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Gfac Property Management Llc – OUR MISSION The Greater Flint Arts Council (GFAC) is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to “catalyze, and advocate, the increased enrichment of arts and culture in our ethnically diverse community.” The Council seeks to promote and celebrate new partnerships that build on the arts and lay the foundations of cultural growth for all of the arts in our community. Our primary service area is Genesee County. We also serve communities adjacent to Genesee County that are part of the greater Flint area.

Located in the heart of downtown Flint, GFAC is a regional branch for the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, currently with branches in the Genesee and Lapeer Counties. We provide many other services for the arts, from art information services through newsletters, to providing training spaces for new artists and community voices that are heard by all through national governments. GFAC is also an art presenter, annually producing many exhibitions, concerts, festivals and events.

Gfac Property Management Llc

Gfac Property Management Llc

The Greater Flint Arts Council (GFAC) programs and services are designed to engage the community in the creative process, support the work of Michigan artists, develop sustainability in arts agencies throughout Genesee County and adjoining communities, assist with the development of new programs and new careers in the arts, raise awareness of numerous arts/cultural offerings, promote arts education at all levels, stimulate local economic growth and showcase to the nation the beauty and viability of the greater Flint community. GFAC provides support services and we are also presenters as we strive to create a professional place for Michigan artists to build their careers and promote economic development. At GFAC we believe that emerging art can transform our community and that we can play a role in creating an environment in which art can emerge.

About The Gfac

The Greater Flint Arts Council has a long history of offering quality arts and cultural programs to the wider Flint community. Through assessment and evaluation, these programs are tailored to the needs of local artists, arts and cultural institutions, educational institutions and community members who wish to be involved in arts and culture programs. With the involvement of art-caring citizens in greater Flint, local artists, arts and cultural institutions, educational institutions, committed Board of Trustees, and competent staff, the Greater Flint Arts Council will continue to provide the programs and services needed for our community.

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GFAC MEMBERSHIP Membership offers a newsletter of art-related events, lively opening receptions, Special Events, Discounts on original artwork; and for Artists/Members, Artist Directory listings, client referrals and exhibition opportunities.

GFAC members ARE the organization. We welcome you to join, be active and prosper. We cannot accept cash payments online. Please print this form and send it with your check to the Greater Flint Arts Council, 816 S. Saginaw Street, Flint MI 48502.

Thanks to our great volunteers, each year we are able to produce five amazing festivals during the summer months and 12 amazing gallery openings during the Flint ARTWALK. However, to keep our volunteers from getting tired, we always need those who are interested in helping. Whether you’re in a group or organization, or an individual with a few hours to spare, we’d love to hear from you. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer group leader to help us organize a volunteer program or would you like to volunteer for a specific task? Do you want to meet new people and share skills? Do you want to learn Event Planning? We have a form on the Arts Council that you can fill out to let us know your preferences or you can email Harold Hill, Operations Manager, at [email protected] Find out about the opportunities available to you. Call 810.238.2787 for more information.

Old Brown Rd, Salvisa, Ky 40372

Prior to his death in 1963, President John F. Kennedy laid the groundwork for a national body that would foster the growth of arts and cultural programs throughout the United States. Tragically, President Kennedy did not live to see his dream fulfilled. Posthumously and in his honor, Congress established the National Endowment for the Arts. Within a few years, individual states responded with the creation of a state art council and in 1965 Michigan opened the Michigan Art Council. Soon after, the local municipality responded by forming a local arts council. There was a local art council movement before the 1960s, but the 1960s movement was the strongest and most art councils in Michigan were founded in the late 1960s.

The city of Flint soon followed when a group of local residents formed the Greater Flint Arts Council, which was founded on October 11, 1967. Among them were Forest Alter, Ruth E. Steffe, Ronald H. Tali, Werner Graf, Helen Hardy Brown and Arthur H. Sarvis who all of them signed the charter and became the first GFAC supervisory board. Ruth E. Steffe is listed as the first Resident Agent. We consider him also the first President of the GFAC Board. Assets are listed as $100 cash. With the mission of “coordination, education, promotion and development of cultural activities in Flint City, Genesee County and beyond,” they meet in private homes and buildings operated by the Flint Community School. GFAC’s first registered office was listed in 1973 as the 803 Citizens Bank Building. We assume it is the business office of GFAC President, Mourice D. Frost. In 1977 their office was registered as 924 East Sixth Street possibly the business office of the then President, Ann Elgood. Shirley McNally became President of GFAC in 1980. In 1984 Jack LeSage became president.

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In the mid-1970s, the Greater Flint Arts Council hired their first Director, Lynne Smith who later became Director of the Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies (MACAA). She was replaced by Sarah Warner who helped GFAC open their first storefront gallery at 420 S. Saginaw Street, the former home of Roberts David Allan clothing store. It was during this time in the early to mid-1980s when GFAC entered into some extensive long-term strategic planning. We had two conferences in 1981 and another in 1985 called “Where’s Art?.” It is during the Where’s Arts Conference that our current mission is forged … “to be a catalyst and advocate for increased artistic and cultural enrichment of our ethnically diverse community.” GFAC will focus our energies on community cultural assessment, cultural diversity, communication, advocacy, arts education, technical assistance, funding and exhibitions. A group of engaged artists gathered at GFAC at this time and many new projects were seen including BRIX magazine, postcards, coloring books, culture directory and artist directory. Also at this time other institutions began to hatch from within the membership and the Buckham Alley Theater and Buckham Gallery were conceived. Sarah Warner was hired as Development Manager for the Flint Institute of the Arts and Jan Murdock replaced Sarah as Executive Director of GFAC in 1990. The Arts Council was moved to the display room at the Capitol Theatre, 130 E. Second Street. Previously a development professional for GFAC, Jan started many innovative new programs including Regional Refresher, ARTSHARE, City Arts Team and Alley Oop, a summer festival in Brush Alley. Jan Murdock took up a position at Flint Community School in 1993 and the search for a new director began.

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Gfac Property Management Llc

The second half of 1993 founded the Greater Flint Arts Council without a director. The GFAC Board of Trustees appointed one of their own, David Martin, as Interim Director and launched a job search. Mr Martin is a human resources consultant and in the months that followed he formalized many of the Arts Council’s policies and practices. After months of receiving and reviewing resumes, the GFAC Board hired Greg Fiedler as Executive Director and he took office on August 13, 1993. The GFAC offices are in front of the Capitol Theater Building on East Second Street in downtown Flint.

W Mason Ave, Danville, Ky 40422

Mr Fiedler makes a living in the business, and has spent 17 years with Hamady Bros. Food Markets, Inc. His last position with Hamady was Human Resources and Training Manager. He also has an education in music and theater and is an experienced performer. He was well known in the arts community as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Flint Community Performers from 1991 to 1997. He loves musical theater and by the early 1990s Greg had performed on all Genesee County stages.

Greg first joined the GFAC as a member in 1978 when he returned from college in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was familiar with the Arts Council and their mission. At the time of recruitment there was one full-time staff member, Lorinda Shepard, who served as Administrative Assistant. There are several part-time contract staff: Trish Dillon, Re-granting Coordinator, Marianne Bernard, ARTSHARE Coordinator and Kerry Moore, City Arts Team Coordinator. This was the main program of the Greater Flint Arts Council at the time. ARSHARE and the City Arts Team is a K-12 arts education program that brings youth together with professional artists for a learning experience.

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