Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma

Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma – Our deck is finally finished! You have no idea how good it feels to finally say that, as we don’t have a good outdoor fun place forever! Thanks to Rust-Oleum for sponsoring this project and providing all the products needed to renovate our deck!

Finally we used Rust-Oleum’s 20x deck regen and it’s true you can restore your deck in a day! It came with a deck wash, primer and white 20x deck renovation paint. Also, because this paint is thick, it came with a special roller!

Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma

Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma

Our deck is old and will need to be replaced in a few years, but we didn’t have the budget or time for that this season, so he painted it! There were some major cracks in our deck and it was honestly arguable whether we could salvage it.

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This was one side of our deck before. We have a large concrete patio separating the two wooden decks, but in total we have about 300 square feet of wood decking surrounding the edge of our farmhouse.

And the other side of the deck, after removing the rotting railing that was useless!

You will need to measure your deck to decide how much of each item you will need! Each product indicates the square meters it covers.

The first thing we did was wash our deck with a deck and patio cleaner. It is a concentrate, so you have to mix it with water according to the instructions on the back. We had a long-handled scrub brush and used it to apply to the deck and remove dirt and mildew for years.

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After washing the entire deck with it, let it sit. We waited about 10 minutes as we had pre-washed our deck and completely rinsed the deck wash.

The directions say to only allow your deck to sit for 30 minutes after cleaning and rinsing before proceeding to priming. This means your deck will still be wet when you apply the primer. Remove standing water with your deck brush, squeegee or leaf blower (we used this) and you’re ready to prime!

After washing and rinsing your deck, let it sit for 30 minutes and then remove any remaining water and you can begin the preparation step. We just poured it into a paint tub we had and used a spare 3/8″ nap roller on hand to roll the liner onto the deck. This step was super quick and the liner was applied in a milky color. Once it’s completely dry, dry clean!

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Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma

This MUST dry before applying your final coat. Allow to dry for two hours until clear and dry to the touch! Now you’re ready for the exciting part!

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That’s where this handy custom roll cover comes in! After mixing it VERY well, we poured some of our topcoat into our paint bucket and replaced our roller with one made specifically for this paint. The paint is VERY thick and almost like wet concrete. So it requires special cylinder head.

Note that this product is designed for HEAVY WEARED patios/patioes. If your deck isn’t in as bad shape as ours, you may want to consider using Rust-Oleum’s 6x or 10x against the 20x we worked with. This particular paint dries to texture as it is supposed to fill cracks and hide large imperfections. And he did just that!

Now or never, so we went for it and started applying the paint. I’ve read as many tutorials as I can get to this point. Some people said not to roll back and forth, but instead roll in one direction. We saw that it made no difference and we rolled both ways to ensure the deck was covered in white paint. We have always worked with a wet edge, meaning we never paint near or over an area that has dried out, instead waiting for it to dry completely to touch up some spots that need it!

Because this paint is very thick, it may scatter and splatter. It’s a water-based paint, so while hubby was painting, I followed up with a wet cloth and cleaned up any mishaps we had. We then waited for the entire deck to dry and cut the hard-to-reach places with a paintbrush. Overall, the deck is well covered with one coat with minor touch-ups here and there to give full coverage! Where I painted with a paintbrush I needed two coats.

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Note Our deck is not wet. The liner dries to a gloss, so although it looks wet, it is completely dry in these photos!

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Once you’re done with your final coat, you’re done and now it’s time to dry to just stand in between and enjoy some quiet time on your brand new patio!

You will need to give 4-6 hours of drying time for the paint to dry to the touch. Allow 12 hours for light foot traffic and 24 hours before changing furniture. It takes 7 days to fully cure to get a hard surface. Also, don’t forget to get this project done when there is a MINIMUM 24 hours WITHOUT RAIN! I cannot emphasize this enough. There was a 10% chance of rain and it was still raining. Fortunately, we had enough tarpaulin to cover our deck for the sprinkle!

Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma

So we waited a few days for it to harden before putting the furniture back in. This is a sight on both decks before the real magic happens..decoration!

I Want My Money Back !!!

We wanted to spruce up our patio area by adding market lights that are so popular right now. I bought three sets at Target, each 16′ long. We also got a large eyebolt for the tip to screw into the tree and cup hooks for the lights hanging from the gutter of the house.

Hubby was an arborist in his last career and was very happy to climb this tree and install the ring bolt. We then attached the market lights from the gutters on the house to a single point on this tree using a large ring bolt. The lights come with clips that can be clipped easily!

When the lights were complete I was finally able to put my furniture back where it went! We’ve reused all the outdoor furniture from the last years and made this patio project super budget friendly!

My husband built me ​​a potting bench last year using a tool bench we found in the basement and studs from the nursery. We framed an old window my mother-in-law gave me and made the perfect potting bench where we can display our little plants all summer long!

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The umbrella is a 9′ offset that I found for a great price online last year. I found a similar one here! The great thing about offset style is that you can install them directly on your deck, no pesky umbrella stand to deal with. And you can rotate them to cover different areas on your deck!

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The benches are made from 2×4s and are easy and inexpensive to make! I painted them with Country Chic Paint’s Lazy Linen and applied outdoor deck sealant to waterproof them.

I found the metal patio table on sale at At Home Stores last year, and it’s perfect for an open-top patio. It does not fade and can be exposed to any weather!

Gmc Property Management Springfield Ma

The deck no longer sticks out like a sore thumb and instead blends in and looks like part of the house now! We love how easy it is to work with Rust-Oleum’s product and how quickly we can get the patio of our dreams!

Old Worn Deck Transformation With Rust Oleum

On the other side of the deck is now a new and refurbished walkway! We filled it with a white stone that we bought in bags from Walmart. It cost about $60 to make and was well worth the money! Again, this new white deck looks very nice and clean!

While we were there, we renovated our two front doors with a fresh coat of paint. No more white trim!

I’m so excited about how this project turned out! 10/10 would recommend Rust-Oleum’s 20x deck surfacing to anyone looking to upgrade a weathered deck or patio! Now we can take a few more years off our current deck and have a great fun space just in time to throw summer parties!

If you’re thinking of trying it yourself, here’s Rust-Oleum’s full instructions for using these products! Tornado in Clinton leaves damaged houses, cars and trees: “I saw swirling clouds, debris circling”

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Clinton residents are still cleaning up after a hurricane that touched a small part of town knocked down trees, shattered windows, and removed siding and roofs from homes.

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