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Domaci Property Management – PARADISE, Calif. – Paradise Chocolate Fest returns to the Top this weekend for the first time since 2018.

“Everyone is happy, everyone is really happy. everyone is smiling, all the vendors are saying hello. everything is good,” said Palermo resident Dave Fox.

Domaci Property Management

Domaci Property Management

“We did the casino two years ago and it’s not the same. The people here that come out and support the charities that this place is funding, it’s just great. They’re happy that we’re here, we” He’s happy that they came out ,” said Lisa Dobson, a marketer with

Weekly Bulletin (oct 01, 2018)

“It was amazing. They came down to celebrate mother’s day with me and my friend Holly was in the group so we came to see her. It was just a great family event,” Magalia resident Marleen Hosler said.

The return of the chocolate festival is also a symbol of unity for many people on the Ridge.

“It’s very touching to have the community back again. This is emotional for me because it’s been so long you know?,” Magalia resident Ann Frendsen said.

Each year the money raised at the chocolate party goes directly back to support education and leadership programs for youth on the mountain.

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Chloe Curtis is a reporter for Action Now News. Feel free to reach out or share story ideas with Chloe on Twitter @chloecurtisnews or via email [email protected](Senior Citizen National Institute) serves our nation’s senior citizens — foreign residents, too — through a variety of assistance programs that with senior discount card. Distributed for free, the INAPAM card offers benefits and discounts for people 60 years of age and older in many different areas, including transportation (air, land, etc.), property taxes and fees. water, medical and legal services etc. But INAPAM cards are hard to come by in Puerto Vallarta. Read on to decide for yourself if they’re worth the trouble.

This article came up during a recent training I gave at the International Friendship Club (IFC) where a participant talked about his frustration trying to get a card for months. I volunteered to look into it for him. These are my findings.

For me, it all started with a phone call to the local INAPAM office (114-3946) where I asked about the cards. “This is the place,” a nice lady confirmed, “but we don’t have them for weeks, so we recommend you call back once a week.” The first thing that comes to my mind is some kind of COSTCO ID card printer like the one where they have run out of hard to find plastic cards or something to that effect. But Margaret at IFC has told us she has been calling for months and getting the same answer over and over again…

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Domaci Property Management

As I was intrigued, I decided to visit the INAPAM office in my neighborhood in Colonia La Aurora, not far from my home. This is tricky on its own, as the official INAPAM guide of the Jalisco customer service modules says the address to be ‘Milenio 143,’ which does not appear on my car’s navigation app. Through trial and error, however, I discovered that the actual address is Millennium 143. Save this, or see the map, below:

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Once there, I made the rookie mistake of identifying myself as a journalist. It’s amazing how friendly people can be to you when you ask a question, and how reluctant they are once they learn you’re a journalist! “You have to go to the main office,” said the lady in charge. When I insisted, simply wanting to know the basic requirements, he gave me a small piece of information, which included “bring your own pen” in bold letters.

I left the INAPAM office shocked by the apparent shortage of cards wondering if they were issued in limited quantities. But I followed your lead by calling the DIF Vallarta office (

, or Integral Family Development, 225-9936), located in the old community hospital, the same place where the Libramiento Saturday Market I wrote about recently takes shape on a weekly basis.

It’s amazing how friendly people can be to you when you ask a question, and how reluctant they are once they learn you’re a journalist!

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Office, so this is a useful sentence to memorize for future reference!) He suggested that I speak with the Scientist Cesar Venegas, who is the Program Director at DIF Vallarta. Again, as soon as I mentioned that I was writing about this, he insisted — politely but firmly — that I speak to Yasmín González who is their leader.

. So he took my number and told me he would call me in a few minutes. It doesn’t, but more on them later. During that time, I began to wonder if it would be better to contact the regional office in Guadalajara. I understand.

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I called the INAPAM State Office at the Palacio Federal in Guadalajara (333 658 5254) and the phone was answered by ex-ambassador Miguel Angel Cárdenas, one of only four people who work in confidence, and someone who graciously took the minute 20 out of it. time to answer my questions politely and with all the details.

Domaci Property Management

One of INAPAM’s many responsibilities includes negotiating agreements with private businesses—from small grocery stores to airlines—to provide discounts for Mexican residents. The actual cards are distributed throughout the country from the main office in CDMX (Mexico City) to state offices that, in turn, distribute them to the regions. In the case of Jalisco there are approximately 130 different municipal modules throughout the state. It is the module’s responsibility to distribute these cards and submit reports of their distribution back to the state office to request more. It can’t be easy, “but there are things to unite,” explained Cárdenas.

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There are cases in which the employee is not qualified to do the job and we do not have complete, accurate reports.

“There are certain times of the year in which there is a real high demand for cards. For example, the month of February is the month of Love and the National Covenant and we have arranged for special discounts for seniors to make theirs at a discount.” But the flip side of this is that the state office relies on city offices to properly report the distribution of cards and demand more. “We don’t hire workers in city offices. They are accepted by each region,” he said. “As such, there are cases in which the officer is not qualified to do the job and we do not have complete, accurate reports. We even insist that, for example, if they receive 500 cards for distribution, they report 250 and ask for another 250, even if they have some in stock, to make sure they always have some. Unfortunately, in those cases, it takes citizens like you to make inquiries in order to get to the root of the problem.”

Finally, I asked if it would be possible to get the card during a trip to Guadalajara. Contreras explained that there are six locations in Guadalajara where you can get a card, but you must make an appointment to apply. “Here at the Federal Palacio office, we arrest 100 people every day,” he added. “People start queuing as early as 7 or 8 am to secure their time and get the card the same day. There are days when we get less than 100, and there are times when we have to apologize when we end up.”

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INAPAM maintains a comprehensive online list of benefits for cardholders, broken down into different categories, such as food, legal services, health, transportation, etc. Since the discounts are accepted by state offices, most of the benefits are only available in large cities, such as Guadalajara, with a few notable exceptions that are available throughout the country:

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Why aren’t there more discounts and benefits in smaller cities, such as Puerto Vallarta? Cárdenas explained: “We rely on local offices to put together agreements with their own communities.

With most of my questions answered and a broader appreciation of how the whole system works, I remain uncertain about Puerto Vallarta. Is it a case of high local demand, a disorganized office, or a combination of both? When I told Cárdenas that I wrote to the local legal community, he quickly said that they received many inquiries from Puerto Vallarta and Ajijic anglophones.

I called the Puerto Vallarta office again, this time asking to be transferred with Yasmin González, who was in charge.

Domaci Property Management

. My call was also received by Yadira. He suggested I talk to the interesting people at the office in La Aurora, where the cards are distributed, the same people who directed me to the first Puerto Vallarta office!

Casa Tsounis, Volimai

As it turns out, he told me that Yasmín González was on vacation this week, but he still took my number and promised to tell his boss what I had in mind, so he could get back to me. . If you do, you’ll be the first to know.

Is getting an INAPAM card worth your time?

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