Empirian Property Management

Empirian Property Management – Book Law Group provides creative, practical advice to help clients achieve their most critical goals – controlling risks, maximizing value on investments and assets, and executing transactions smoothly and successfully.

Mordechai “Mordy” Book’s practice focuses on real estate, commercial finance and corporate counsel, human resources, transactions and securities. Mordi has substantial experience representing clients in real estate and corporate transactions in all aspects of corporate law (including but not limited to contracts and human resources), including commercial and multifamily residential acquisitions and sales, real estate and asset-based financing (and refinancing). Trade-ins, construction loans, 1031/like exchanges and preferred equity funding.

Empirian Property Management

Empirian Property Management

In sale and purchase transactions, Mordi advises on structured finance, mortgage finance, mezzanine finance and real estate management.

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Mordi has a wide range of experience with joint ventures and syndications, including engagements with developers, investors and contractors, with a wide variety of structures.

Mordi Book is an effective engagement professional who proactively masters issues, identifies corporate trends and maintains extensive communication with stakeholders, avoiding potential executive missteps from investor concerns to staff morale.

Potential problems are thus prevented, minimized or more easily resolved. Transparency and consensus building give Mordi the upper hand in determining courses of action and team loyalty. Mordi has significant experience in operations, human resources, legal considerations and strategic analysis to develop and implement creative solutions for day-to-day organizational challenges and long-term goals.

Mordi served as General Counsel of Cornerstone Financial Corporation, a boutique investment bank in New York City (over $750 million in pre-IPO and IPO funding) before being appointed Vice President and General Counsel of Fidelity Holdings, Inc., a Nasdaq-based National Market/Russell 2000/$600M market cap company. . In the high-flying Internet/high-tech stock market bubble, he helped the company maneuver for more than two years, building a $600 million market capitalization through the stock crash crisis and accompanying class action lawsuit, maintaining complete control. Compliance and investor communications are essential to operations.

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In 2004, Mordi joined Empire American Holdings, LLC, a privately held financial services/real estate conglomerate. At Empire, he initially served as president/president/founder of Banco de Ahoro y Credito Empire in the Dominican Republic; as general counsel of Empire’s nationwide mortgage brokerage company (the largest in the United States at the time); and later as General Counsel of Empirion Property Management, Inc. Empire purchased a billion dollar portfolio of 289 properties from Equity Residential in 2006 covering 17 states (reaching a total of 330 properties with 40,000 residential rental units) and then served as the property. Manager for portfolio.

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While at Empire, Mordy streamlined legal and human resources, eliminating nearly 90% of their former combined budget while increasing staff productivity. During his tenure, he affected the strategy and dispositions of nearly four hundred cases of varying sizes, including handling 71 civil rights matters alone (22 settled cheaply, 49 won). Of particular note is the settlement of a national wage and hour class action with potential damages in the tens of millions of dollars; Settled on an individual basis for a total of $75,000. Eventually, the empire was hit by the US real estate bubble and found its properties unable to meet their cash flow needs, with Mordi alienating creditors while creditor discussions took place. Over 18 months, he settled vendor lawsuits, devised a tenant compensation plan that brought fresh revenue to the kingdom, and handled resident issues and litigation without increasing insurance coverage.

Mordi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yeshiva University, a Juris Doctor from the Cardozo School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey. As a buyer, White Eagle acquires quality multi-family residences in the market or below. Value, recognized through a well-established network of brokers, asset managers and advisors. Currently, White Eagle has a portfolio of approximately 12,000 rental units valued at over $2.5 billion USD in the New York metro area and nationwide.

Empirian Property Management

As an owner, White Eagle maintains accountability at each of its properties by striving for the highest service standards for our tenants – what sets White Eagle apart in the real estate industry. White Eagle provides its own team of asset managers and third-party local and national asset managers to direct and oversee renovations, manage broker/owner relationships and market analysis. White Eagle is highly regarded for its integrity and professionalism in landlord/tenant relations and relationships with lenders and brokers.

