Evan Howell Property Management

Evan Howell Property Management – Evan is a family-owned real estate and property management company specializing in the management of rental properties. He started the company in the 1980s while working at Houston Lighting & Power for 13 years at a time, until business momentum allowed him to pursue his real estate interests full-time.

Before the advent of computers and digital real estate marketing, he took an active role in getting his family involved in the business – canvassing neighborhoods with fliers on Saturdays with little kids in Houston!

Evan Howell Property Management

Evan Howell Property Management

Today, he works with his daughter Shana, who has developed a property management portfolio of 275 properties with streamlined operations. He has worked on increasing the business’s social media presence, launched cloud-based software where property data can be accessed almost anywhere, and strives to provide a family experience for new renters and owners.

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Great, so let’s delve a little deeper into the story – was it an easy road overall, and if not, what were the challenges you had to overcome?

Father and daughter learning to work together is something we work on every day. It’s old school versus new school. Since we belong to different generations, we struggle with different ideas on how the company should provide solutions to tenants and owners on a daily basis.

We bridge this gap through constant communication and having fun outside of the work environment.

We specialize in property management. It covers different tasks for different types of traits, personalities and people.

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On a daily basis, we integrate AC technology to create a property where the AC has stopped working, vet a tenant through long credit reports, or provide a comparative market analysis to show a homeowner what they can rent their home for.

The biggest difference in the property management industry is that we are small and family owned. It gives more satisfaction to others because it is our family business and we invest more in the company because we are proud.

Our favorite family memories are camping trips we took in large groups with other families. A campsite is a caravan of friends and family we know. It’s a standard party and each family puts up Christmas lights to help light up the campground at night for easy navigation.

Evan Howell Property Management

You can walk from a tent to an RV and see a friendly face ready to hand out ice-drenched camp treats or juice-boxes all day long. We have fond memories of camping around Texas.

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Recent Real Estate Transactions In Northeast Florida

Communicate: Built on recommendations from the community; That’s how we find hidden gems, so if you know someone who deserves recognition, let us know

• 76 Chasewood Lane, Aimee L. Hobika; Jeffrey G. Hopika to Brian D. As far as Bennett; Melissa S. Bennett, $430,000.

• 128 Ransom Oaks Drive, Elizabeth J. Tuff; Michael F. Tuff; Mohammed K. Michael B. to Karimi. Tuff; Rabai Karimi, $330,000.

• 4547 Chestnut Ridge Rd #211b, Marilyn E. Schlecher; Michael T. Schlehr to Fethiya Sevde Ersan; Mehmet Ismet Ersen, $151,000.

Property Management Team

• 60 Old Lyme Dr Unit 4, Stanley; Ciontz H. A; Anthony J. Stanley Seontz to Saletta; John J. Mogavero, $95,000.

• 34 Winterbrook Drive, Mj Peterson Airport LLC; Mj Peterson-Airport LLC to Ryan Homes of New York, $60,187.

• 32 Lincoln Ave., Louis&Anna M Perez Living Trust 120197 DR to Mark Muncoven Jr.; Patricia Mungowan, $120,000.

Evan Howell Property Management

• Vacant lot Luther Road, Beulah M. Dagger; William A. Duggar to Christine H. Armstrong; Robert S. Armstrong, $35,000.

Mike Giudici, Cpm

• 11 Blaine Ave., Foster Faney L H; Daryl D. Hilliard; John D. Hilliard Jr.; Vicki L. the pool; Linda Y. Williams to Brazos Real Estate Holdings LLC, $170,000.

• 146 Hewitt Ave., Diane M. Mahome; Jason D. Oliver to MD D. until Hossain; Rajia Sultana Ria, $80,000.

• 74 Naval Ave., 74 Naval Ave LLC; 74 Navel Ave LLC to Khorshid Alam; Noorun Nahar, $56,000.

• 65 Burdett Drive, Barbara A. Kirken; Lawrence R. Kirkan Jr. to Valmik D. up to the butt; Prakriti Pandya, $275,000.

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• 35 Bobbett Drive, Jeffrey J. Lesh; Mark R. Lesch; Rose Lesch to You Ju; Chun Ling Tan, $245,000.

• 74 Fontaine Drive, Carissa L. dowel; Damar R. Dowell to Hollyann Sue Estep; Nathan J. Estep, $201,000.

• 44 Meadowlawn Road, Andrew D. Murphy; Lynette M. Murphy to Grisman Amber S Murphy; Shawn B. Grisman, $126,000.

Evan Howell Property Management

• 71 Clinton Heights, Julian N. Blackwell; Carl F. Nilan; Kathleen A. Nilan; Gregory B. Nealon to Jason Richard Pagano, $375,000.

Br, 2.5 Bath House

• 1388 Freedom Driver, Judith A. White; Judith White; Leonard D. Zaccagnino to Igloo Series IV Trust DR; US Bank Trust NA Tr, $59,741.

