Gpres Property Management

Gpres Property Management – When Sterling Davis arrived, he was struggling with just 60 doors and was afraid to invest in his business. After trying to add doors and finding it next to impossible to grow, Sterling bit the bullet and became a member of our training program.

Six months later, he had grown from 60 departments to more than 300, changing his entire perspective on property management in the process. Not only did he add more doors, but his new customers represented the highest value to him, so much so that he was able to hire his wife full-time and add other team members to allow him to keep the momentum going.

Gpres Property Management

Gpres Property Management

Jon Babiarz: From 80 doors and losing his business to over 310 doors in 1 year without spending a PENNY on advertising

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Jon inherited a property management business and found himself faced with countless problems; he was stuck at only 80 doors and swimming in a world of trouble, not sure where to start.

Jon was willing to try anything and jumped into Mastermind training in a heartbeat. In the first week he opened seven new doors, and the wins kept coming. In just 11 months, he completely transformed his business, and now has several hundred properties in his management portfolio.

Will Allen and Robin Reed: They went from 64 doors and losing doors steadily to over 200 doors in one year

When Will & Robin arrived, they were struggling to rebuild a property management company that had seen the number of departments shrink to just 64 units. While they were a little skeptical at first, they quickly saw the value in coaching and training; As Robin puts it, “I was reading things I never thought about, but when I did, it just made a lot of sense.”

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Today, they have almost tripled the size of their portfolio. Even better, they find it easier and easier to grow with the essentials.

Jon was a real estate agent doing property management as a side gig when he first joined . After completing the rebuild, including a new name, logo, and website, he began investing heavily in taking his business to the next level.

His hard work led him to double his income from property management fees and helped him earn higher commissions on the sales side of his business. A true win that has always been seen beating record months.

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Gpres Property Management

If you were to ask Amy Karns to sum up her business in one word today, she would sum it up: “Unbelievable!” It’s hard to believe a few years ago he was sitting in 18 doors struggling to make a profit.

Mt. Lebanon Township Property Management Options

He says everything has gotten better since working with him, as he has learned to hone in on his ideal client and say goodbye to the time wasters who collect his profits. Now, he is turning the business around; even better, his stress level is very low and he feels like managing the property is FUN too.

Stepan Renc: Added more than 100 new departments in less than a year and is growing rapidly to add capacity

When Stepan took over the company his father-in-law had spent decades building, he was faced with the challenge of trying to modernize the family business without sacrificing the soul of the company. He successfully completed the rebranding with our team (fun fact: his family name, Langstraat, means “Long Street” in Dutch) and began working to breathe new life into the company.

After a year in the program, he has managed to take his number of departments from 130 to over 240 and is focused on hiring new staff to help him deal with all the new business on his plate.

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Annemarie started working with him when she realized that her business needed a complete product overhaul. After creating a new logo and site with our team, he jumped into the Mastermind program and began incorporating Academy training into his work.

Not only did the Mastermind process help Annemarie get out for good, but she was able to grow her business by 40% during the COVID19 pandemic.

Brannon Potts: Grown his portfolio by 30% in the first three months without spending a DIME on leadgen

Gpres Property Management

Brannon is a seasoned real estate professional with years of sales experience behind him, but came to focus on the property management side of his business. He saw impressive early results within the program, but as his wife put it, “I see you staying for years to come.”

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The reason for his thinking is simple: Mastermind helps him reach new heights every month, and he finds resources that help him reevaluate his entire way of thinking about property management.

When Kasheem joined Mastermind, he was excited about working on his product and getting tips to grow his business, but he didn’t expect to find new ways to grow that he hadn’t explored before.

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To date, he has doubled his portfolio working with us and is looking forward to using the Academy training and one-on-one coaching to further strengthen his mission.

After five years in business and slow growth, Diego joined the program to learn how to dial up his business and grow his portfolio. He soon discovered that he did not have the right processes in place for his business, and began to focus on strengthening his product to establish himself as a leader in his market.

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Regis partnered with him to find out how to dial in a new partnership; in his first year with us, he added over 100 doors to his portfolio and said goodbye to

Even better, Regis teaches classes for real estate agents using the techniques he learned with us. He is expanding his network significantly and watching new deals come in. Mt. Lebanon Township is a suburb of Pittsburgh. With more than 30,000 local residents, this community was once an agricultural region in Allegheny County, but the area evolved significantly in the 20th century. Today, Mount Lebanon is well known for its affordable housing options, small-town charm, and very limited public amenities, including the local school system and great park system. In addition, Mount Lebanon is just seven miles south of Pittsburgh, making it an ideal location for those who work in the city.

Much of Mount Lebanon has been recognized as a historic district, and the old charm is still present in many public buildings. Most of the area’s commercial activity takes place in Uptown Mt. Lebanon, home to many shops, local restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Gpres Property Management

Mt. Lebanon has several different residences within its borders, including Beverly Heights, Sunset Hills, and Virginia Manor. Each of these areas offers something different, from large high-rise homes to modern apartment buildings and full-service condominiums.

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Do you own a rental property in Mt. Lebanon or thinking of buying a property in the area? This small town has a lot of activity and could easily see population growth in the coming years, which could increase the demand for housing in the area. If you feel tempted by an investment opportunity, it is important to create the right strategy to get the most out of your property.

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At GPRES, we have worked with homeowners throughout Greater Pittsburgh. Our team understands the challenges of our market and pays close attention to trends and patterns that affect local property values. We work to keep our clients performing at their best, while looking at long-term results.

Don’t let your home sit vacant on the market. Our team uses aggressive, technology-driven marketing strategies to get your space in front of as many potential tenants as possible.

At GPRES, we understand that the right employer makes or breaks your success. We carefully evaluate all applications, ensuring that we only place the most qualified tenants in your home.

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Get your salary on time every month. Our audit team sends monthly bills, processes income, and deposits benefits into your account. It has never been easier to get paid.

Are you tired of spending your weekend hours chatting inside your rental home? Let us keep your property in good condition. We coordinate all repairs and make sure your home always looks its best.

We organize regular tours of all properties in our portfolio. These inspections give us a closer look at what goes on behind closed doors, keeping you and your investment safe.

Gpres Property Management

Split numbers in your area at any time; we generate monthly financial reports and enter everything into your account portal. Just log in to get the latest information on your performance.

Th Ave Apt 204, Coraopolis, Pa 15108

If a bad situation arises, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your interests legally. If an extraction may be necessary, our experts will guide you through the process.

Do you pay close attention to the rules, regulations, and federal laws that affect your home? Don’t find yourself with a problem on your hands—let our team keep you compliant.

We feel fortunate to work with the largest property owners throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania and strongly believe that all successful client relationships are built on a foundation of ongoing communication. We are always happy to take your call with us

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