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Ginn Property Management – Vancouver-based Jin Group has become a major presence in just a few years by positioning itself as an aggressive builder of single-family homes and workforce at a time when Clark County is struggling with inventory shortages and rising prices.

The strategy has served Jin Group well, but it comes with some limitations. Founder and CEO Patrick Jean described it as an assembly line with a simple formula: “Get land, build houses, do it again.” With an eye toward the company’s long-term future, Jean said it was time to evolve.

Ginn Property Management

Ginn Property Management

The home building side of the business hasn’t disappeared, but in the last year the Jin Group has embarked on a handful of projects that break the traditional mold of the company. Jin pointed to these efforts as examples of a more intentional and community-focused approach he wants the company to adopt.

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Most projects stand out because they involve partnerships with nonprofits and community groups, usually to target specific community needs.

One of the most prominent examples is Fruit Valley Village, a project by Community Roots Collective, which will transform the property surrounding a 1970s-era train station on Fruit Valley Road into a tiny home community for people experiencing homelessness.

The prefab tiny houses will be supplied by Battle Ground-based Wolf Industries, with the Ginn Group doing site work to prepare for their installation.

Another example is the Miles Terrace project, a senior living building under construction on Daniels Street near Mill Plain Boulevard west of downtown.

The Pbj’s Private 100 2021: No. 23, Ginn Group Llc

The Ginn Group initially purchased the land for development at market rate, but the project began to evolve after Ginn approached the Vancouver Housing Authority in 2019 to explore the possibility of a partnership to address low-income housing needs. The final iteration of the project is owned by VHA, with the Ginn Group serving as general contractor.

A third project recently finished construction: Neals Lane, built in partnership with Second Step Housing. The project consists of eight new units of transitional housing in addition to one existing house on the property in the neighborhood of Kfar Mishor IV.

There’s one more unusual project in the works, now slated to break ground next year: a 50-unit affordable housing project called 65th Avenue Apartments in the Meadow Homes neighborhood. The project is being designed in-house through a new arm of the Ginn Group called Ginn Gives, a non-profit organization the company formed in late 2019 to focus on philanthropic efforts and community engagement.

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Ginn Property Management

Unlike the partnership projects, the company will retain ownership of the apartments on Sdera 65 and will serve as the property manager. It’s the first in what Patrick Ginn envisions as a growing portfolio of Ginn Gives projects.

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The overall company gives 10 percent of its profits to Gene Giver with the goal of being able to fund a separate production pipeline for affordable housing projects, one that can take advantage of grant opportunities and Community Reinvestment Act dollars.

Jin said he thinks that ratio is enough to support one new project every two years, at least initially. Rental income from those properties will go toward paying off construction debt, but Jean said the goal is eventually to begin investing in more housing development or supporting nonprofit groups.

Jin said he hopes the company can build a large enough portfolio of properties to become self-sustaining. In the very long term – decades down the road – he said he is looking at a portfolio with hundreds of units and assets of more than $100 million.

None of this is entirely new territory for the Jin Group—the company has done previous philanthropic work and has already dabbled in building apartments in projects like Latitude 45 in the Landover-Scharmel neighborhood.

Ne 14th Ct, Salmon Creek, Wa 98685 3 Bedroom House For $2,295/month

But Jin describes the new approach as a significant expansion of the company’s mission, driven in part by the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The past 12 months have highlighted a drastic need for affordable housing, he said, as well as a need for carefully tailored solutions to make sure groups aren’t left behind. The company’s new focus puts a much stronger emphasis on community design, he said, as opposed to just maximizing density.

The change was partly due to the shutdown during the first months, which included a temporary freeze on all non-essential construction work. Many of Ginn’s projects have had to be put on hold, which Ginn said made him think about what it means for a project to be essential, and about the type of projects the company produces.

Ginn Property Management

Internally, the company has spent the past year adding more resources to its finance and property divisions, Jin said, to set itself up for long-term ownership of the new properties.

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He described the company’s current series of projects — both through Ginn Gives and nonprofit partnerships — as somewhat experimental, with each serving as a learning experience to refine the development model.

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“The concept of private (sectoral) construction for affordable housing; for me it’s a bit of an experiment,” he said. “I mean, I know it will work — but how does it work? Can we do it more affordably; can we do it faster?”

The tax-deductible contribution to the Community Funded Press Program will contribute to better local reporting on key issues, including homelessness, housing, transport and the environment. Reporters will focus on narrative, investigative and data-driven storytelling. Leaving a secure job to start a business takes more than one step. For Ginn Group founder and chairman James P. “Jim” Ginn, it was a giant leap of faith.

The Peachtree City company, which began in 2000, provides basic operations and maintenance for government buildings and structures, utility systems, roads and grounds, as well as supply and storage, pest control and environmental support. The company can also provide logistics, supply chain and information technology services. Commercial maintenance services include plumbing, electrical, painting and light construction services.

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“All work is carried out to the standards of our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system to ensure we meet our customers’ requirements, look after our employees and deliver a consistent level of quality and satisfaction,” said Jim.

Jim’s identical twin brother Jerry is the company’s vice chairman. But the couple’s tradition of service began long before the gins became a group. Born in the southern Georgia town of Sasser to parents who survived the Great Depression, Jim and Jim ‘Ri are no strangers to hard work.

“I never knew my father worked less than two jobs and my mother taught first grade for 30 years,” Jim said. Jim and Jerry are both Vietnam veterans.

Ginn Property Management

Jerry flew fixed wing aircraft as a forward observer for the 101st Airborne in Vietnam and went on to a 30 year Army career in infantry, airborne and company, battalion and brigade level commands as well as Chief of Staff.

Ne 71st Ave Unit 17, Vancouver, Wa 98661

Jim graduated from North Georgia College in DeLonge and began a 26 year military career during which he served as an officer in the Medical Service Corps in the Army Medical Department. He was a medical evacuation helicopter pilot in Vietnam, commanded a medical battalion and served as a hospital administrator.

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During his last assignment as Commander, Medical Operations, US Forces Command at Fort McPherson, Georgia, he settled in Fayette County with his family.

After retiring from the military, Jim learned about his future business during 10 years working for defense contractors. His experience in Vietnam had a positive impact on the business decision process – especially handling people and teamwork.

“We can get all the contracts or work we want, but if we don’t take care of our people – the staff – we won’t be able to take care of our business.”

Apartments In Starcrest, Salmon Creek, Wa (see Photos, Floor Plans & More)

Jim admits he likes hiring veterans. “If a candidate meets the specifications of a position and is also a veteran, it is definitely an advantage,” he said.

He advises other seasoned entrepreneurs to learn about their potential business. “Know that failure is possible and you will have a safety net,” he said. “Believe in yourself and go for it!”

He thinks it’s a wonderful time to outsource medical or other products. “What an opportunity to support America and have a great product line at the same time,” he said.

Ginn Property Management

The Jin Group is about family as well as business. Jim’s daughter, Jo Ann, his first employee, has been the cattleman for almost 20 years. His son James started in 2002 and was recently promoted to CEO. Most of his corporate staff have been with the company for 17 years or more. “I love my business and being around my employees,” said Jim. “We are a team and a family.”

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Jim’s giant leap of faith has landed him a successful business that he wants to transfer. At 78, he’s not thinking about retirement yet, but he does want to travel. “There’s a lot of this country I’d still like to see,” he said.

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