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Elara Property Management – We are building a strong team of market leaders across our operating markets, and they bring deep experience in all aspects of real estate investing and management.

Is it time to rethink the analytical framework for SFR? Compensation for price appreciation should be given equal weight to the cap value in your return analysis, if not more.

Elara Property Management

Elara Property Management

Long-term bonds provide low income and equity volatility, but the evolution of the bond market has eroded returns, and investors are not compensated for the increased risk. It is time to rethink traditional allocations and consider SFR as part of a balanced portfolio.

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It may seem like a good idea to manage your rental investment to save on property management costs, but there is a real answer to this decision.

With so much new technology out there, it can be hard to decide what’s a gimmick and what’s a game changer. The right technology will reduce labor costs, increase income and relieve stress, making research worth the effort.

Whether you manage a single rental property or thousands, you should consider turning off the keys and implementing a keyless entry system and locks. For those who do the math, the return on investment is very clear.

We’re excited to announce the limited release of , our new global asset manager! providing superior service by combining a technology-driven approach with a unique operational experience.Elara Property Management Inc.

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At Elara, we don’t believe in extras, we don’t believe in checking mail, clips and minutes spent on the phone. We want to earn and keep your trust by helping you solve your real estate problems at market competitive prices.

Full cycle accounting is the process of recording and dealing with all financial activities in the life cycle of a Condominium or property.

Let our software seamlessly collect your revenue, process your accounts payable in a timely and transparent manner, and streamline your asset transactions with multiple controls and recovery points. more than you expect.

Elara Property Management

Owners should be more demanding in their reporting. Elara goes above and beyond with detailed and comprehensive packages; On the 15th of every month. Contact us for a sample package to see what you can get!

Sold Property: Sold Price For Marsden Park Lot 51 Elara Boulevard

Customizable configuration and flexible package setup to suit your behavior, board preferences and budget requirements; All cornerstones for an extensive reporting protocol.

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A comprehensive and robust budget is provided to all our clients and is an important factor in all decisions.

Understanding the impact of real estate needs, the owner’s goals and the knowledge to prepare for the unexpected is essential to optimizing the property budget. / 36.1085139; -115.1688194°N and 36°6′30.65″N 115°10′7.75″W /  36.1085139°N and 115.1688194°W / 36.1085139; -115.1688194

Elara (formerly PH Towers) is a 52-story building at 80 East Harmon Avue in Paradise, Nevada, behind the Planet Hollywood resort that operates on the Las Vegas Strip.

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After two failed real estate projects, Robert Earl and David A. Siegel partnered in 2005 to develop a hotel and timeshare project known as PH Towers. Groundbreaking took place in January 2006, and the tower was demolished in July 2008. The $660 million project began in December 2009, but plans to build additional towers were canceled.

At its inception, the tower contained 1,201 units, approximately 200 of which are used as timeshares, while the rest are used as hotel rooms for Planet Hollywood residences. The tower is owned by Siegel’s Westgate Resorts, while Earl’s Planet Hollywood International, Inc. sold the tower and took care of the work. Harrah’s tertainmt purchased the Planet Hollywood resort in 2010, and took over the marketing and operations of PH Towers. Due to financial difficulties, Westgate Resorts sold the tower in 2011, and Hilton Grand Vacations Company was appointed to rebrand and handle sales and marketing. The tower was booked as Elara in March 2012.

In 1998, Aladdin Gaming planned a new Aladdin resort on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the Aladdin Music Project, a $250 million resort that would include 1,000 guest rooms and 50,000 seats. sq ft (4,600 m).

Elara Property Management

) casino. The Aladdin Music Project, part of the planned Aladdin complex, is being developed in partnership with Planet Hollywood International, Inc., and will be built on 5 acres (2.0 ha) southeast of Aladdin at the intersection of Harmon Avenue and Audrie Street. However, Aladdin Gaming ended the partnership in late 1998, due to concerns that Planet Hollywood could not generate $41 million for the Aladdin Music Project.

