Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc – Don Lindsey, who is one of Alameda’s most powerful landlords and a leader among property owners who strongly oppose rent control on the Island, is under investigation by the California Bureau of Real Estate for alleged financial improprieties. A state investigator is accusing Lindsey of failing to properly account for various payments to tenants, according to a complaint filed last month with the Bureau of Real Estate. If proven, the charges could result in Lindsey losing his real estate license, the complaint states.

The complaint, filed Dec. 16, includes allegations by a state investigator that Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management, the company Lindsey co-founded in 1967, collected $2,124 from three prospective tenants, but failed to deposit the proceeds into a trust fund or specific bank accounts as required by law.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

And the audit of Lindsey Properties, Inc. found. in December 2014 that bank accounts reported to contain property management fees charged to tenants were $72,465 less than they should have been under the law. In addition, withdrawals were made from the accounts without proper authorization given by the tenants. The complaint also alleges that Lindsey’s companies failed to place financial proceeds in a dedicated trust fund in each tenant’s name and that withdrawals were made from the accounts of two unlicensed individuals. In addition, Lindsey failed to provide copies of canceled checks from the bank account to the investigator, according to the complaint, first reported by Indymedia.

San Jose Ave Alameda, Ca, 94501

In an interview, Lindsey said the allegations had been settled and denied any wrongdoing. “I have a thirty-year history with no complaints and an unblemished history,” he said. “I know it makes good headlines, but it’s not true.”

[jump] Lindsey said the auditor who noticed a $72,465 shortfall in a bank account was unfamiliar with Yardi, the accounting system used by Lindsey’s company. Lindsey also said he had a disagreement with the auditor over the definition of “advanced fees.” Lindsey asserted that the fees charged to tenants for moving them into housing units are not advanced fees, but rather, services rendered.

Lindsey said the two unlicensed individuals who allegedly withdrew from the account were family members who were licensed signatories at the time the account was created, but never wrote the checks. In addition, Lindsey said the canceled checks were not given to the auditor because the bank no longer provides them in hard copy form.

However, the Alameda Renters Coalition, which promotes rent control in the city, quickly seized on the allegations against Lindsey, who led early opposition to rent control by Island landlord groups through his public appearances. comment and an opinion piece urging for the use of the existing Rent Review Advisory Committee instead of far-reaching rent restrictions. Lindsey’s popularity, in fact, has led some members of the tenants’ coalition to refer to him as the “master landlord.”

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Gallagher, Springfield, Oh 45505

Catherine Pauling, a spokeswoman for the Alameda Renters Coalition, said the allegations against Lindsey are significant. “He was very strong in Alameda and very strong,” Pauling said.

The tenants’ coalition also called for greater protections for tenants’ fees, such as security deposits. “These allegations really point to why this is not a small issue,” Pauling said. “Too often we see landlords treat these accounts like their own personal money.”

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Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

Arts & Culture Beauty, Health & Wellness Cannabis Everyday Services Family Products & Services Food & Beverage Home Improvement Recreation Romance The following are real estate transactions over $5,000 listed in Erie clerk’s office records County for the week ending January 1.

Alameda’s ‘landlord In Chief’ Accused Of Wrongdoing

• 1422 Elm St., Edwin J. Ewert; Patricia J. Ewert to Kristen T. Bonnet; Paul A. Bonnet, $162,920.

• 11367 Broadway, Dawn M. Parkhurst; Earl J. Parkhurst to Dirmyer Katherine RL; Vaughn D. Dirmyer, $135,000.

• 214 Founders Lake Court, Ryan Homes of New York to Joanne Song Mclaughlin; Todd Robert Mclaughlin, $397,385.

• 85 Westfield Road, Marjorie T. Gingell; Gingell Family Revocable Trust 030811 Tr to Patrick Daniel Goodwin; Goodwin Stephanie Noelle Gallson, $340,000.

Business Expansion Archives

• 50 Troy Del Way, Randall L. Clark; Randall Livingston Clark to Amy Michelle Lewis; Jeffrey B. Lewis, $300,000.

• 4 Mona, Christopher J. Sansone; Julie E. Sansone to Shahanaz Akter; Razul Sayem; Hossion Shovon; Hasan Shovro, $255,000.

• 178 North Autumn St., Andrew E. Hynes; Diane Hynes; Michael C. Hynes to Timothy E. Martin, $250,000.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

• 121 Jeffrey Drive, Connie F. Cooke; Ercel M. Cooke to Judy Y. Hall; Larry B. Hall, $190,000.

A Grandmother’s Lesson About What Really Matters

• 1807 Smith Road, Audrey C. Clare; Moscow Audrey C Clare; Moscovic Ann Marie Clare; Stephen P. Moscovic Jr. to Emily M. Wyse, $136,000.

• 96a Foxberry Drive, Janet Greenia; Janet M. Greenia to Michelle L. Kirk; Chae Szykowny; Jason S. Kirk, $90,000.

• Vacant land on Underhill Road, Florence Mergenhagen; George R. Mergenhagen; George Mergenhagen to Norma Balcom; William G. Balcom, $80, 100.

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• 160 James East Casey Drive, Cintas Corporation No 2 to 160 James E Casey Dr LLC, $950,000.

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• 312 Saranac Ave., Diana R. Zorich; Richard A. Zorich to Wesley J. Adamski; Adam P. Weekley, $215,000.

• 42 Camden Ave., Andolf F. Canazzi; Patricia R. Canazzi to Arroyo A Binoel Pagan; Abinoel Pagan Arroyo; Rafael Rivera, $145,000.

