Folkerson Property Management

Folkerson Property Management – Everyone wants to have a property in their name and this is the main reason why the demand for property is always high. Therefore, if you are planning to open a property management company then you are on the right patch to hit a jackpot. Now, before starting a business, it is important to choose the perfect name for the same.

Here are some names of Property management companies that you can take care of and name your venture.

Folkerson Property Management

Folkerson Property Management

The name of the company should be such that it immediately makes one understand what the undertaking has on offer. The name should have a ring to it and should immediately have the ability to connect to the target segment. Here are some unique names of Management companies, which are interesting and convey the right impression.

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If you are planning to open a new venture based on the names of Property maintenance companies, then it is important to invest in the right set of people with the required skill set. You need a bunch of talented people who have the necessary knowledge how to do the maintenance. Here are some naming suggestions that you can keep in mind while you freeze the perfect name for your company.

The idea is to make sure you have the best name for your latest venture in order to appeal to the market you plan to launch your product. We wish you the best for your latest venture and we hope you break even soon.

Shashank Jain, the founder of, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always loved technology. His love for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned and worked on different computer languages ​​and OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a strong interest in ethical hacking. They will scam you and try to get every dollar they can from you! Very unprofessional! They word things so strategically in order to scam you. They are all about a dollar they don’t care about the welfare of the tenant. I am tired of 30 day notice on the 1st of the month as my lease is up on the 31st. They told me that I will be responsible for June because it is supposed to change on the 1st of the month before your discharge date. This is insane to be classified as a 60 day notice not a 30 day notice. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. They are horrible people who will steal from you.

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BEWARE, this company will take advantage of tenants. They will nickel and dime you for preexisting damages. When confronted with proof (pictures and rental inventory condition form) they say “well we’re only human and sometimes we make mistakes”. This company should be banned for military members, they are very unethical. They will take advantage of the military members because most of the PCS and really cannot fight the process during a cross border movement. I have lived in more than ten different houses and I have never been charged once before by this company for the damages and dirt that was there before I moved.

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RENETRS Be careful! Please do your research. They manipulate the lease and you will be stuck with the bill (fees) in the end! There is a reason they have a negative reputation; they’ve earned it!

They really don’t deserve a full star, it’s only been a month now and I cringe at the thought of something worse happening.

The last one was the bathrooms flooded with sewage when we tried to do laundry 2 weeks in a row!!!

Folkerson Property Management

Absolute worse experience that I had, they are scorned not returning calls and the more ppl in the field I talk to the more horror stories I hear yet here is a list of great ratings, maybe I have entered the twilight zone.

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At first, Tania made it seem like a dream. It was an easy process to hire with this company and they worked with my family.

We called several times to fix things inside the house that were never resolved, and as soon as we left we were charged for these things.

It has come to my attention that many of these business tenants are treated in the exact same way and upon leaving are charged ridiculous fees for things already listed on the Move In Form.

My wife filled ours and she is detailed down to the smallest details. However, our 1,000 security deposit was taken and we are being charged an additional 500 dollars on top of that.

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I look forward to seeing the decline of this company. We just had it from them this past year. Yesterday we got a bill in lieu of our 1500 deposit in the mail. They made the most outrageous fees to justify that not only were they going to keep our deposit but we owed them money! $7.50 to remove a tiny swag hook in the bathroom. Mismatched onions (some clear some frosted) that was already there. Cracked tiles that we documented and took pictures of when we moved in. They charged us a fee for not keeping utilities on our past lease so they could hire their fake contractors to come pretend to fix things. It looks like we will be taking legal action. Citizens of Texas, please tell your friends and family to avoid this company at all costs. This is the first bad review I have ever written about a company. But I could not be silent, it does not matter if you are a good tenant. Get ripped off and charged guaranteed.

FIRST: Don’t believe all the 5 star “reviews”. It looks like they were created by the same or user made…shady.

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! They will squeeze every penny from you. They know they can because many of their tenants are military and will be out of the area by the time they send you what’s left of the security deposit, if any.

Folkerson Property Management

They noted on our move out form that, “Overall, the tenants took VERY good care of the property,” but still “found” over $500 in fees. This included paying us for THEIR moving pictures and and postage for sending the pictures to us. Even though we filled out very detailed notes on our move inspection and took hundreds of pictures, they found things to complain about. This included a re-inspection fee and a cleaning fee, regardless that I cleaned the house from top to bottom before we left (Even though the lease said they would charge a cleaning fee if needed, it so vague that I think it will just charge you regardless). I could also not even clean the place and saved my effort, because I would still be charged.

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Any renter must also Pay to have carpets cleaned, property sprayed for pests, and yard care before moving out. We even changed the filter for the AC unit, left a few new ones for the next owner (with receipt), and left the dirty one outside for the inspector to see (as stated in the move-out contract), and still they charged. us to change it. This company sure knows how to burn bridges and I will never hire or recommend them again.

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The most god awful rental company in the central Texas area award goes tooooooooo COLONIAL PROPERTY! THE MOST RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE I HAVE EVER HEARD OF OR HIRE FROM. WE HAD A BETTER TIME WHEN WE PAID IT BUT HERE WE ARE 30 DAYS LATER STILL WAITING FOR OUR COLLECTION BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE WON’T HAVE ANY OF OUR 1300 DOLLARS DEPOSIT BACK. SHE EVEN LIED TO TELL OUR COOL CLEANING ASSISTANT (THAT IS GUARANTEED) THAT HER PHONE WAS DISCONNECTED. WHICH IS A LIE BECAUSE I CALLED IT MYSELF. You are not fooling anyone colonial. I know you have already been blacklisted by fort hood twice. Also how can you be so rude to people? IF YOU HAVE YOUR JOB, LOVE IT. You put the biggest burden on the familis is sad. How can you not tell us information over the phone? IT’S OUR MONEY!!! I HATE YOUR COMPANY, I HATE SOMETHING ELSE. I HOPE THIS COMPANY SHUT DOWN!! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I have not been to any site nor spoken to anyone that has any positive feedback towards this company. So of course the ones I see here should be credited to, FAKE REVIEW MONDAY! As a past tenant I can explain to you what to expect from this company. First you are interested in a house; OH forgot to say, “Shame on me for not asking accommodation or looking at reviews earlier”. But in return, you will be treated fairly until you put that signature on the lease. Then it all starts, so if you take that road start the robbery fund Colonel, yes the robbery fund whatever

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