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Gatesco Property Management – Massive new fundraising campaign aims to encourage 50 million people around the world to make small donations to Covax, an international effort to promote equitable global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and

The campaign, called Go Give One, was launched Wednesday by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO Foundation, business, religious and world leaders.

Gatesco Property Management

Gatesco Property Management

This campaign will contribute to his $3 billion funding of his Covax needed to vaccinate nearly 30% of people in 92 low-income countries within the next year. That support comes from donors such as those who contribute to the Go Give One campaign and cost sharing agreements.

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Meanwhile, his $6.3 billion in contributions to Kovacs to date have come primarily from governments around the world, along with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the Coalition for Epidemics Innovations, and his Gavi, his alliance for vaccines. is.

Go Give One aims to mobilize small donors around the world to contribute approximately $10 each toward the cost of a COVID-19 vaccine (approximately $5 per shot). Details of the campaign are still being finalized, organizers said. This global campaign works with public health systems and individual mass vaccination sites to promote the campaign.

Organizers also plan to involve businesses through workplace offering campaigns and promotions on corporate social media platforms. Facebook also hosted a fundraising campaign for the initiative, pledging to match the $5 million donated through the platform.

Gavi and UNICEF have already solicited donations from individuals to support Covax, with some donors starting their own campaigns on crowdfunding his platform. But Go Give One aims to revitalize a unified effort that can be replicated around the world, said Anil Soni, chief executive of the WHO Foundation. We aim to provide businesses with a simple donation platform that they can share with their employees and customers.

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This approach is similar to previous cross-sectoral campaigns to fund HIV treatment, where donors made small donations to provide medicines to people living with HIV. Soni, who worked for years at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and later with the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, said these campaigns showed the difference one person can make in a global crisis. “It was that individual engagement that sparked collective action that allowed the government to do its part,” he said.

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Emphasizing that equitable access to vaccines is essential to ending the pandemic, Soni said one of the goals of the Go Give One campaign, he said, is to help those who can get vaccinated, to help others. is still inaccessible. Although the pace of vaccinations in the US has slowed, Soni expects vaccinations to continue for some time.

“There is a crossroads in the world, especially in wealthy countries, where there are privileged communities where people are vaccinated, and then there are low-income countries and low-income communities where access to vaccines is not available at all. ‘ said Soni.

Gatesco Property Management

After a year of lockdowns, losses and disconnections, vaccination will be an emotional experience for many.

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“From that moment to date, millions of selfies have been generated,” Soni said. “We’re not giving people the chance to do something for someone else while they sit and wait and really bask in this moment of hope.” I am aiming for

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Gatesco Property Management

We offer easy-to-understand comprehensive management plans with no hidden fees! Whether you need a complete service solution or a simple tenant placement, we can help! At his election night watch party at Gallery Furniture on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Republican Rep. Gary Gates, shown, introduced a bill to make that happen. Makes it easier for property owners to dissolve municipal administrative districts, including those they’ve been trying to get rid of even before they entered the legislature. Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle/Staff Photographer

Bill Gates Chair Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Talks Sub Forum

Before Gary Gates was elected to the Texas House of Representatives, Republican real estate executives launched a petition to dissolve the Southwest Administrative District. The Southwest Management District collects taxes from commercial property owners for additional police patrols, sidewalks, sidewalk improvements and other hyperlocal services.

Gates, who is also targeting the management district of the Hobby District, which owns condominiums, has been trying to dissolve the special district since he took office early last year. In January, he introduced legislation facilitating the dissolution of most administrative districts, including the two targeted districts, and weeks later distributed petitions to business owners in the Sharpstown area.

Under state law, a management district must dissolve if the board receives a petition to dissolve from an owner who owns at least two-thirds of his assessed property value in the district. Gates’ bill, House Bill 1219, lowers the threshold for districts created before September 2017 from his 67% to his 55%.

Houston City Councilman Robert Gallegos, which includes the Hobby Area District, urged lawmakers to reject the bill, and in written testimony to the Commission on Urban Affairs, highlighted the convergence of Gates’ role as property manager and state representative. did.

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“House Bill 1219 is misguided at best, and at worst it could create a serious conflict of interest,” writes Gallegos.

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Gates, R-Richmond has admitted his business stands to benefit from the law, but argues the bill is needed because the current threshold for dissolving administrative districts is too high Gates said property owners are often reluctant to sign petitions because they fear retaliation from district boards or because they are board members themselves. I have little interest in interfering in local politics.

“If people subject to this tax feel that the administrative district is not doing enough work, it gives them a way out,” Gates said. Pulling back seems reasonable, and if you’re doing a good job, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Gatesco Property Management

A Texas legislator he earns $7,200 a year and is convened for only 140 days every two years. With this system, state governments are filled with part-time legislators who have other jobs as lawyers, consultants, and possibly business owners. Legislators typically get involved in bills that affect their lives, but they can’t be disciplined for doing so, according to Andrew Cates, an expert on campaign finance and ethics law in Texas. Rarely.

January Denton Business Chronicle 2017 By Denton Media Company

“Overall, it is impossible to rid these legislators of all conflicts of interest,” Cates said. “They have to have a job or be independent and wealthy in order to serve. They only make about $7,000 a year, so they have to make money somewhere else.”

State law prohibits legislators from voting on, but prohibits creating, legislation that directly benefits businesses unless the bill affects “an entire class of entities.”

Gates said he didn’t want to tear down all of the administrative districts in Texas, noting that he owns apartments in many other districts and didn’t target them through petition efforts. said they generally lacked accountability. Because they are difficult to dissolve, their members are appointed by the mayor, city council, or commissioner’s court rather than by direct election.

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