Ekm Property Management

Ekm Property Management – EKM Metering’s mission is to provide reliable, accurate and affordable sub-metering solutions with easy and unrestricted access to meter data.

EKM Metering Inc. designs and sells electricity, water and gas meters as well as data systems that provide free and unlimited access to meter data at any scale. Our vision is to provide sub-metering solutions that bridge the gap between traditional “dumb” meters that are expensive to install and need to be read individually and locally, and very expensive metering services or metering systems that require a high level of expertise to install and to configure.

Ekm Property Management

Ekm Property Management

Driving this vision is the desire to do something that not only benefits us and our customers – the foundation of good business – but also benefits the planet. Our own experience has convinced us that measuring and monitoring our energy, water and gas consumption leads to an immediate, significant and permanent reduction in consumption, in some cases by up to 50%.

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What we offer are compact, state-of-the-art submeters, complete with user-friendly software and a low-cost hardware interface. These are integrated into an easy-to-install yet powerful system capable of automatically reading meters and reporting them to a computer, either locally or remotely over the Internet. We offer submeters and submetering systems to meet the needs of homeowners, businesses, car charging networks, factory owners, tenants, property managers, etc., with one or up to thousands of units or devices to measure.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online knowledge base, which provides data sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams and more. Enterprise Knowledge Management (or EKM) is our common software application system developed on the Microsoft SharePoint platform that automates the non-transactional processes of your business by organizing, integrating and distributing information in a secure environment.

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution picks up where enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), analytical reporting, document publishing and communication systems leave off.

Is your company planning to implement SharePoint? Has your organization already installed SharePoint and your employees are now using it as a replacement for a network drive to upload and share documents?

E Commerce Software Provider Ekm Acquired By Clearcourse

An Enterprise Knowledge Management solution will get the most out of your SharePoint investment. It takes advantage of all the functions and features that SharePoint has to offer, thereby realizing its full potential.

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Document management is only one aspect of an Enterprise Knowledge Management solution. Here are some other impressive features and functions that will add value to your business and improve your SharePoint ROI:

Users: Sales | Customer Service | Information Technology | Device Management | Asset Management | Property management | Office services

Ekm Property Management

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution has a central knowledge repository tailored for your business If allows departments to group together all sources of documents and information. These could be product images, product dimensions, product financials, technical drawings, customer profiles, technical services and products, real estate, equipment under maintenance, or even office supplies. Integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relation Management (CRM), Property and Lease Management, etc. systems to obtain selected static and variable information. Open it to external stakeholders (vendors, customers) using a secure extranet feature.

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Our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution comes with electronic On Boarding/Off Board forms tailored to your business needs. It is integrated with product/service catalogs, job management and event management features. It is integrated with your Active Directory and Exchange servers so you can generate email alerts and tasks with due dates in On Boarding/Off Boarding forms.

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution comes with a built-in Learning Management portal. We can help you customize the portal based on your business functions and training needs. Our Learning Management Portal provides a repository for uploading training materials required for trainers as well as for self-service training needs. It also allows you to identify trainers, add their profile with skills and abilities. Your organization can have a pre-scheduled training event and allow eligible employees to sign up for training based on meeting prerequisites. Trainers can track attendance, organize post-training quizzes and surveys for employees after training is complete. Like all other functions, it is integrated with Active Directory and Exchange server, so calendar entries are automatically generated in the Outlook mail client for trainers, interns and training rooms.

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution comes with built-in forms for approving, tracking and reporting employee absences. It can be fully customized to the needs of your business. By integrating with Active Directory, employees can generate and submit an absence request electronically for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re taking paid vacation or a few hours to run errands or a sick day, you’ll have everything under control in a completely safe environment. If a team leader or supervisor is missing, we can configure the solution to automatically go to an org chart or select a predetermined approver. It also allows employees requesting absence to select a delegate. Because our solution is integrated with the Exchange server, it generates calendar entries automatically in the Outlook mail client for employees, delegates and approvers. We can also enable an employee availability dashboard, so a project manager working in a matrix environment can have a quick overview of which team is away and for how long.

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Risks, actions, problems, decisions and change requests are part of the project manager’s job. Managers leading programs and projects take a series of actions, make decisions, solve problems, identify, avoid and mitigate risks on a daily basis throughout the project life cycle. Using the powerful log management feature provided by our enterprise knowledge management, you can track these items as they are processed by project managers. Using this feature, they can identify each type of activity and connect or link them to each other. They can set dependencies, target dates and assign tasks to team members. Because our solution is integrated with Active Directory and Exchange Server, it can automatically generate tasks and calendar items in the Outlook mail client for project managers and team members. The protocol also comes with its own repository for managing project-related documents. There is also an optional integration with the Project Management server for directly checking, adding and updating project tasks.

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Use the built-in forms that are part of our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution to approve, track and report employee expenses. It can be fully customized to the needs of your business. This feature is integrated with Active Directory so employees can create and submit expense reports for approval electronically. They can attach electronic copies of receipts, invoices and statements to support their claim for compensation in a completely secure environment. We can customize the system to set claim limits for expense categories and supervisor approval limits. We can customize the workflow so that the expense package, with supervisor approval, is sent to your finance department for payment processing. If a team leader or supervisor is missing, we can configure the solution to automatically go to an org chart or select a predetermined approver. Because our solution is integrated with Exchange, it generates task items automatically in the Outlook mail client for approvers.

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Before each board meeting, your company generates meeting minutes, performance reports, proposals, etc. These documents are distributed to your board and other authorized members of the executive management team. Most of this function is performed by executive administrators and is done via email. With the available Executive Portal feature on our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution, document distribution is a breeze. With our secure built-in document storage feature, we can set alerts when documents are complete and ready for review. We can also set which documents can only be viewed and which can be downloaded for further actions. The board portal can also be used to tally votes on proposals accepted by board members.

Senior managers make critical business decisions based on the information available to them and the knowledge they possess. Our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution uses SharePoint Performance Point services to present a unified view of different aspects of your business; such as sales, inventory levels, headcount estimates, customer feedback, industry trends, etc. Using these services, we can integrate your organization’s data services and convert them into pre-configured scorecards and present them in a dashboard format. We offer complete customizable KPIs based on your business needs. Our solution uses SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS) add-ons to integrate SQL Server with SharePoint deployments.

Ekm Property Management

Your business uses social media sites to get customers to provide feedback on your products and services. It also encourages customer engagement with your business. Use the Social Media Portal feature available in our Enterprise Knowledge Management solution to get an overview of all your business’s social media interactions in one place. This allows your customer service team to deal with unhappy customers quickly and efficiently. Your product and service development teams can identify trends in customer response to the products and services you offer and make updates for the next release.

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