Evernest Property Management Review

Evernest Property Management Review – The Real Estate Investor, Series 49

Spencer & Gray welcomes apartment director Chris McCracken to explore the difference between apartment investing. Apartment investors don’t start there. They begin their investment journey by purchasing a single-family rental and eventually graduate to an apartment complex. If that’s something you think about or are interested in, this is the perfect episode for you. =================================== Subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review if you enjoyed this episode!

Evernest Property Management Review

Evernest Property Management Review

Real Estate Investor Episode 48 // September 12, 2022 Episode 48: Dream Big, Win Big with Joshua Adlam

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Matthew and Spencer Atrium welcome Joshua Adlam to Asset Management and Business Development Manager. You won’t want to miss this episode! As you build your real estate portfolio, you’ll learn tons about the importance of goal setting, hard work, and perseverance. Joshua put himself through college (working three jobs) and saved 40k to start his journey to financial independence through real estate. Tune in to learn how Joshua went from zero experience to seasoned investor at the age of 24.

Real Estate Investor Episode 47 // September 6, 2022 Episode 47

In this episode, Matthew, Spencer and Gray welcome Terrance Doyle, CEO of VareCo, a private real estate investment firm specializing in value-add opportunities in the high-income markets of Denver, Colorado and Des Moines, Iowa. We’ve followed Terrance’s growth from SFR investor to apartment syndicate. Since 2014, he has been involved in 1000+ real estate transactions and his company has over $80M in AUM. In this episode, we dive into some great topics with Terrance. Including… – How to build a scalable business – Insights into what it takes to become a real estate investor – His passion and mission for real estate and financial education ================== ====== ================================ Subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review if you enjoyed this episode !

Real Estate Investor Episode 46 // August 29, 2022: Episode 46

Rentwerx Property Management

Matthew Gray Hall welcomes Real Estate Investor owner Ray Hespen, founder and co-founder of Property Meld. Property Meld is an automated property maintenance software that increases efficiency for investors and property management companies. In this episode we discuss… – Trends Ray sees in the property management industry – What property management owners can do to reduce maintenance costs – How Property Mel improves NOI for investors – What unsuccessful property managers do ===== ============================== Subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review if you enjoyed this episode!

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Real Estate Investor Episode 45 // August 22, 2022 Episode 45

What’s a good multi-child deal? – The importance of a great property manager to increase revenue. =================================== Subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review if you enjoyed this episode!

Evernest Property Management Review

Real Estate Investor Episode 44 // August 15, 2022 Episode 44

Evernest Property Management Memphis

In today’s episode, Matthew and Spencer welcome BDM, Matthew Guignon to St. Louis. They talk about: – His full-time sales journey while building a 30-unit portfolio – His 3 favorite St. Louis areas to rent – Ways every St. Louis investor can mitigate risk ======= ======= ===================== Contact Matthew Guignon at: Email: [email protected]

Matthew, Spencer and Gray jump into the key things you need to know about the real estate market for July 2022.

Real Estate Investor, Episode 42 // August 1, 2022 Episode 42: Nashville, TN Market Review w/ Corey Martin

Gray welcomes our broker agent Corey Martin to discuss the Nashville rental market. They discuss five hot investment destinations, why you should choose Nashville, and the value for money you can expect as an investor.

Professional Property Management Companies In Atlanta

Real Estate Investor, Episode 41 // July 25, 2022 Episode 41: Richmond, VA Market Deep Dive w/ Duke Dodson

Matthew and Spencer Duke welcome Dodson to discuss his investment career in Richmond, Va., how he got into property management, and why investors should look to the Virginia market for their next deal. Tune in to learn… Advice for sfr investors interested in apartment rentals with 3 great rental locations in Richmond, Va. To learn more about investing in Richmond as a new investor ================= ================= Subscribe to our podcast and enjoy this episode , leave us a review!

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Real Estate Investor, Episode 40 // July 18, 2022 Episode 40: Where to Invest in Memphis, TN w/ Gabby Sehar

Evernest Property Management Review

Spencer and Gray share Gabby Sehar in the Memphis rental market. In this episode we cover four Memphis area codes that are great for cash flow: – 38116 – 38141 – 38125 – 38128 Tune in for Gabby’s insights into the Memphis metro area and how to succeed in this competitive cash flow market. 🎧

Aaron W. Beeman

Real Estate Investor, Episode 39 // July 11, 2022 Episode 39: Jackson, MS House Finished and Rented – Get All the Details

Remember the BRRRR series I started in February? In this episode, Spencer & Gray welcomes Jim Strickland, an investment agent in Jackson, and Craig Bengtson, our Broker Renewal Manager, to discuss the latest numbers and acquisitions from our Jackson properties. Hear our mistakes, best practices, and how to use the BRRRR strategy today.

Real Estate Investor, Episode 38 // July 4, 2022

On tonight’s episode, Spencer and Gray welcome Kansas City team leader Amanda Lisana to discuss the rental market in the Kansas City area. Amanda has been in the real estate industry for the past 20 years. He brings to our team the “boots on the ground” insight that investors need to make the best decisions. Get your pen ready to write down the best investor areas in Kansas City! If you want to see a map of Kansas City, watch this episode on YouTube.

Landlord Guide By Evernest — Evernest

Real Estate Investor, Episode 37 // June 27, 2022 Episode 37

Want to create more content for your real estate business? In this episode, Spencer welcomes lead generation expert Joel Rowland to discuss the strategies needed to find qualified sales leads. . 🎧

Real Estate Investor, Series 050 // June 20, 2022 Series

Evernest Property Management Review

In this episode, Spencer and Gray discuss what they see in the real estate market for June 2022. They talk about everything from inflation, interest rates, the impact of supply and demand, whether to buy now or wait, and more. ================================== Contact an investor agent today → /realestatepartner

Steps To Buying A Rental Property In 2022

Real Estate Investor Episode 035 // June 13, 2022 Episode 035: Looking for cash flow in 2022? Get started with these 5 rental markets

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In this episode, you’ll explore the five best money markets to invest in. Spencer goes through the list and goes to each… Neighborhood Classes Money Cities/Zips How much can you afford in rent ======================================= ==== Want to know more? Check out our website for more information on these markets! [https://.cc/3xEls4J] ========================================= Did you like this episode? ? So, wherever you get your podcasts from, it would really help us if you could leave us a subscription. Thank you!

Real Estate Investor, Episode 034 // June 6, 2022 Episode 034: How Personal Money Can Accelerate Your Investment Journey

Real estate is a very capital intensive game. This is where creative financing strategies come into play. Matthew and Spencer like to joke that they started their rental business with a lot of time and money. What did they do? Found partners with plenty of money and no time (ie personal money and lenders). Matthew, Spencer and Gray dive into what you need to know about using personal money to finance your deals. In this episode they cover: What is Personal Finance? The best strategies for getting started with personal finance – owner financing is a legitimate option – here’s how to apply for it

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Real Estate Investor Episode 033 // May 30, 2022 1 Way to Maximize ROI on Your Rental Property

Want to know the best way to maximize ROI on your rental property? It’s simple: keep tenants as long as possible. Your property isn’t your greatest asset—your tenant is. In this episode, Spencer and Gray discuss how to keep your tenant long-term. If your resident moves every year, you will be sacrificing time, opportunity cost, labor and time. Tune in and learn how

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