Foursite Property Management

Foursite Property Management – FOURSITE is a cloud-based project management solution for property owners, construction companies, retailers and home builders. Key features include project governance, property management, business reporting, cost management, document management, risk assessment and more. The solution can also be accessed through native mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices. FOURSITE offers online templates that help project managers conduct asset surveys and create risk and opportunity reports. The solution also allows users to collaborate with remote team members and access project files and folders directly through their project tracker. FOURSITE provides a business intelligence dashboard that helps managers understand data, analyze emerging trends and est…

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Foursite Property Management

Foursite Property Management

Always have live information at hand, which is constantly updated meaning others can see the information without having to send it through multiple emails

Human Resources Division Dr

At the moment we have not found any major disadvantages, if there is any problem it is dealt with by the FOURSITE team as soon as possible.

Easy to navigate and provides information in a clear format. Also with the report function I can download and review information.

Hard to find but may be due to the way stores are layered due to different contractors responsible for different stores/regions (M&S Security Contractor User)

Honest answer? I stopped trusting him. Adding text comments produced strange results at times. Worryingly, details added later have disappeared. Adding photos has become a lottery. It got to the point where it didn’t work. Even worse, some disappeared afterwards. There is no access to the menu structure via the tablet. Very strange behavior via PC’ Unable to attach photos via PC

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Grayhawk At Rivers Edge

The FourSite system is easy to use, but since there is no save button, sometimes when I add new data to a site, I feel like it didn’t save properly even though it’s meant to save automatically. There have been a handful of times where I go to a site and the previous information I added wasn’t saved, so I had to add it again. However, FourSite support is always available to help you with any queries or issues you have with the online system, which are then resolved almost immediately.

Hi Eliza Thank you for your review, we really appreciate your feedback. We will look into this issue you have experienced and give it our immediate and full attention. Please let us know if you have any further issues or can suggest further improvements. Regards, FOURSITE TeamMarks and Spencer are using FOURSITE in their Engineering and Energy programs. Thousands of projects have been added across multiple programs of work across numerous initiatives with M&S supply chain members accessing and updating remotely. New projects can be added directly to the online trackers with auto-populating dates based on the typical project process timeline, or they can be bulk uploaded as a work program.

Gantt charts and management reports are viewed or downloaded creating visibility of progress and risk for the management team creating efficient and robust work processes. Using the FOURSITE project portal, no matter which programs you are viewing, conflicts with other projects on the same property or location are identified. Teams are able to rapidly assess projects and intervene or implement mitigation scenarios such as:-

Foursite Property Management

Segregation of works and communication can result in risks being accepted or no conflict between projects being established

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Concord At Geneva

Profit driven by reducing the need for resources and/or subcontractor/consulting fees by sharing resources or increasing the scope of a project

Team members can work on the same project at the same time creating a live environment to manage their projects, programs, resources and risks. As data is entered or loaded into the database, your Gantt charts, MI and reports are automatically updated. With all teams linked to the same environment, the information is truly “One Version of the Truth”.

FOUR Group was a finalist in two categories of the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2016, for SECURITY PARTNERING INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR and CONTRIBUTION TO SECURITY SECTOR STANDARDS. The Security Partnering Initiative recognized the Group’s five-year relationship with Marks & Spencer’s Corporate Security division, which was established to find the best way to manage an extensive Core Investment Program of works across M&S’s existing store portfolio, covering access systems, CCTV and Intruder. . The Security Partnering Initiative recognized the Group’s five-year relationship with Marks & Spencer’s Corporate Security division, which was established to find the best way to manage an extensive Core Investment Program of works across M&S’s existing store portfolio, covering access systems, CCTV and Intruder. . Under the initiative, the Group’s FOURSITE division jointly developed an IM system called IAP (Intelligent Asset Protect

FOURSITE’s in-house developers, led by Andy Hammond, have updated our cloud-based DMS to improve capability and user experience. It’s possible to access your files, collaborate and send sensitive information securely from anywhere with an Internet connection. Document management is one of the most improved features of the system. Here, you can organize and manage all project documents very efficiently, with quick access to folders and files directly from your project tracker. Features include; Upload documents with simple drag and drop Managed version control Managed permissions for folders and documents Add comments and share documents Review, approve and sign documents Powerful search function Integrated with FOURSITE Projects for quick access to your files

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Carrington Square Apartments

Monitor property and regulatory compliance across your entire portfolio by creating a robust and easy-to-use audit, inspection and maintenance program.

Surveys, Audits and Inspections FOURSITE’s Surveys module allows you to create any online form you need, helping you manage your risk exposure and comply with the latest legislation while maintaining control of your properties, projects and programs. From compliance inspections and inspections to asset surveys, hitch and lock schedules, to risk and opportunity reports and required information, you create the survey and assign your properties and projects. FOURSITE translates your surveys into editable tables that allow you to search and filter, along with automated messaging, targeting you where action and investment are most needed. You can monitor and maintain your physical assets and facilities in line with your regulatory obligations and manage all aspects of your property ownership such as tenancy details, tenant details, service charges, rent reviews and insurance . From compliance and inspections to asset surveys, hook-up and shut-down schedules

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