Elara Caring Ceo: Home Health Providers Often ‘ill Equipped’ To Tackle Behavioral Health

In June 2000, Aladdin Gaming was in talks with an unnamed partner to develop a high-end hotel and condo complex on Audrie Street, behind the Aladdin resort. which is still under construction. The project was envisioned as a $200 million complex that would include 100 to 150 residential units and provide easy access to the Aladdin resort. Richard Goeglein, chief executive of Aladdin Gaming, said that no contract had been signed but “it’s been a long time, we really want to do it.” In the proposed plan, Aladdin Gaming would sell about an acre on the northeast corner of the Aladdin building to a partner in exchange for a minority stake in the new project. . The partners will own the majority and will provide the necessary funds for the development and management of the hotel and accommodation.

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In November 2000, it was announced that the five-acre site southeast of Aladdin would be sold to The Atha Group LLC, New York. At the time, the project site was occupied by temporary construction trailers that were used during the construction of Aladdin and the Desert Passage mall, both of which opened in August 2000. The Atha Group planned to close the deal. in February. 2001, and expected to complete the construction of the project within two years. At that time, the project was planned to include 350 guest rooms and 150 and 200 residential units. The residential portion of the project is approximately 800,000 sq ft (74,000 m).

). The project is expected to be between 35 and 40 stories tall, but plans have yet to be finalized if the project will include one or two towers. The project should be connected to the Desert Passage.

In August 2001, Aladdin officials announced that the project was canceled and that there were plans to sell the five-acre property to help the Aladdin resort, which was struggling financially.

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Robert Earl, founder and chief executive of Planet Hollywood International Inc., led a group that purchased the Aladdin resort in June 2003. Earl, a resident of Orlando, Florida, is a neighbor to David A. Siegel, founder of Westgate Resorts. Earl and Siegel began discussing the Las Vegas timeshare project in 2000, where Westgate established a timeshare market there. After the Earl group purchased the Aladdin, discussions about a Las Vegas timeshare project became serious.

Details were finalized in the 16 months leading up to April 2005, when Westgate Resorts announced it would build a 52-story, $400 million tower on five acres of property southeast of the Aladdin. Westgate is to finance the project, which will be managed by Starwood. Construction began that year, with completion of the first units scheduled for New Year’s Eve 2007. The unsold units were converted into guest rooms for the home. Aladdin hotel, which will undergo a $120 million investment to become a Planet Hollywood resort. . Las Vegas-based Klai Juba Architects was hired to design the Planet Hollywood renovation as well as the timeshare tower, which features blue glass.

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Groundbreaking began on the morning of January 19, 2006 for the $750 million Planet Hollywood Tower. At the time, Gerald Koi of Morris Architects designed the project, while DiLeonardo International was responsible for the interior design. Bovis Ld Lease Americas is to oversee construction, and the tower is expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

Elara Property Management

Was released on July 2, 2008, during a ceremony with actor Sylvester Stallone and Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons as guests.

Blackstone Marketing $171m Timeshare Securitization For Lv Resort

In July 2009, Planet Hollywood began hiring 800 workers for PH Towers, which had to be released in October, followed by an official opening a month later.

In late September 2009, the tower was scheduled to open in December. At the time, two additional towers were scheduled to open in November 2013.

The first tower was completed at a final cost of 660 million dollars. Construction of additional towers was never started.

The first residents moved into the tower on December 18, 2009, as part of a soft opening, while hotel guests were expected to occupy the building from December 28, followed by Official opening planned for January 2010.

Br, 2.5 Bath House

The tower has been promoted as the largest time-share building in the world, and the sign next to the top of the building has the largest lettering of any sign on the Las Vegas Strip.

About 200 are used as timeshares, while the rest are used as hotel rooms for the Planet Hollywood resort.

Wh PH Towers opened, Planet Hollywood entertainment complex

Elara Property Management

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