Fbs Property Management Portal

Fbs Property Management Portal – The Flexmls Portal is a custom Flexmls website that you can use to communicate and collaborate with your customers. Each contact portal is customized for them and also contains your brand and contact information.

Your contacts can use the Flexmls Portal to review the results of the list searches you have saved for them. If you subscribe to Flexmls IDX 2.0, the portal also allows your customers to create and save their own list searches.

Fbs Property Management Portal

Fbs Property Management Portal

The information in the portal comes directly from Flexmls, so your customers always see the price information and the current status. Your customers can also mark lists as favorites or hide lists they are not interested in. If they have questions about a property or want to schedule a showing, they can easily send a message to you (their agent).

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No. While subscription emails are also based on saved searches, automatic email messages only include lists that have been updated recently or are new search results. The Flexmls Portal shows your client all the current results for the searches you have created for them. However, the Flexmls Portal and subscription emails work together. When a customer with access to the portal clicks a link in a subscription email, the portal opens automatically.

First, activate your agent portal and set preferences using the Portal Preferences page. Then you can give access to individual contacts using Contact Management. For more information on setting up the portal for an individual contact, see Portal Tab (Contacts).

Yes. From Contact Management, click the Advanced menu in the top right and then click Create Portal Accounts or Create Portal Accounts with Invite. The Create Portal Accounts with Invite option enables the portal for each contact and sends the default portal greeting as configured in Portal Preferences. The Create Portal Accounts option enables the portal for each contact, but does not send notifications.

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Your customer will see lists based on the searches and list collections you have set up for them. For more information on working with the customer portal, see Working on behalf of a contact.

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Use the Activity tab in Contacts to see which lists your client has viewed or shared. The Activity tab also contains a graph showing the contact’s last 30 days of activity. Each time a contact views a listing, it is recorded as contact activity.

In Contact Management, you can see the last time the customer connected to the portal via a computer. Click on the contact’s name, then click on the Portal tab. The most recent login date and time are listed under the Portal Activity heading. You can receive a message every time your client accesses the portal from a computer. For more information on setting this option, see Tab Messages (Contacts).

You can see which lists your customer has viewed by clicking on the List Viewed heading in the Activity tab in Contact Management. To see which lists have been saved or hidden, click the links under the Portal List Collections heading on the Portal tab in Contact Management.

Fbs Property Management Portal

Your contacts can search for listings via the Flexmls Portal, but saving is only available if the agent has a Flexmls IDX 2.0 subscription. For more information on subscribing to Flexmls IDX, please email [email protected]

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Make sure the customer has entered their email address correctly. If you don’t remember your password or otherwise can’t log in, you can reset your portal account. In Contact Management, click the contact’s name, click the Portal tab, and then click Reset Account. The customer will receive an email that allows him to change the email address and password in his portal account.

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Yes. You can resend portal invitations via the Flexmls mobile app. For more information, see Contacts (Mobile).

The Classic Portal is an older version of the Flexmls Portal that is not available in all MLSs. Even if the Classic Portal is available in your MLS, we recommend using the Flexmls Portal instead for the best customer experience. For example, the Classic Portal does not allow customers to search lists without an IDX subscription, whereas the Flexmls Portal. By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco Some renters prefer a month-to-month lease. Often citing the high unemployment situation in San Diego or his current personal concerns about contractual obligations. It has always been our belief that a long-term lease attracts and better serves qualified tenants. Loss from recurring moving costs completely removed…

Marketing & Leasing Q & A with Melissa’s Melissa De Marco is Director of Operations and Marketing for FBS Property Management, AMO in San Diego. FBS manages residential assets ranging in size from 1 to 100 units—homes, condominiums, small to mid-sized apartment communities. For the past 10 years, his role has been to support FBS…

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Carol Levey, writer and creator of Ms. Management also appears as a guest blogger on Rent Sense. His insights appear in dozens of other industry publications. Carol is perhaps most recognized nationally as an educator and event speaker in the real estate industry. She led the original team that produced the National…

San Diego, CA- On October 20th, the Local Property Management Company, FBS, and San Diego State real estate students participated in an exciting workshop. This special weekend class is known to many at SDSU as the Day One program. Day One is a joint initiative between the Corky McMillan Center for Real Estate and…

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Promote housing opportunities for all persons without regard to race, religion, sex, marital status, ancestry, national origin, color, familial status, or disability (Section 65583(c)(5) of the Government Code ). place? Do you dream of a happy home full of laughter, warmth and serenity? So let us help you take the first step towards that dream. Here at FBS we are passionate about providing happy homes to great residents through our tenant services. We manage over 700 properties in over 72 postcodes so we’re confident we can find a rental to suit your specific needs and wants. Submit a guest card today and our leasing team will actively work to find your next home with us!

Fbs Property Management Portal

But we don’t just find a house. We also make sure that once you are transferred, you can reach us at any time with any questions, concerns or potential requests. That’s why we’ve created a friendly Tenant Portal where you can pay rent, view your balance and payment history, or request maintenance service. And for all of life’s little surprises, we have a 24/7 emergency hotline dedicated to solving problems quickly and efficiently, so you never have to worry about dealing with just one problem. Don’t forget that you have a specialized resident coordinator who will help you too!

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Promote housing opportunities for all persons, regardless of race, religion, sex, marital status, ancestry, national origin, color, familial status or disability (Gov. Code Section 65583(c)(5)).

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