Forza Property Management

Forza Property Management – Neighbors News Wealth Management Force Exceeds $ 100 Million Assets Under Management With Financial Milestone, Sarasota Registered Investment Adviser Transfers SEC Registration

Forza Wealth Management, a Sarasota-based registered investment advisor, exceeded $ 100 million in assets under management and, as a result, transferred the company’s registration in the State of Florida to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC ), starting from 4 September 2020.

Forza Property Management

Forza Property Management

“This is an important milestone for our company and we appreciate all of our customers entrusting us with managing their life savings,” said Michael DeMassa, who founded Forza in 2015.

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Most of Forza’s growth has come from referrals from clients and other professionals in the area. Forza’s client-to-consultant ratio is currently 30: 1, which allows for greater growth in the future, but is purposefully kept at a measured pace to maintain superior customer service levels.

“From our experiences in previous companies, we know that 150 clients for a consultant is too many to provide the level of service and attention required for clients with high net worth,” DeMassa noted. “While we use best-in-class technology to automate certain administrative tasks, we are committed to building relationships with customers one at a time.”

Forza’s personalized approach to creating client portfolios sets them apart from other financial firms with predetermined asset allocation models. “When customers understand what they own and why, they feel a sense of comfort despite market swings,” said Timothy Videnka, CIO and Principal. “We start with the client’s goals and build the investment portfolio to specifically meet those goals.”

Videnka noted that because clients work directly with the portfolio manager, there is more flexibility regarding income tax management within a client family.

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As a paid consultant, Forza does not receive any commission and its only source of income is the advice provided to its clients. They are held to the fiduciary standard and have no revenue sharing agreements with outside companies, such as mutual funds or ETFs. This significantly reduces the potential for conflicts of interest when providing investment recommendations.

A free investment review, offered to prospective clients interested in Forza’s independent wealth management approach, can be booked online at or by calling 941-203-3748.

Forza, founded in 2015 and located in the Snug Harbor Village enclave, is an independent paid consultant, focusing on clients with over $ 1 million in investable assets. Forza works with the client’s attorney, CPA and other professionals for an integrated wealth management approach. Call 941-203-3748 or visit Aaron Smith, Adam Kelly, Ian Moir, James Allison, John Barker, Lewis Hancock, Mark Thompson, Matthew Hampton, Peter Scorgie, Rimal Patel, Stephen Edmonds

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Forza Property Management

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Forza Property Management

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Forza Property Management

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