E2i Property Management

E2i Property Management – What makes a good Property Manager? Not technical skills or natural charisma, but a heart to serve others.

Why has the Strata and Facilities Management (SFM) sector struggled to recruit the right staff to fill property management roles in recent years? The reasons include job seekers who strive for more “respectable” and interesting careers and don’t want to deal with the “dwellers of hell”. In short, many think that the life of a property manager is rather quiet, demeaning, and very difficult for a low salary.

E2i Property Management

E2i Property Management

This idea could not be further from the truth. In fact, graduates of the program to change the careers of management of assets and materials have received learning opportunities and new experiences in the role, thanks to the countless activities in managing the expectations and needs of the architects.

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How has this joint program between NTUC and the Real Estate and Construction Academy (RECA) consistently attracted a stable pool of mature recruits and provided quality careers that have turned candidates into SFM employers over the past 16 years?

It’s easy. RECA Director and industry veteran Dr Quah Lee Kiang has a passion not only for work but also for supporting, promoting and empowering mature job seekers.

“Honestly, career transition training is not about how many job seekers I help find a job, it’s about helping job seekers transition into their new careers successfully. It is to give you the strength to win and win. – Dr Quah Lee Kiang

In addition to the strong belief that career changers can make a significant contribution to the SFM industry, RECA provides training through a select faculty of interns who provide up-to-date and industry knowledge through problem-based learning. This recognition of RECA has made it a winner of the World Institute of Asia Pacific FM Training of the Year 2022.

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The successful Career Conversion program would not be possible without the support of loyal users such as Mr Chan Kok Hong of Savills Asset Management, Singapore. He was one of the first to easily collaborate with Dr Quah when the program was launched by RECA in 2006.

While some employers may see older workers as the first to increase their skills, Mr. Chan believes that in his line of work, an employee’s value increases with age.

“Older workers already have careers. Some have been in senior management before. They have gathered experience and skills that new graduates are missing.”

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E2i Property Management

However, Mr. Chan admits that not everyone can beat this line. Success in the property & equipment management industry requires more than work experience and professional skills alone.

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Mr. Chan emphasizes that it’s really a person’s skills that will determine whether they make or break in this industry: do you have the desire to serve and go the extra mile for your community?

“You’re not just a pencil pusher calling contractors to get quotes. This job is more than building management. It’s community leadership and council members. If you don’t care about building relationships and really taking care of the community, you won’t succeed.” – Mr. Chan Kok Hong

Dr Quah provides practical advice on the requirements of job seekers during the recruitment process. Candidates who believe they can do the job will be referred to potential employers using Savills Asset Management, Singapore who will make the final decision on whether to interview the candidate and provide them with academic support. Fortunately, after many years of collaboration, Mr. Chan says that Dr Quah is very familiar with the type of candidates who can fill the industry and the needs of employers.

Mr Chan is proud of the quality of career changers Dr Quah has provided him, many of whom have been with the Savills property manager in Singapore for many years.

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The Career Change Program for operations and facilities management has done more than just provide older workers with career opportunities. He gave them personal advice, boosted their confidence, helped them realize their potential and made them happier at work.

“Being a condo manager is more than SOP. It’s about working with and leading your team in difficult situations. I believe it’s important to share your knowledge with your contractors, giving them the ability to know how to do simple tasks.” – Anne Yeo

Anne is one of Mr Chan’s longest-serving employees, having joined Savills Asset Management, Singapore in 2009 after completing a property program. He is well-liked by all at the nine-district condominium where he serves as Strata Manager. This is not only due to the fact that he exceeds the population but also because of the help to his contract team.

E2i Property Management

Anne was not used to leading a group of friends. Prior to joining the SFM sector, he was responsible for procurement, maintenance, and security management of an international company. But managing a diverse population, not to mention having a good relationship with them, was a new experience for Anne.

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Realizing that she needs help to keep the condom working full time, Anne aims to pass on what she has learned from her training to contractors. This course includes basic SOPs and how to manage and work with citizens.

He continued: “I share with you that it is important to communicate with the people and inculcate in them the idea of ​​working and going the extra mile to help the people whenever the need arises. I hope to build a good condo culture of caring for the community,” Anne said.

Although Anne has long since completed the property management program, she still goes back to Dr Quah whenever she needs advice or counsel.

Dr Quah assures: “We are always there to support our alumni. If they have any problems at work, they can call us, and we will be there to lend an ear.”

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“I will never say that a citizen is difficult or demanding, maybe too difficult. When a citizen comes with an idea, a complaint or a problem to solve, I see it as an opportunity to learn something new. You have to have that positive attitude and try to see the good in everything.” – Janet Tan

Janet left the primary education sector after 12 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic to explore other career options. The decision to change careers wasn’t easy, but Janet knew that if she didn’t try, she would never know. His positive attitude and openness led him to participate in job opportunities for property managers.

Janet was initially concerned that having only a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education would limit her chances of admission. But Dr Quah assured him that since this is a career change programme, employers expect to interview candidates with work experience and knowledge from a variety of industries. . Janet is very grateful to Dr Quah for the efforts made by RECA to facilitate the work.

E2i Property Management

Throughout the training, Dr Quah remained Janet’s trusted advisor. The biggest lesson Janet took away was patience and compassion for people who are struggling – that the frustration inflicted on others is not an attack on you but a place of comfort.

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He added: “When the job is difficult, I will return to the ‘Duty of Care’ taught in the program – that the safety and well-being of the people in my area is my responsibility, no matter how bad the resident is.” Janet.

“There is no SOP for specific problems. When you go to work, always expect the unexpected. We come in as solution providers. You have to listen to customers. What are they facing? What methods have they tried? Why did that solution work now?” – Muhamad Roszaini

The Career Change Program was not Roszaini’s first appearance in the material management industry. While still working at HBO, he was supposed to help shut down the HBO Asia headquarters. These tasks must be coordinated with the equipment staff. Impressed with what they did and looking for a job that connects with more people, Roszaini decided to start the Career Change program.

The biggest challenge Roszaini faced was avoiding thinking like an engineer. From the get-go, students were told that there is no fixed answer to any given question. Each company’s problem is unique and requires a bespoke solution.

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Roszaini gained a lot by learning from the trainers and sharing with her colleagues during group discussions. Each of the participants offered different ideas that Roszaini had not considered.

“In this course, we had career changers with 10-15 years of experience from different industries. Everyone would give different opinions based on their own background. Seeing things from different perspectives helped me approach the SFM sector with an open mind,” Roszaini shares.

Resource & Resource Management Career Change Program with NTUC and RECA. The program is held three times a year and training is held full time for six and a half weeks.

E2i Property Management

In order to secure a place on the program, candidates will first be sent for an interview with SFM employers. If they are successful in the interview, they will receive a training grant

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