Globalland Property Management Inc

Globalland Property Management Inc – “the process of determining, recording and disseminating information about the ownership, value and use of land and its associated resources. These processes include determining land rights and other attributes, surveying and describing them, their detailed documentation, and providing relevant information to support land markets. “.

Twenty-five years and billions of US dollars in funded investments later, land administration has evolved to be considered a foundational element supporting broad economic development and individual formalism and security. At the same time, the range of subjects in land administration has grown to include:

Globalland Property Management Inc

Globalland Property Management Inc

A key lesson of international development is the importance of community participation and inclusion throughout the project lifecycle. Land and resource management projects have the potential to have a significant impact on communities but efforts to involve and consult with communities are sometimes limited. Global Land Alliance has dedicated a Community Participation and Inclusion Desk within our Land Stewardship Program led by Laura Bermudez. For any questions contact here for more information. Learn more about desktop management principles here.

Pdf) Concentration And Foreign Ownership Of Land In Brazil In The Context Of Global Land Grabbing

Key members of the Global Land Alliance team have not only been directly involved throughout this evolution and growth but are widely regarded as global practice leaders in land administration. The Global Land Alliance’s Land Management Program builds on this extensive and long-term global experience to provide, through our staff, associate consultants and Global Alliance Partners, innovative and cutting-edge technical support and advisory services in conceptualization, planning, technical and operational management of land. administration and tenure projects and land policy advice.

The focus of our land management program is based on the fundamental lessons learned over the years including; need for political will and local supporters, accessible and proactive institutions, responsive legal frameworks, active and ongoing community participation, importance of social acceptance and legitimacy, use of innovative but appropriate technology, operational efficiency, mainstreaming social and environmental aspects, capacity building and knowledge sharing and monitoring and evaluation of social and economic impacts.

The Land Administration program supports audit and evaluation studies, including: development of audit methodology and regulations for verification of land tenure clarification for the Government of the Dominican Republic as part of its Sustainable Agroforestry Development project; land tenure aspects of impact assessments in Burkina Faso (with Mathematica), Botswana (with Cadasta), Morocco (with Mathematica), Mongolia (with Cloudburst Group), and in Haiti (with NORC); and social impact analysis of land tenure formalization and land administration modernization in Sri Lanka.

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Global Land Alliance currently or recently supports clients in Afghanistan, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Mongolia, Mozambique, Paraguay, Zambia, Botswana, Angola, Gabon, Ecuador, Haiti, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Industrial Agriculture Threatens A Wetland Oasis In Bolivia

When women face barriers to accessing, using or controlling land and other resources around the world, it not only puts them on an unequal footing in life, but it also limits positive social, economic and environmental outcomes. Securing women’s land and property rights can increase agricultural productivity, encourage the adoption of climate-resilient natural resource management and increase household spending on health and education. In many countries, legal and policy frameworks do not ensure equal rights for men and women when it comes to owning property, receiving assets from parents or spouses, or evaluating non-monetary contributions. . Even when the legal and policy frameworks are in place, there are often significant cultural barriers that make it difficult for women to exercise their rights.

Established throughout our work, GLA adheres to the guiding principles of community engagement to promote gender inclusive, gender equitable and transparent management practices. This approach, led by the GLA’s Community Participation and Inclusion Desk and presented at the World Bank Land Conference 2019, emphasizes the importance of understanding com- community participation as a right and opportunity to improve the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance, and working with several Dominican government land agencies, GLA and REDDOM completed a rapid institutional, technical, legal and fiscal assessment of the use of a property cadastre and prepared the conceptual framework for a multi-cadastre -the purpose of the last government. project. GLA addressed opportunities in expanding formalization of urban and rural land rights, property valuation and tax revenue generation and access and sharing of land and environmental information through a national geospatial infrastructure.

