Evernest Property Management Birmingham

Evernest Property Management Birmingham – Started at the beginning of the economic crisis of 2008 by default. When the bottom fell out of the residential housing market, our founder, Matthew Whitaker, was left with 30 rental homes that he wanted to sell, but couldn’t. So, he proposed finding a property manager with similar management beliefs and preferences to his. Later that year, Matthew started and opened our doors for business.

Since 2008, our team has not stopped growing. From 3 to over 300 team members dedicated to providing owners with the best property management experience.

Evernest Property Management Birmingham

Evernest Property Management Birmingham

What is the secret of our success? We attribute this to an amazing team and a thriving company culture. Our company culture influences everything about how we do business with our landlords and tenants. It is also the basis for which we hire new employees. Having a competent job qualification is of course necessary, but what matters first is adopting the re values.

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The reputation for excellence began to spread. Since then, we’ve managed over 11,000 properties in Atlanta, Birmingham, Boulder, Chattanooga, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Fort Collins, Huntsville, Jackson, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Nashville. , Orlando, San Luis, Tampa, Toledo and Tulsa.

We will always be honest with each other, our neighbors and our landlords. We operate a truth-based property management company with high levels of accountability, regardless of how it affects us individually or as a company.

Our team of professionals is committed to the daily disciplines both inside and outside the office. The positive habits we create in life impact our business and our customers. It is not an easy business and there is no substitute for disciplined habits if you want to remain successful.

We will continuously strive for the best way to serve our owners by frequently updating our processes, striving to never stand still and never accept the status quo. We are determined to revolutionize this industry.

Evernest Acquires Property Management Assets Of Oklahoma Based Tulsa Property Management

Without sacrificing our core beliefs, we will always put the Team (our owners, our residents and each other) first. Individually, we can only achieve so much; as a team, everyone can meet and exceed their goals.

Starting with just 30 homes to now nearly 11,000, it took an extreme amount of drive and perseverance to grow. We believe this benefits our clients because we are committed to everything it takes to rent your home to a well-qualified tenant, collect rent, communicate effectively, and manage the day-to-day processes that make you happy. -The Birmingham, Alabama-based real estate services and property management company has been named again to the Inc. list. 5000. This is the sixth time the firm has earned the designation in the past seven years.

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The annual list Inc. 5000 is considered the most prestigious ranking of the fastest growing companies in the United States. It represents only 0.07% of aggressively expanding organizations. This year, it ranks 2, 174, firmly in the top 50% of recognized companies.

Evernest Property Management Birmingham

“Our company is truly in hyper-growth mode, and we’ve been fortunate to see such consistent expansion,” said Matthew Whitaker, founder and CEO. “We are honored to be named to the Inc. 5000 list again, and this is a testament to our incredibly hard working team.”

What Are Property Management Benefits?

The company provides rental property management, homeowner association management and brokerage services to its clients. The firm is an all-in-one real estate partner where clients get all their real estate needs met under one roof. is active in 25 US markets.

Plus, there’s more growth on the horizon. “While we can’t share specifics about upcoming deals, we are focused on the Sunbelt, Southeast and Midwest,” Whitaker said. “Hopefully, next year will mark the seventh year on the Inc. 5000!”

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, it operates in 25 real estate markets nationwide. It is one of the nation’s largest single-family and small multifamily investment brokers and property management providers. The company manages more than 11,500 homes for more than 4,100 owners, trades more than 1,000 investments annually and has included Inc. 5000 in the list six of the last seven years.

If you’re ready to buy your first (or next) investment property, here are 3 steps to get you started today:

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Lucas is a content strategist for . When he’s not researching or creating content, you can find Lucas drinking coffee or eating tacos. He is a native of western North Dakota who now lives in Austin, TX. The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 35 // June 7, 2021 Episode 35 – Landing a Great Tenant – with Jacob West

Probably the most important aspect of owning a rental property is getting the right tenant in your home. Since 2008, we have placed thousands and thousands of great residents. In this episode, we dive in with our leasing ninja, Jacob West, and explore what he and his team have done to make the last 18 months great even in the midst of a global pandemic. We’ll share practical tips that you can use whether you own one property or 1,000.

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The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 34 // May 31, 2021 Episode 34: 3 Ways Hiring a Great Property Manager Can Make You $5,000 a Month

Evernest Property Management Birmingham

Most investors agree that building a rental portfolio is a solid strategy for long-term wealth creation. But that doesn’t mean that rental property management is your biggest and best use as an investor. In this episode, Spencer shares his experience managing rentals vs. having a property management company manage it for him and how it can net him $5,000 a month.

Warrior Rd, Birmingham, Al 35218

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 33 // May 24, 2021 Episode 33 – Need an Acquisition Partner?

In January, we started our brokerage services as a way to help our homeowners and investors buy and sell investment properties. So far, it has been a huge success and we have started offering these services in other cities. Join us as we walk through the process, some recent deals, and other helpful investor tips in this episode.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 32 // May 17, 2021 Episode 32: Best Places to Invest in Birmingham – Forrestdale and Adamsville

While Forrestdale and Adamsville don’t get much out-of-state investor focus, they are favorites among local investors. Listen in as we discuss the advantages of investing in these areas northwest of Birmingham.

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The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 31 // May 10, 2021 Episode 31: Best Places to Invest in Birmingham – Center Point, Roebuck and Huffman Areas

There is no doubt that the 35215 zip code has been one of the most popular areas to invest in Birmingham. From local investors to out-of-state investors to institutional investors, everyone has had an appetite for rental homes here. Join us as we tour the area and describe the homes and investment opportunity you can expect to find here.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 30 // May 3, 2021 Episode 30: Best Places to Invest in Birmingham – Eastlake

Evernest Property Management Birmingham

Are you an out-of-state or in-state investor trying to find your next area to invest in Birmingham? In this episode we dive into one of the most popular areas for investors: East Lake. Learn the layout of the land and the types of properties you can expect to buy depending on whether you focus on the northern or southern parts of Eastlake.

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Questions To Ask A Property Manager

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 29 // April 26, 2021 Episode 29: An Introduction to the Best Places to Invest in Birmingham

Over the next few weeks we’re going to take a deep dive into some of the best places to invest in Birmingham. In this opening episode, we describe the layout of Birmingham and describe the different types of neighborhoods you can expect us to cover in the coming weeks.

The Birmingham Property Investor Episode 28 // 19 April 2021 Episode 28 – 5 Reasons Not to Buy Rental Properties in Birmingham

Not all investments are successful and not all investors are successful. But you can make sure that careful thought and planning goes into your investment goals in Birmingham. In this episode we’ll go over five reasons why investors should avoid investing in Birmingham rental properties. These lessons come from first-hand experience dealing with thousands of investors over the past 17 years.

Congratulations To The Evernest Team On The Launch Of Their Fourth Show–evernest Real Estate Investor!

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor Episode 27 // April 12, 2021 Episode 27 – Understanding Real Estate Syndication – with Craig Lawrence

In this episode, Matthew and Spencer interview Craig Lawrence, an attorney at Balch & Bingham. He is involved in tons of real estate syndications every year. It will take you step by step through what a syndication is, the players and the risks and benefits of it. Your years of experience will help you get started on this strategy to make more deals or invest in more deals.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 26 // April 5, 2021 Episode 26 – Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Property?

Evernest Property Management Birmingham

In this episode, Matthew and Spencer argue

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