Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management

Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management – This means you need to rent out your properties safely and successfully. The problem is that they are empty and you don’t know how to rent them which makes you feel unequipped and out of your depth. Not a good idea.

Our team members are property investors so we understand that investing in property and dealing with tenants can be stressful, which is why we have a great sales team and extensive background checks on your tenants.

Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management

Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management

Eagle Rock Real Estate and Property Management’s mission is to serve the community Christ serves us by providing the most reliable, exceptional service in the industry.

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We are committed to treating our customers like family, providing growth and transparency to our investors, and creating loyal customers for life.

Zack uses his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for investing to build his reputation as a real estate investment expert and multi-million dollar producer. Zack believes in educating his clients through every step of the process. He helps both experienced and new investors reach early retirement through smart investment advice.

“Our Secret Sauce at Eagle Rock builds long-term relationships by treating our customers as partners. My team’s diverse education, experience and skills allow us to serve you in-house from start to finish. We provide services.” When he’s not bossing around people, Zack seeks adventure by traveling the world and taking every opportunity to be outdoors.

Justin is passionate about providing the best real estate experience for both his clients and the team at Eagle Rock Real Estate and Property Management. He began his career as an agent, and through his experience gained the loyalty and trust of clients and business partners in Arkansas. Now as an executive broker, his knowledge and expertise support Eagle Rock’s agents, property management, and staff to succeed in the evolving investment environment.

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“Through my own real estate experiences, I know what it feels like to be a buyer and a seller, and most importantly, how you want to be treated throughout the process. This has led to my passion as an executive broker. Promoted to help our agents and staff by educating, training and building trust to ensure our customers have a great experience.

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When Justin isn’t training agents, brokering contracts or signing leases, you can find him rooting for the hogs and spending time with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, landscaping, grilling and visiting local national parks with his two children and wife.

Colby is passionate about creating profitable investment opportunities for clients interested in real estate. As an investor himself, Colby understands each client’s financial needs and goals and turns them into profits. “I am driven by my clients’ desire to live a fulfilling life without their finances getting in the way.” Colby says.

Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management

From finding prime properties to filling spaces with quality tenants, Colby will be with you every step of the way. When he’s not working, Colby loves spending time with his wife and dogs, while never missing a chance to watch a great movie.

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Lexi is a native of Northeast Arkansas, and has lived in Central Arkansas since 2014. Lexie is committed to developing and maintaining strong relationships with our investors. Through administrative oversight, he can meet with investors regularly to ensure that their properties are performing at their highest potential. As an investor himself, he knows the analytical skills that go into developing a successful real estate portfolio.

When Lexi isn’t working, you can find her reading a good book and posting a review on her Buckstagram account, or spending time with her husband, Colby, and three dogs—Oli, Kylo, ​​and Gizmo!

Patrick handles the financial side of all our real estate sales, rentals and purchases. He is determined to develop efficient and streamlined accounting procedures that allow us to communicate transparently with our clients and help us better serve their investments. When he’s not plugging away at the numbers here, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids cheering on the Denver Broncos.

Hannah is excited to make a difference in the Central Arkansas area after moving here to attend college at the University of Central Arkansas in 2017. Hannah is majoring in Marketing where she will graduate from UCA in December 2021. She is passionate about serving the community and making an impact on everyone she meets as well as those who keep up with Eagle Rock on social media. Hannah enjoys being behind the scenes of running our social media accounts and making sure the people of Central Arkansas are up to date with all that Eagle Rock has to offer them! A quote that Hannah likes to live by is “I believe in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I get.” – Thomas Jefferson

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Lee Ave, Conway, Ar 72034

While Hannah is away from work you can catch her spending time with her goldendoodle Sutton Lou or working out with all her friends at Glover Fitness.

Whether it’s property management, accounting, sales, or business development, Nike does it all under Eagle Rock. With the current focus on sales and organic growth of Eagle Rock’s property management portfolio, Nick is passionate about helping experienced and novice investors find the right investment properties to meet their goals.

“Real estate investing is one of the most versatile and effective ways to build long-term wealth, and generate monthly income to supplement or replace your 9:00-5:00 income. I for Eagle Rock I love working because I make people’s investment dreams come true. It’s hard work, sometimes, but very rewarding when I help others succeed.

Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management

Carrie Bett is passionate about building relationships with her clients and connecting them with properties that fit them and their needs. She spent years as a middle school teacher while dreaming of pursuing a career in real estate. In 2021, she took the leap and never looked back! She jumps in head first and learns everything possible about real estate investing so she can help her clients meet their goals and build their portfolios.

Who We Are — Eagle Rock Realty

“I wanted to work at Eagle Rock because I’ve seen all that this team has accomplished in my hometown and surrounding area and I don’t want to miss out on all that they’re doing. And I’m proud to be a part of it. Am”.

Born and raised in Central Arkansas, Amanda knows the many intangible benefits of living in Arkansas, with its unique landscape, culture and diversity. After working in local government for ten years, she joined the real estate profession as her two children approached puberty and high school years.

Over the past three years, Amanda has become a respected Realtor, highly respected by her clients and professionals in the field. A current resident of Faulkner County, she is well-connected and actively involved in the community. Her relationships and life-long residency benefit from her passion and expertise, enhancing her client dedication.

Amanda employs a team of professional service providers to assist her clients with their buying and selling needs, including designers, handymen, inspectors, insurers, builders, and stagers. She’s thorough, thorough, and detailed—and she’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Reed is passionate about helping others find their way to financial freedom through real estate investing. Reed believes in educating and guiding his clients through their investment experience with EagleRock whether it is their first or 100th real estate transaction.

“I believe that at Eagle Rock we bring a fun and unique work environment.” While Reid is away from the real estate world, he enjoys reading, traveling and watching sports.

Lynette is originally from sunny Southern California. When he lived there you could find him at Malibu Beach or at a sushi restaurant. He has been living in Arkansas for 21 years now. He likes the slow pace of life here and the quiet beauty. She has a background in AutoCAD, architecture, banking and running a remodeling company with her husband. Lynette always knew she wanted a career where she could incorporate these backgrounds.

Eagle Rock Realty & Property Management

“My focus is helping others find long-term success through real estate investing while making the process easy and fun. My husband shared with me a quote by the Roman philosopher Seneca. “Luck is what happens when “Preparation meets opportunity.” I prepare every week and opportunity meets me. I owe this quote to the success I’ve had with Eagle Rock Realty. When I’m helping clients find new investment properties. Which, I travel with my husband and daughter or have a movie night at home.

Eagle Rock Ventures Llc

Haley represents the Indus Valley and surrounding areas. Haley is committed to listening to the needs of his clients and using his negotiation skills to ensure a successful transaction. Haley is originally from Perryville, but has also lived in Little Rock, Conway and currently resides in Russellville. Moving around has helped Haley network and make connections throughout Arkansas. Haley strives to demonstrate a high level of integrity and commitment, and brings a little fun to every real estate transaction.

Adrian is eager to make a difference to others around him and to the communities he is apart of. “I chose it

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