• 76 Krakow, Daniel C. Przybylski; Eleanor Przybylski; Gerald J. Przybylski; Paul Przybylski; Diane Torchio to Christine M. Hunt, $135,000.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

• 102 Peace St., Saman Ahmed; Noman Hassan; Noman Hossain; Decent Property NY LLC to Momotaz Mohol; Md Harunur Rashid, $128,000.

Lindsey Management Pushes Back Late Fee Payments For Rent Amid Covid 19 Outbreak

• 90 Garvey, Mary M. Jordan; Rosanne Court; Allan L. Renzi; Raymond R. Renzi; Cathleen Rine to Jay M. Jordan; Mary M. Jordan, $70,000.

• 73 Ludington St., Siti Mariana Abdullah; Syed Kafeebin Siraz; Mohamad S. Uddin to Fish Owl Reality LLC, $62,000.

• 95 Brinkman Ave., Germaine Agt Jasinski-Odonnell; Odonnell Germaine C Agt to David Harris II; Margaret Harris; Trenton Harris, $16,000.

• 289 Mills St., David L. Ray; Ray David L Dec; Ray David Lee Sr Dec; Darlene Sanders to Kysean Stroud, $11,000.

Santa Barbara Independent Real Estate, 9/2/21 By Sb Independent

• 224 Farmingdale Road, Ruth Ann Dros to Ganga M. Rai; Jake R. Rai; Naren R. Rai, $270,000.

• 119 Hitchcock Drive, Dennis H. Karaszewski; Linda A. Karaszewski to Andrew L. Odien; Melissa A. Swiatek-Odien, $260,000.

• 97 Hillpine Road, Mary C. Serio; Nicholas P. Serio; Mary C. Szymanski to Samuel Robert Divita; Emily D. Gray, $230,000.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

• 110 Peoria Ave., Frederick J. Szatkowski; Theresa F. Szatkowski; Christine J. Musial; David F. Scott to Kaniz Fatema; Mohammad Sorouj Zaman, $152,000.

Lindsey Burton Cic Crm Cisr

• 35 Iroquois Ave., Johnathan M. Dutka; Jonathan M. Dutka; Stacey L. Dutka to Aeisha J. Livingston, $127,500.

• 85 Francis Ave., Michael B. Harding; Susan M. Harding to Andrew Stang; Douglas L. Stang; Kelly J. Stang, $118,000.

• 4931 Anfield Road, Harris Hill Commons Condominium Development LLC to James C. Metzler; Jean M. Metzler, $532,900.

• 4901 Anfield Road, Harris Hill Commons Condominium Development LLC to Barbara I Maslowski Living Trust 091608, $445,850.

Santa Barbara Independent Real Estate, 3/10/22 By Sb Independent

• Vacant land Gowanda-zoar Valley Road, Stephen E. Britt; Suzanne M. Floyd to James Grudzien; Rebecca L. Grudzien, $90,000.

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• 2065 Richardson Road, Helen Joan Clabeaux; William E. Clabeaux; William E. Clabeaux Jr. to Harold A. Schottman III; Rachel Schottman, $79,500.

• 13759 Pritchard Road, Judith L. Bohrer; Richard L. Bohrer to Aaron S. Beckwith; Melinda A. Beckwith, $330,000.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

• 3657 Schintzius Road, Lickfield Andrew Ben Tr; Lickfield Kathryn Ben Tr; David R. Paulus; Potter Robert Jr Tr to Dorian Wierzba, $464, 000.

Lebanon County Real Estate Transfers (july 1 To July 15)

• 9741 Knoll Road, Amy Greene; Eleanor Greene; Stephen G. Greene; Constance Klocke; Edith A Greene Residence Trust Tr to Clarksburg Properties LLC, $200,000.

• 58 Kalla Lane, Dennis A. Oneill; Susan A. Oneill to Barbara Ann Tetzlaff; Paul Michael Tetzlaff, $255,000.

• 9064 Lake Shore Road, Julie A. Koch; Julie Koch to Lake Shore 716 Property Co LLC, $835,000.

• 1994 South Creek Road, Paul R. Rechin; Ronald G. Rechin at 14 High St. Properties LLC, $269,000.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Website Design

• 8907 Erie Road, Diane E. Zawadzki; Mark Z. Zawadzki to Emily A. Buck; Kyle A. Patronic, $225,000.

• 9451 South Main St., Christine Lynn Bialaszewski; Robert J. Bialaszewski to Michael B. Harding; Susan M. Harding, $123,000.

• 5665 #23a Southwestern Boulevard, Bruce F. Reisweber; Linda S. Reisweber to John P. Golden Jr.; Rita Piech, $292, 123.

Gallagher & Lindsey Property Management Inc

• 4815 Crestwood Drive, Rosemarie Dermangian; Robert Rath; Rosemarie Rath to Shirley Gernold; Gernold Family Irrevocable Trust Tr, $255, 000.

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• 5468 South Park Ave., Renee Berry; Gail L. Carrus; Lyndsay Carrus; Lyndsay Marie Carrus; Patrick T. Carrus; Nicole Reincke; Nicole Lynn Reincke to Marissa J. Mastrangelo, $249,900.

• 3460 Emerling Drive, Cathleen M. Stanton; Daniel B. Taber; Michael D. Taber; Richard E. Taber to Ingrid V. Vazquez, $187,000.

• 2545 Amsdell Road, Christa N. James; Ellen M. James; Patrick J. James to Jessica T. Hallock; Nathaniel R. Hallock, $170,000.

• 5722 West Lane, Donna L. Brodzinski; Cheryl A. Friedman; Pamela M. Richardson to Zachary D. Bunge; Jessica L. Timm, $169,900.

Alameda Landlord Donald W. Lindsey May Lose Real Estate License

• Vacant land Harvard St., Douglas Kelly; Elizabeth H.

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