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As an investor, White Eagle focuses on verifiable dividends and attractive capitalization rates. Once we acquire the property, White Eagle will upgrade the property to tap into the unrealized value. White Eagle then carefully follows market trends to identify the optimal time to withdraw assets to maximize investor returns.

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As President, Mr. Orzel oversees development, asset management and capital markets activities. He has over 35 years of experience in the real estate and healthcare management industries. Mr. Orzel is also the principal investor and president of Adult Care Management, which owns and operates eight adult care facilities in the Northeast.

Mr. Weiskopf has three decades of experience in marketing, management and investment in a variety of businesses, where he has overseen large-scale management operations and significant cost reduction programs. At White Eagle, he is responsible for the integration of the firm’s assets, regional management, executive team and relations with bankers and investors. Mr. Weiskopf is known for his uncompromising standards and leadership in the commercial multi-family industry and its financial markets.

Mr. Spitz serves as Chief Operating Officer of White Eagle Property Group and is responsible for the organization’s overall operations, which include the acquisition, property management and disposition of multifamily properties. Mr. Mr. Spitz specializes in identifying true value and adding real estate opportunities and executing operational and capital business plans. Mr.

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Jonathan Rosenstock is Chief Financial Officer, where he brings over 25 years of experience leading corporate finance operations. Mr. Rosenstock oversees the financial aspects of the company, including tax, accounting, reporting and treasury functions. He serves as the liaison between asset management, lenders and investor relations in managing reporting requirements and financial statements and overseeing the memorandum and quarterly investor distribution process. Prior to joining White Eagle, Mr. Rosenstock served as a director at PwC, where he advised clients on financial issues. Earlier in his career, Mr. Rosenstock was a senior manager in GE Capital’s treasury group. Mr. Rosenstock is a certified public accountant and holds a master’s degree in taxation and a master’s degree in accounting from Baruch College in New York City.

Isaac Goldstein oversees asset performance and management operations for the firm’s properties nationwide. He is responsible for overseeing all major capital projects and improvements and focuses on maximizing value and minimizing cash outlays. Isaac joined the organization in 2014 and during that time developed relationships with salespeople and managers in several markets. Mr. Goldstein’s operational capabilities and management leadership have enhanced White Eagle’s status as one of the most respected multi-family firms on the East Coast.

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Jack Reich, who joined White Eagle’s asset management team in late 2021, oversees all aspects of asset operations, capital allocations and ownership strategy execution for their portfolio. Prior to joining White Eagle, Mr. Reich worked at Marks Development Group and Cambys International, where he gained extensive experience in real estate development, construction, property management and asset management.

Empirian Property Management

Josh joined the firm in early 2021 and is responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of assets from the Midwest to the Southeast regions of the country. He is the direct liaison between ownership and management and is involved in the day-to-day operations and back-end finances of all assets under his portfolio. Prior to joining White Eagle, Josh oversaw the property management of properties in North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia and Maryland for two large national management firms.

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Eli Senderowicz joined White Eagle’s asset management team in 2020. Mr. Senderowicz will work directly with the COO on executing value-enhancement strategies across the portfolio as well as managing their portfolio’s asset management, capital allocation and ownership strategy. In addition, they assist with all underwriting, due diligence and transition of new acquisitions. Prior to joining White Eagle, Mr. Sendorovich worked at Harbor Group International where he gained diverse real estate experience including investor relations, acquisitions and financial analysis.

Jay Pollock, who serves as White Eagle’s controller, joined the firm in 2017. Mr. Pollock has management responsibilities over the firm’s day-to-day accounting operations for the entire portfolio. They oversee compliance, reporting and cash management goals, working closely with management accounting and operations teams. Mr.

Rivky joins the White Eagle team as Director of Investor Relations after spending 7 years with Elon Property Management and Empirion Property Management. Rivki handles everything

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