Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl – Dave Diaz, a 1998 Cape Coral High School graduate and resident, co-founded and works at what he calls the “heart” of Great Jones with Jay Goldklang.

Diaz, 38, a 1998 graduate of Cape Coral High School and a Cape Coral resident, works at what he calls the “heart” of Great Jones, a home property management company that combines digital strategy and analytics with local customer service in the Southwest -Florida and beyond.

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

The company can be found online at, as the web domain was already taken by a restaurant, Great Jones Cafe, at 54 Great Jones Street in New York City. The original headquarters of Great Jones was on that two block, Manhattan street, hence the name.

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“​​​​​​​If you think about it, renting houses, it hasn’t changed much in the past 30 or 40 years,” Diaz said. “But we’re using technology to figure out how to manage homes. We’re in the third year of our business plan after just six months.

Many digital disruptors have emerged in the past decade. Uber took over a large share of the taxi cab market. Netflix changed TV. Airbnb gave travelers the option of short-term rentals instead of hotels.

But until the launch of Great Jones, Diaz said, there hadn’t been a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to rent out their secondary homes on an annual basis. Great Jones does annual, not monthly rentals.

Great Jones charges a monthly fee of eight to 10 percent to its clients. The fee includes handling every facet of renting a home: interviewing and securing prospective tenants, handling emergency maintenance, purchasing new appliances (at wholesale prices on behalf of the homeowner), hiring a lawn service, collecting rent, tracking delinquent payments, etc.

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“There are about 16 million homes in the United States that are non-owner occupied rentals,” Diaz said. “If we only get a one-sided percentage of that, we will be successful.”

Great Jones started managing one home in 2017. It now has nearly 300 homes with an aggressive goal of reaching 1,000 by the end of 2018.

There are about 70 homes in Cape Coral under contract and 70 in the rest of Lee County, Diaz said. The rest of the clients span north on I-75 to Tampa and over I-4 in the Orlando area. The company is looking to expand to Florida’s east coast next year, with offices already in Fort Myers, Tampa and Orlando.

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Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

Diaz works in a third-story, downtown Fort Myers office above Izzy’s Fish & Oyster restaurant in what he called the “heart” of the business. Jay Goldklang, the other co-founder of the company, oversees the “brain” of 135 Bowery in the middle of Manhattan, not far from the New York City offices of Google and Facebook.

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Goldklang, 34, had worked for five years with another tech company,, a “high-end” version of eBay, specializing in antiques.

“So, I really wanted to bring together digital platforms and really, high-quality service to solve some very human problems,” Goldklang said of why he co-founded Great Jones. “We have data on how much maintenance costs and should cost. We have data on who will deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost. Data helps us determine what a particular place should rent for in a particular market. It helps us communicate information to an owner that they might not normally have. It is something where deep understanding of the real estate business is key. “

Enter Diaz, who spent several years buying houses in Cape Coral, improving them and then selling them for a profit. His knowledge of the area’s real estate market made Southwest Florida the natural starting point for Great Jones’ business model when Diaz and Goldklang agreed to work together.

“Dave and his team have backgrounds managing thousands of rental properties in our coverage areas,” said Goldklang. “They did it with well-structured teams, some technology and metrics that drove exceptional performance for owners. When our team makes decisions, builds teams or designs systems, we do it with the benefit of thousands of at-bats behind us and the benefit Now we want to make that sophistication available to individual owners who have never had this as an option.”

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Diaz’s Florida roots run deep, having graduated from Cape Coral High, the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree and then Florida State University with a master’s degree, both in business administration.

“Dave was one of a very small number of people who was very entrepreneurial and knew a lot about renting out a lot of houses at once,” Goldklang said. “But how would it work to rent hundreds of houses? He is able to provide an exceptional experience for the tenant and the owner.

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Building the right digital platform and building the right operational team. Dave built the operational team. I really appreciate how technology can help provide them with even better experiences. We are this one cohesive force.”

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

“I could get some maintenance done at a reasonable cost,” said Trevor Smith, a former Cape Coral resident who moved to Fort Myers but decided to rent his older home. “It’s very convenient. The customer service is great. Five, six months in, the interaction is completely positive. There was a small problem with the water system. And they took care of it. The tenant was happy, and I was happy.

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“With them I can essentially rent and cover the mortgage. I hope that I can get some appreciation on the house. I have no reason to sell it at this point. I could have made a profit, but it’s not like I must sell it. I’d rather have an income stream.”

“They got some tenants in record time for us, and they’re really good people,” Olstynski said. “I had previous experience renting houses on my own, and it was a nightmare. At one point, I had five rentals that I was managing myself in Cape Coral, and it was driving me crazy. We would have tenants who get up in the middle of the night and leave. I just said never again. Great Jones says his online portal will appeal to both homeowners and their tenants in the Tampa Bay area. [Referred to by Great Jones]

TAMPA – It’s a common approach: someone who works in a dying industry like news, transportation or hotels decides to shake things up with technology.

This time it’s rental property management and the aspiring disruptors are David Diaz and business partner Jay Goldklang.

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“What you’ll find is the vast majority are mom and pop with limited technology,” Diaz said, pointing to a survey that found nearly half of residential property owners “significantly dislike” their business for property management.

“Making a decision based on the devil you know is just not acceptable,” Diaz said. “There were no great taxi companies and then there was Uber.”

With a team of about 17 software engineers, marketing and business development specialists in New York, the new company, called Great Jones, has launched its services in the Tampa Bay rental market after earlier this year has opened in Fort Myers and Orlando. To date, the company has about 15 employees in Florida, a third of them in Tampa Bay.

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Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

In local offices, they have team leaders with experience managing thousands of properties, alongside leasing and maintenance experts.

Juanita Ave #g, Fort Myers, Fl 33908

Great Jones offers on-demand services through a customized online portal where tenants pay rent, sign and renew lease agreements, and submit, schedule and track maintenance requests. Owners can see the cost of repairs, track monthly income and ask questions. The technology, plus the local offices, enables a new level of customer service and transparency for owners.

Managers of some large apartment complexes already have online portals, but Great Jones claims to be the first with a portal this robust and appealing to both home owners and their tenants.

With today’s smartphone technology and high-speed Internet, Diaz said, “most of what we do was not possible 10 years ago.”

One Great Jones customer, Josh Grim, has been a rental property owner in Florida for 15 years. After managing his single-family properties and duplexes on his own, he transitioned to a handful of property management companies for his 25 Florida rentals, seven of which are in the Tampa Bay region.

Bay Beach Ln Apt 654, Fort Myers Beach, Fl 33931

He saves money on maintenance costs and gets help selling a property to a current tenant — above and beyond what other companies would have done, he said.

“It’s leaps and bounds ahead of where most property managers are,” said Grim, 40, owner of a fast-casual restaurant chain in Bethesda, Md. information at your fingertips is comforting and makes your life a little easier.”

Diaz, head of operations for Great Jones, previously oversaw the management of more than 10,000 properties for another company – Waypoint Homes, now called Invitation Homes. He hopes to add two more markets in the southeastern United States in the next 12 months and double or triple the company’s portfolio of several hundred Florida properties.

Great Jones Property Management Fort Myers Fl

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