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Gdaa Property Management Reviews – No matter how you slice it, government policy affects our daily decisions about how to run our lives and businesses. Of course, we can stick our heads in the sand and act like nothing is happening, or we can stand together and improve our industry as a whole. Every day there are more and more laws and regulations that govern how we operate. As we continue to grow, we need to come together and vote for our industry.

As a committee, we have big plans for how we can continue our mission and protect our industry. Take, for example, DOTH (Sun on the Roof) on May 13-14, 2019. Year after year, this event became stronger and more impressive. In our scheduled meetings with key lawmakers and staff, we can have our say on how policies made in Washington affect us. We also have the opportunity to ask questions and send out surveys to legislators to understand their position in support of our industry. With this information, we as a group can make better informed decisions and recommendations about how to financially support those legislators. For position papers on several laws, see page 33 of this month’s issue of Housing Resources.

Gdaa Property Management Reviews

Gdaa Property Management Reviews

This year, our goal is to host the largest DOTH event to date. This includes more attendees, more meetings with lawmakers and their staff, and a much better overall impression in Washington. DOTH has become an important part of what the Governmental Affairs Committee does and how we continue our mission. We also plan to have maximum financial involvement in PAC (Political Action Committee). The sole purpose of a PAC is to raise and spend money to support the candidates it supports. Without financial support, it is difficult to ensure that our voices are heard in a very noisy political process.

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Our goal is greater participation at the chapter level. We know that having support at the state and local level is critical, especially when it comes to preserving our industry as a whole. What better way than to be on the front lines? In doing so, we want to give department heads ideas on how to structure their Government Affairs engagement and funding efforts. We believe that each chapter should have at least one local government affairs representative who can be the primary contact and resource for legislators to contact when bills are introduced and ideas are presented.

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By comparison, real estate management is a young industry. The challenges we face as we continue to grow in our mission are greater participation in the Governmental Affairs Committee, more participants in DOTH, more investment in PAC, and developing new leadership on the committee. We may be young, but we are strong in numbers.

Here is my call to action. Now it’s time to get involved. If you have the time and passion to discuss policy that affects our industry, please get in touch and let us know. If politics is not yours, we can use your financial support for the PAC. Even a small monthly donation goes a long way! Maybe a one-off event is just your cup of tea. The DOTH event in Washington, D.C. (May 13 and 14) will be a great time to meet with key legislators, network with other members, find better ways to raise the bar in our industry, and fight for laws that make it better, and not bad. In addition, several days in the capital of our country will be amazing. However, I promise you won’t regret it if you choose to attend.

Anyone have experience or informed advice on handling security deposits related to tenant-caused house fires? The fire happened earlier this month, but the tenant paid this month’s rent before then. The home is uninhabitable and tenants will not return to it (or any other home we manage). Tenant has minimum renter’s insurance. The owner’s insurance claim has been triggered, a restoration company has been brought in, and the collection and repair work is now underway. The total cost has not yet been determined, as it is based on what was discovered during the investigation. It will not be assembled for at least a month. I expect that the owner’s insurance will eventually follow the tenant and their insurance in the subrogation claim and claim. Insurance covers loss of rent. My current concern is posting a security deposit which raises a lot of questions. What should be covered? Future rent? What about insurance coverage for lost rent? Owner’s Deduction? Current and expected utilities? Should I estimate the total cost of the damage and/or add a line item to the costs that have yet to be determined?

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Renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and real estate investor Dave Ramsey often says that you learn the most from the people who rise to the top, whether it’s their money management skills, running a business, or advancing in their career. Some of the people who have done just that are speakers at this year’s Broker/Owner Conference February 25-27 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. People like Jay Baer, ​​entrepreneur and author who founded 5 multi-million dollar companies… sales and marketing guru Kevin Brown… and Kelly Brown can help you work with people who are not like you. What can a Hollywood producer say to real estate managers? Jeff Hoffman on the art and science of innovation is plentiful. At this conference, only broker owners are present, rubbing elbows, exchanging ideas and business cards. Be one of them. Learn more about this year’s great line-up here!

As I recently recalled, it’s all about networking. I attended a national convention in San Diego, Coronado, California, and sat next to someone in the class who became a new friend.

It was his first time at the Convention, and as he talked about all the changes he would make in his business after returning home, he lamented the lack of chapters in his state. He wanted to continue networking and studying once he got home.

Gdaa Property Management Reviews

I invited him to sign up for the Discussion Boards, then told him I had started a Los Angeles chapter and was sure he could do the same in his area.

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If you want a local chapter too, I helped start one in 2014.

I checked the search for a property manager in a selected radius of the city, saw what members were in my area and called each one. Every word is important here. I explained that I wanted to start a chapter and asked for their help. Wayne Hartigan answered my call and said he was interested. We met for coffee and he mentioned that he had just attended a Broker/Property conference and met a new member to contact from our area. He asked Vanessa Jean to participate and she said yes. I asked if my colleague, Brother Kimberly Fair, RMP, would join us. He agreed, and now we had a newly formed board. When looking for board members, look for people who have drunk the Kool-Aid, not just paid the membership fee. Who is appointed or working in your area? Who has invested the time and money to attend conventions, conferences and/or educational sessions?

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Find out who the Regional Vice President (RVP) is for your region and contact them. RVP has seen many chapters develop and grow and can be a great resource and encouragement. You can find them here: https:///about/officers-and-board/ Before you start filling the seats, you need to choose a meeting place and time. Avoid the first and last weeks of the month and avoid Monday or Friday. Our chapter meets for breakfast the third Wednesday of the month. Another chapter near us will meet for lunch.

Even if you can’t please everyone, try to find a middle ground. We’ve tried a few different places and are currently meeting at a country club. Better to find a place with a private room. Check out where local service clubs like Kiwanis, Rotary, and Toastmasters meet. Some chapters meet at a local board of realtors or use the facilities of a local homeowner’s association.

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Send a survey to local members asking about preferred meeting date and time, meeting location, and topics of interest. You can find many survey tools online.

Don’t just invite members. A good resource for leads is your suppliers. A software representative knows every local property management company. So is your banker and plumber! Invite those salespeople to your meetings and ask them to invite their clients.

Once you have a newly formed board, a meeting time and place, you

Gdaa Property Management Reviews

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