year, with existing offices in Fort Myers, Tampa and Orlando.

Diaz works on the third floor, in a downtown Fort Myers office above Izzy’s Fish & Oyster restaurant in what he called the “heart” of the business. Jay Goldklang, the company’s co-founder, oversees the “brain” from 135 Bowery in midtown Manhattan, near the New York City offices of Google and Facebook.

Goldklang, 34, worked for five years with another tech company,, a high-end version of eBay that deals in antiques.

“So, I really wanted to put together a digital platform and a very high-quality service to solve some of the most pressing human problems,” Goldklang said of why he founded Great Jones. “We have data on how much care costs and how much we should charge. We have data on who will provide the best value at the lowest price. The data helps us determine what a particular location should rent in a particular market. It helps us notify the owner of information they may not have. It is important to have a deep understanding of the real estate business. ”

Iconic Downtown Office, Retail Building Sold For $4.4 Million

Enter Kena Diaz, who spent several years buying homes in Cape Coral, renovating them and selling them for a profit. His knowledge of the local real estate market made Southwest Florida a natural location for the Great Jones business model when Diaz and Goldklang agreed to collaborate.

“Dave and his team have the backgrounds to manage thousands of rental properties in our protected areas,” Goldklang said. “They did it with well-organized teams, some technology and some metrics that went well

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