• 31 Buckhorn Court, Edward H. Sticher; Kathryn J. Stitzer to Brandon J. up to Antonelli; Megan A. Antonelli, $477,300.

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• 3799 Windover Drive, Timothy Calkins Tr.; Virginia B. Calkins DR.; Washington Trust Company of Westerly DR to Daniel Richard Byles-Smith, $630,000.

• 133 Boxwood Circle, Blake F. Richard; Frank R. Blake to Haley L. Up to Rogers; Joshua W. Rogers; Julie E. Rogers; William A. Rogers Jr., $305,000.

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• 49 Beverly Place, Paulette M. Dube; Richard D. Dubey III to Andrew S. up to McCleary; Stephanie C. McCleary, $175,000.

• 14 Ronald Drive, Judith Andrews; Mary Lynn Cody; Joseph R. Christina III; Bethan Goldsmith; Karen Sunner; Linda Witt to Tyler Scott Witt, $245,000.

• 61 Grand St., Carol A. Mikdalsky; Philip A. Mikdalsky; Philip Mikdalsky; Philip M. Mikdalsky; Robert B. Mikdalski to Crystal Lee Herberger, $197,000.

Evan Howell Property Management

• 30 Edgewood Farm Lane, Thomas J Johnson Land Development LLC to Margaret F. Michael E. Cain, $155,000.

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• 400 Summit Ave., Diane M. Churzak; Rena Killian to Rmac Trust Series 2016-Ctt Tr; US Bank NA Tr, $145,548.

• 15 Golden Crescent Way S14127, Pleasant Acres West LLC to Corey B. up to cranberries; Latonya R. Cranberry, $125,000.

• 104 Maple Ave., Maisie M. Everts; Maisie Mae Everts; Ronald G. Everts; Timothy J. can; Nadine Naemon to Rmac Trust Series 2016-Ctt Tr; US Bank NA Tr, $89,000.

• 12 Colvinhurst Drive, Janet M. McGowan; Scott A. McGowan to Nicholas D. Cultrara; Lauren J. Tollefson, $305,600.

Erie County Real Estate Transactions

• 99 West Hazeltine Ave., Potter d. Scott; Darrell Scott Potter to Micah J. up to the bat; Felicia A. Ford, $181,000.

• 117 Teresa Court, William J. Leitzel; Linda D. Myers to Matthew C. up to Leitzel; Reyes Katia A Rodriguez, $268,000.

• 52 Briarhill Drive, Angela J. Lattanzio; Duncan B. Lattanzio; Frank A. Lattanzio Jr.; Maria A. Lattanzio to Andrew Todd Fuller, $189,900.

Evan Howell Property Management

• 814 Mineral Springs Road, Gail M. Vogel; Paul G. Vogel to These Ones for the Boys LLC, $140,000.

Meet Shana Hill And Evan Howell Of Evan Howell Properties

Local business coverage that exposes trends, connects the dots and contextualizes the impact on Buffalo’s economy is a must-read.

© Copyright 2022 The Buffalo News, One News Plaza Buffalo, NY 14240 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do not sell my information Cookie PreferencesSteve Kramer Co-Founder of Principal Bellevue, WA Steve Kramer has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, facilitating his clients’ needs at every stage of the investment life cycle. Further

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Rick Gervais Co-founder of Principal Bellevue, WA, Rick Gervais oversees the firm’s managed portfolio of approximately 17 million square feet across the greater Seattle, Portland and Bay Area markets. Further

Steve Penn President – Management Services Bellevue, WA Steve Penn joined in 2016 as President of Management Services. In this role, Steve oversees all aspects of our Management Services business throughout Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Further

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Richard Caragol Senior Director, Finance Services Seattle, WA Richard joined in July 2022 and serves as a senior director for all KG investment properties, including asset management, development and corporate finance. Further

Josh Shearer Senior Vice President, Regional Director Bellevue, WA Josh is Regional Director of Operations in the Portland market and Regional Director of Industrial Operations in the Seattle market. In this role, he is responsible for the oversight and overall performance of the portfolios he manages. Further

Jill Rinde Senior Vice President, Regional Director, WA Office Portfolio Bellevue, WA Jill Rinde joined in 2018 and is responsible for the overall performance of our managed office portfolio. Jill has extensive industry and market experience to provide strategic support and guidance to staff and our clients. Further

Evan Howell Property Management

Beth Madrid Senior Vice President, Regional Director Bay Area Beth Madrid joined in 2015 and has more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate asset management and operations. As Senior Vice President, Regional Director for Northern California Operations, he leads a team of real estate professionals. He is responsible for the oversight and operations of the property management and leasing services of the Bay Area portfolio. Further

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Jolene Robinson Director Renton, WA Jolene is the director of a 6 million+ square foot industrial portfolio in Washington. Additionally, Jolene is responsible for overseeing multiple client portfolios in the South-end industrial market

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