Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit – A real estate management company is suing the DOJ for failing to build multifamily housing under the ADA and FHA.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has sued J. Randolph Parry Architects and eight owners of 15 multifamily properties built by the firm, alleging violations of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). is This includes “failing to design and build housing and related buildings to make them accessible to people with disabilities.” The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

According to the DOJ, senior housing facilities are “accessible” such as “inaccessible sidewalks to building entrances, inaccessible sidewalks from residential areas to amenities, inaccessible parking spaces, and doorways that are too narrow for wheelchair users.” It was established that it was built without obstacles. Control of environments that are too high or too low for a wheelchair user to reach, such as bathrooms and kitchens.”

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The government’s claim is to have the property in compliance with the law and to receive monetary damages from the defendants. Further, the department wants to prevent the defendants from moving forward with the design of the multifamily properties.

“The Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act have been the law for more than a quarter-century, and there is no excuse for owners or architects to continue to develop properties that do not comply with the accessibility requirements of those rules,” the aide said. Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division. “This disregard for federal law must be stopped and stopped now. We will hold accountable those who ignore their legal obligations to design and build multi-family housing to be accessible to people with disabilities.”

The fifteen infringing properties listed in the lawsuit include: “Traditions in Hanover, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Traditions of Hershey, Palmyra, Pennsylvania; Chestnut Knoll, Boyertown, Pennsylvania; Arbor Square, Harleysville, Pennsylvania; Cedar Views Apartments, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The Birches, Newtown, Pennsylvania; Lifequest Nursing Center Addition, Quakertown, PA; Keystone Villa, Douglasville, Pennsylvania; Alcoeur Gardens, Brick Township, New Jersey; Alcoeur Gardens, Toms River, New Jersey; Church Hill Village, Newtown, Connecticut; Heritage Green, Mechanicsville, Virginia; Homestead, Hamilton Township, New Jersey; Villa Raffaella Addition, Pleasantville, New Jersey; and Woodbury Mews Colonial House, Woodbury, New Jersey.”

In March, the DOJ settled a similar lawsuit against an Ohio multifamily property owner who also violated the Fair Housing Act (FHA) by building 32 units that were not accessible to people with disabilities. At the time, Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said, “For more than a quarter century, federal law has required that multifamily housing complexes be built in an accessible and affordable manner. This lawsuit is part of the Department of Justice’s ongoing efforts to ensure that those actively involved in multifamily housing developments meet their disability accessibility obligations under the Fair Housing Act.”

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November 2019 Gnaa News & Events By Greater Nashville Apartment Association

“The purpose of the Fair Housing Act is to provide equal opportunity in housing and to end discrimination,” added David DeVillere, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio. The DOJ will continue to file lawsuits against companies that don’t take it seriously. The man behind the viral video who claims he was abused and illegally detained by a security guard is now seeking millions in damages.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – The man behind a viral video in which he claims he was abused and illegally detained by a security guard is now suing for millions in damages.

Joshua Brooks said he feared for his life when a security guard pulled a gun last year when Brooks tried to leave the dog park at the Bells Bluff Apartments in Nashville.

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

Defense attorney Daniel Nesheivat said his client has suffered “emotional trauma” from the experience and they want to pay not just the security guard but the people who sent him.

Nashville Scene 4 29 21 By Fw Publishing

“I’m speechless. I’m shocked that this happened. What happened to Mr. Brooks should never have happened to anyone,” Nesheivat said.

They are suing Elmington Property Management and their on-site manager for $2.7 million for “unlawful assault and detention of Brooks” and “mental pain and suffering, including fear, emotional distress, anxiety, humiliation, and humiliation.”

In October 2021, Wall was seen on video standing between Brooks and the dog park exit. Wall told Brooks that property managers had warned him about his presence on the property, so there would be no more warnings this time.

What Wall didn’t realize was that the previous warning was on paper and that Brooks had never reported it. Brooks lived in a nearby residential area and often walked her dog in the park, which at the time did not have a “private property” sign.

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Nashville Scene 5 26 22 By Fw Publishing

“There’s no sign. There’s nothing that says he can’t be here … he lives right next door,” Nesheivat said.

Brooks told Wall in the video that he was ready to leave, but Wall refused. The struggle ended when Wall tried to pull his gun.

Brooks surrendered, at which point Wall said Wall lay on top of him for at least 15 minutes before Metro police arrived.

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

“So he’s sitting there pretty much at gunpoint and this security guard is constantly threatening his arm with his holstered weapon,” Nesheivat said.

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Brooks told us in 2021, “Thank God I have a cell phone. If I didn’t have a cell phone, God knows where I’d be right now.”

Officers viewed the video but declined to arrest the two men. When they asked Brooks, he said he did the right thing by trying to leave, but Wall said it appeared he was doing what he was told.

Wall told officers he didn’t know if it was the first warning Brooks was aware of, but defense attorneys say it was negligence that put their client’s life at risk.

“Mr. Brooks is there wondering. “Am I going to be the next victim? Am I going to be the one who got shot while trying to let my dog ​​go?’It still had a huge impact mentally on what he was trying to deal with,” Nesheivat said.

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In 2021, Brooks discovered that Wall had been fired from APS Security shortly after the release of a cellphone recording of the meeting.

APS Security said in a statement that they were unaware Wall had signed an off-duty contract to perform security work at the apartment complex. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be out of date. Look at the timestamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former tenant at the Legacy at Westwind in Horn Lake will be sentenced tonight despite a delay by its owner.

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

He did not want to share his personal information for fear of retribution. A former tenant first shared her story with Problem Solvers in October 2019.

May 2019 Gnaa News & Events By Greater Nashville Apartment Association

He lived in the Horn Lake apartment complex for over a year. During this time, the family faced many problems, such as the central air not working at all.

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Finally he took it into his own hands; he sued in DeSoto County Small Claims Court and won his case!

And when reached at Legacy at Westwind, management declined to comment. They gave us an email address but the email address bounced back.

But as soon as we aired the first story, Problem Solver Stacey Jacobson received an email from another woman with the same problem. He was a lawyer at the University of Mississippi Law School, he said.

Red Door Collective

We meet with associate professor Desiree Hensley, director of the school’s low-income housing clinic.

The problem solvers connected Hensley with the tenant from our original story, who became her second client against Legacy at Westwind.

“It helped a lot because we were at a standstill at the end of the day,” said the former tenant.

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

“You all gave him my information, and when he calls, we’ll be happy to help him fulfill his decision,” Hensley said.

May 2018 Gnaa News & Events By Greater Nashville Apartment Association

At first, the lawyer told him the company wouldn’t pay because of a judgment against Legacy at Westwind, but he represented an LLC with a slightly different name: Westwind D&T.

“That property owner will make these arguments in court as to why they are not obligated to pay the judgment to our clients,” Hensley said.

“Once they asked Legacy for records, they didn’t want it to show all their financial information and everything that was going on, so they just went ahead and paid,” the former tenant said.

“It feels good to know that what I did was the right thing to do,” said the former tenant.

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She said Problem Solvers coverage helped her reach that resolution, connecting her with an attorney and ultimately helping both tenants get their money.

His family used this money to buy a car, something they hadn’t had in years. Now he wants other underdogs to know that he can beat them too.

Legacy at Westwind has since had new management

Elmington Property Management Lawsuit

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