Ejm Property Management

Ejm Property Management – Due to the large number of customers and the level of analysis that requires careful monitoring and analysis of annual performance, we have decided to publish the analysis and analysis of our customers in a third party that verifies vendor compliance called Vendor Information Verification Experts (VIVE).

EJF Real Estate Services began in the 1920s when Edmund J. Flynn introduced the concept of housing associations to Washington, DC. The Edmund J. Flynn Company was the pioneering force behind a large number of early cooperative and condominium associations and was directly involved in the development or conversion of Washington’s finest buildings. Our legacy of DC real estate expertise and ethical business practices continues to guide us today. We aim to give back to the communities we serve. We partner with local charities to help develop quality housing for underserved communities in our nation’s capital, thereby improving the lives of those in need. We invite you to learn more about our history, advice and the EJF family. LEARN MORE >>

Ejm Property Management

Ejm Property Management

Our Clients Love Us Find out why landlords and residents trust EJF for their DC property management needs.

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Terrible tenants can make your experience as a real estate agent very difficult. Unfortunately, they are everywhere, and you may not notice them until much later. Some of them are always late in paying rent. Some will damage your property, and some will always fight with other tenants. Your financial…

Whether you’re a new real estate investor or an existing real estate owner in DC, every investor can benefit from these tips and tricks to maximize profits! From managing tenants to managing and registering vacant leases, there’s a lot to juggle when working on your long-term financial goals. However, maintaining an aircraft can quickly turn into many advantages. From fleet and maintenance to flight operations and maintenance compliance, airline management is complex. That is why aircraft owners work with an aircraft management company that can ensure all the benefits of aircraft ownership without any problems. Since 1977, Executive Jet Management (EJM) has built a solid reputation as a leader in global jet management and private jet charter services. EJM has earned its reputation by offering an ironclad business model based on continuous improvement and a strong commitment to exceeding expectations, both customer and the law, every time. Today, EJM is synonymous with the principles of safety, security, and exceptional service. The EJM Experience is about turning the passion and aviation knowledge of EJM’s experts into powerful tools to ensure your personal aviation experience is the safest and most reliable. Because how important it is. And that’s why EJM’s culture of excellence is at the heart of everything, from high performance to the smallest details. Safety, Security, and EJM’s impeccable performance in providing the highest level of customer safety and security is translated into a safety record and recognized by the third-party audit firm to set and exceed industry-standard security standards. EJM’s comprehensive suite of safety and security programs is supported by expertise, policies, and procedures that ensure continuous improvement. EJM will always go above and beyond to keep you, your passengers, and your aircraft safe and secure at all times. A Client-Centric Support Team EJM’s team of more than 800 highly trained, experienced aviation professionals is the industry’s most dedicated and recognized group of private aviation experts. Dedicated and eager EJM agents are available 24/7/365 to help you wherever and whenever you need it. As an EJM customer, you will interact with your customer service team and always receive the highest level of attention and response. Incorporated as a member of NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway company, EJM is the world’s largest private jet company with non-commercial aircraft resources. These resources give EJM the ability to gather expertise and passion in the aviation industry, develop innovative technologies, and implement successful and innovative economic programs. EJM offers a long-term commitment with a reliable airline operator that will be there for you in the future. All of this adds up to provide the foundation EJM needs to make the EJM experience a reality. EJM Pilots: Trained for Excellence EJM’s rigorous training programs include two years of comprehensive simulator training, emergency response training, annual line inspections with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Check Airman, international procedures, aircraft specific technical training. , and the training and approval of the special approach. EJM pilots average more than 9,600 flight hours, exceeding FAA requirements, and must hold Airline Transport Pilot and First Class Medial Certificates

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4 EJM AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM EJM airline pilots enjoy complete freedom from the rigors of daily flight operations and peace of mind from knowing that the aircraft will be operated professionally and well done by the best in the private aviation industry. EJM’s solutions cover all aspects of aircraft ownership and provide significant cost and time savings benefits due to EJM’s marketing power, fleet discounts, and operational expertise. . Marketing The combined marketing power of EJM and NetJets enables EJM to make significant savings and discounts on key operating costs such as jet fuel, FBO fees and services, travel and staff training, airline insurance and maintenance, travel medical services, technical, administrative, and communications bookings, international services, and EJM private jet charter. EJM’s Savings Average Savings in Key Areas: Fuel Crew Training Maintenance Crew Travel 25% lower than sales * 35% lower than store 10-20% lower than store Up to 60% lower than retail *Based on average retail price per gallon published by Business & Commercial Aviation magazine. Monitoring and compliance From maintenance and compliance audits to access to special programs such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Visa Waiver Program, EJM will handle your needs. all travel behind the scenes to make each flight hassle-free. EJM also complies with local and international regulations defined by agencies including the FAA, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Department of Transportation (DOT) to name a few. another. Security and Trust EJM recognizes and respects your need for confidentiality. EJM can block your tail number from Aircraft Situation Display to Industry (ASDI) data and can further prevent you from public display by using EJM’s call sign in your flight plans rather than your airline’s registration number. By partnering with your EJM team and through a process that separates your privacy as mission critical, you, your passengers, and your aircraft are protected from the public eye. Flight Operations EJM performs flight and crew operations to maximize the performance of your aircraft with precision and efficiency. These duties include conducting and organizing classroom and simulator training for aircrew, organizing teams and flights for aircraft, providing air travel support, arranging meals and ground transportation, facilitating people’s communications, sending and tracking flights, providing international travel services, and maintaining unplanned flight maintenance for the start of fast travel

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5 AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT PLAN Risk Management EJM will review your operational, regulatory, safety, and financial risks and achieve safety and security goals for you and your aircraft. Important programs such as the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and the Safety Management System (SMS) will elevate you and your aircraft to a special level of readiness for any potential situation. Additionally, EJM provides realistic threat assessments for current and future travel plans and provides specialized training to team members to deal with emergency situations of all types. Selecting and accepting the best in the industry to serve as crew, EJM’s Comprehensive Aircraft Management manages all the day-to-day details of your aircraft’s staffing requirements, including wages, employment taxes, and health benefits. EJM hires, hires, and trains your team members as well as managing employee relations and conflict resolution. In addition, EJM’s financial team will work with your financial representative to provide custom invoices that meet your needs. Each invoice is itemized for airline related costs and included in one easy monthly statement for your convenience. The EJM fleet maintenance team operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures in private aviation today. Your aircraft is regularly inspected by specialist maintenance engineers, providing extensive support to keep your aircraft in good condition. Team members continually improve safety practices by participating in annual maintenance training programs. Because of this commitment to excellence, each year, EJM receives the prestigious Diamond Award of Excellence from the FAA Maintenance Technician Awards Program. Additionally, if your aircraft requires emergency repairs, our Rapid Response Team can be dispatched to you

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