Globalland Property Management Inc

Global Land Alliance, with its Dominican partner Fundacion REDDOM and expert technical assistance from Colombia Rural of Bogota and VIDENZA Consultores from Peru, recently completed a study for Unidad Técnica Ejecutora de Proyectos Agroforestales (UTEPDA) and the Inter-American at Government of the Dominican Republic. Development Bank (IDB) to assess the potential social risk of poverty and physical and economic displacement due to proactive formalization of land tenure in 7 rural watersheds of the Dominican Republic. GLA originally designed the procedure; including field studies, statistical analysis, focus groups, in-depth interviews and analysis of the legal framework and formalization processes followed by the implementation of the methodology in the Hondo Valle region. Hondo Valle’s findings were analyzed and the methodology was modified to be applied to the remaining six waterways and a series of recommendations were sent to UTEPDA and the IDB to address the specific social risks related to proactive formalization of land tenure mentioned in the survey. See the last show in Spanish.

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Pdf) Fields Of Gold: Financing The Global Land Rush

The Land Administration Procedures, Capacity and Systems (LAPCAS) Program which started in 2009 with the aim of improving land administration in Botswana is entering its final year of implementation. In support of our partner, the Cadasta Group, Global Land Alliance provided expert technical assistance reviewing issues related to institutional capacity, program design, monitoring and evaluation and communication. Meeting with government officials and various stakeholders in Botswana the Cadasta/Global Land Alliance team reviewed the implementation of the LAPCAS Project with the aim of providing an assessment to the Government of Botswana and Lantmäteriet Sweden on the implementation of the LAPCAS and recommendations for continue support in improving land administration in the country.

Global Land Alliance, with the support of its partner INSUCO’s Haiti office, recently completed a comprehensive study for the Government of Haiti’s Interministerial Committee for Land Management (CIAT) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to examine the relationship between land tenure security and land. practice in two rural areas of Haiti Camp-Perrin and Saint Suzanne. The study used extensive parcel-based land tenure and use data collected during the implementation of CIAT’s Rural Land Tenure Security (PSFMR) Project along with post-project aerial photography, housing surveys and statistical analysis to determine how / does secure tenure affect farmers. ‘ agricultural decisions in rural Haiti and to present recommendations on post-formal activities to improve agricultural use on rural ​​land.

Invisible and Forbidden: Threats to Women and Informal Partners from Formal Tenure and Title Initiatives in Latin America

Latin American countries have pursued land titling and land registration initiatives over the past decades with a wide range of social and economic objectives. These efforts represent permanent or long-term legal recognition of land rights as a key economic asset for agricultural communities and a source of family livelihood, security, and social and cultural well-being. Land rights can provide multi-generational benefits to recipients.

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Global Land Alliance

In Indonesia, decentralization of land management remains an important step in achieving recognition of rights for communities and citizens. For many local government offices, funding and technical resources have been a barrier to completing village mapping activities, leaving knowledge gaps on how communities are vulnerable to conflict, intrusion and insecurity. The setting of village boundaries and resource mapping activities of the Central Lombok District Government are trying to address this gap. In 2020 Global Land Alliance and Cadasta Foundation, working with the Indonesian organization Yasan Puter, supported a rapid sample survey to assess perceptions of tenure insecurity and land use in the Labulia

How can we reconcile the risks of social interaction in the world of COVID-19 with the importance of community participation in implementing successful and sustainable land projects? stable? The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of life and way of working. From cities to remote communities, no one has been left untouched by the impact of the pandemic. With strict health standards in place, COVID-19 has severely hampered the way tenure projects operate in the field.

Grenville Barnes grew up and received his early education (BSc and MSc) in South Africa, where he became interested in the unique settlement and tenure patterns of traditional peoples in South Africa, particularly the amaXhosa and amaZulu. Despite the pervasiveness of apartheid, these tenure systems were still clearly based on tradition. Barnes realized that one had to learn about basic culture and community institutions to understand land tenure. During his general reading, he came across the publications of the

Globalland Property Management Inc

At the University of Wisconsin in Madison. At that time the LTC was clearly at the forefront of scholarship on land tenure.

Pdf) Decadal Stabilization Of Soil Inorganic Nitrogen As A Benchmark For Global Land Models

The Global Land Alliance’s Public Consultation Desk is developing a different approach to public consultation. The following is an accepted poster presentation for the 2020 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.

In the context of the recognition and formalization of land rights, women involved in informal unions are often ‘invisible’.

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