Fmp Property Management

Fmp Property Management – FMP Asset Management specializes in creating value and optimizing real estate business portfolios that align with the objectives and goals of investors. We work hand-in-hand with investors to realize their goals and growth strategies.

Once we have an established relationship and a solid understanding of their investment requirements, we are able to create a wealth plan and investment strategy to develop a stable and diversified investment portfolio that can meet the investor’s goals.

Fmp Property Management

Fmp Property Management

Asset Management FMP has an in-house Asset Management Division that oversees the day-to-day operations of commercial properties. We currently own and manage portfolios totaling $40,000,000. When it comes to third party property management, we take a hands-on approach and pride ourselves on treating properties as if they were our own.

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Effective asset managers are essential to value creation and growth in commercial real estate. FMP Asset Management has the expertise and staff to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of your investment property.

FMP Asset Management integrates market-leading software, data and technology solutions, such as Argus Enterprise to manage investment performance and growth. Argus Enterprise is the global standard for property valuation and the most comprehensive asset and portfolio management solution in the world.

Intelligent decision making can often be improved by using the right software package. FMP Asset Management uses industry-leading tools and technologies to manage and accelerate the growth and return on your investment.1 Application Fee: HK$140 (payable at the time of application) Tuition Fee: HK$46, 200 (HK$1, 050 ) /credit), to be paid in 5 installments 1st installment: HK$9, 450 (payable upon approval) Evaluation and Rewards 2nd installment: HK$9, 450 (payable before Jan 2016) 3rd installment: HK$6, 300 (payable before Jun 2016) Students who pass all required courses with an overall attendance of 70% or more will be awarded HK$10, 500 (payable before Aug 2016) Diploma in Facility and Asset Management CityU SCOPE. Part 5: HK$10, 500 (payable before Jan 2017) Students will receive an intermediate award of Professional Diploma in Asset Management after successful completion Graduation fee: HK$400 ( to be paid in part 4) of the Year 1 study. In the case of re-evaluation, additional fees will be charged. All fees paid are non-refundable. Application Deadline for Qualifications Framework Starts 30 June 2015 Mid-September 2015 Assessment includes coursework and examination. The Advanced Diploma in Facility and Asset Management is recognized in the Qualifications Framework and listed in the Qualifications Register. QF Level Application Procedures: Level 4 A completed application form, with copies of required supporting documents, must be sent by post/hand to SCOPE by the application deadline: Registration QR No. : 13/000199/L4 Validity period for Advanced Diploma in Facility and Asset Management : From 18 Apr 2013 to 31 Dec 2015 HKQF official website: a. proof of payment of the application fee; and Professional Credentials b. copies of certificates and transcripts of previous studies and/or professional qualifications supporting your qualifications stated in the application form A non-refundable and non-transferable fee of HK$140 is charged for each application. The application fee must be paid by ATM transfer to CityU’s Hang Seng Account or in the form of a crossed check issued by the City University of Hong Kong. Certificate of Membership, CIH (formerly Doctoral Member) To be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Membership, students must: Applications without copies of certificates will not be considered. For details on the application process and payment method please refer to the Application Guide for the Application Form. currently working in the center / asset management department; AND register as a CIH student at their own expense and provide CIH pre-approval at the start of the program; AND Inquiring about the status of an applicant who has met the course requirements and received the PDPM intermediate award; AND acknowledgment of the application will be sent to the applicants through . Inquiries about the status of your application can be made by visiting our website: seven working days after submitting your application. successfully completed the Practical Experience Requirements (PER) # under an accredited supervisor. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the application by post. After successful completion of PDPM and PER, students will be awarded National Certificate in Property Management (NCPM) by CIH as well. They prepare you to obtain professional accreditations from CIH and IFMA Financial Aid Education Loan Website: Facility Management Professional (FMP), IFMA The program covers the entire curriculum of IFMA s Facility Management Professional FMP accreditation program. Students may choose to take online assessments at their own expense. After completing all online assessments, successful applicants are eligible to apply for the Non-Profit Loan Scheme (NLS) administered by the Student Finance Office (SFO) of the Hong Kong Government. The loan borrowed and the interest accrued will be paid within the specified period after the program is completed. Application : Website : Details of applications will be announced upon entry. will be eligible to achieve FMP designation. Continuing Education Fund (CEF) Website: Some courses in this program are included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF). Eligible applicants may be reimbursed 80% of course fees, subject to a maximum amount of HK$10,000, if successful may be applied for under conditions set by CIH. Upon successful completion of this program, students can apply to the following top programs in Hong Kong: BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management (Specialization in Housing), De Montfort University (CIH recognizes BA (Hons) Business Administration and De Montfort University Management The above are exempt from programs under the Higher Education & Non-Local Professional Act. Until 31 August BA (Hons) PAM :QF Level: 5; QF Registration nr: 14/002876/L5; Validity period: 1 June 2014 to 31 May 2018 CIHCM) Program Code: Locally recognized at the same level as a Bachelor’s degree in the area Tel : / Fax : * The details of this publication are correct at the time of publication but are subject to future revision. SCOPE/1/15/03/075

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2 Advanced Diploma in Facility and Asset Management Program Introduction Admission Objectives Admission Requirements Hong Kong is one of the most populous cities in the world. Building management plays an important role in the program that aims to equip students with the necessary technical knowledge, analytical abilities and management techniques. Property management and facility management, to be a professional in the facility and property management industry, and to provide students with general business and without a doubt, are inseparable from construction management. The industry continues to expand and the need for a professional with communication skills that facilitates career development and enables them to plan for further education. knowledge of the facility and property management will be very high. Upon completion of the program, students should be able to: With a long history of offering professional programs at the Center and Property Management SCOPE is starting to provide comprehensive training in these two major areas of construction. To date, more than 1,000 students have graduated from our programs. Apart from preparing students to obtain professional accreditation from CIH and IFMA, this Advanced Diploma program can also further define a locally recognized degree program as a member of CIH Chartered. (i) demonstrate their understanding of the basic knowledge, personal characteristics and abilities that will be required to develop professional facility and asset management; (ii) apply the practical skills of the subject to develop the practical skills of the student in the way the facility, property and asset management companies work; Chartered Member, CIH This program lasts 2 years of part-time study and consists of 14 modules with a total of 44 credits. Each 3-credit Year 2 of ADFPM HKDSE holders have obtained Level 2 in 5 subjects (including Chin & Eng) plus 1 year of suitable employment F.7 graduates with 2 passes currently working PM/FM HKCEE category with 5 passes (including Chin & Eng) plus 2-years related work experience for those with a degree in relevant subject or equivalent 23 or more plus 5-years related work experience Completion of PDPM + 5 modules and 1 elective [20 credits] module consisting of 39 contact hours Conducted in English supplemented with Cantonese. Course materials and assessments will be in English. Students will receive an intermediate award of Professional Diploma in Property Management after completing Year 1. Facility Management Professional (FMP) 2, IFMA Year 1 ADFPM Professional Diploma in Property Management (PDPM) [24 credits] Member Certificate 1, CIH 8

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