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Deschutes Property Management Email – The 25-meter indoor pool at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center is currently closed for maintenance. Indoor children’s pool and outdoor hot features. I’m sorry. We hope to have the pool in service soon.

Staff will be on site to meet with the public about the Sawyer Park Asset Replacement project and present three […]

Deschutes Property Management Email

Deschutes Property Management Email

Everyone is welcome to join us at Alpenglow Park as we say goodbye to summer with games, activities, and music by Honey Don’t. We will also watch Luca’s movie on the big outdoor screen!

Should 400 Acres Of Public Land Go To Thornburgh Resort? — Central Oregon Landwatch

The District Board of Directors is responsible for developing the District’s goals and setting policies. The council meets regularly in the first and […]

Stretching from Farewell Bend Park to McKay Park and Bend Whitewater Park, the trail runs on both sides of the river and connects to several trails located in the Old Mill District. Once home to two large lumber mills, today’s Old Mill District is a mix of parks, trails, shops, restaurants and other businesses.

Three footbridges connect the trail across the river, providing a convenient loop for walking, cycling and more. The road is good for children on bikes and scooters because the road is wide, paved, relatively level and ends on the road.

Volunteers help keep Bend’s parks, trails, and spaces beautiful and safe for everyone!

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Groups, businesses, schools, families or individuals can use the park, off-leash area or part of the city of Bend’s trail system. Volunteers help care for the adopted space by regularly visiting all year round – picking up litter, pulling invasive weeds and monitoring for vandalism, weather damage and potential safety hazards. Volunteers make a commitment of at least one year and complete a monthly volunteer activity report.

Opportunities may be available in the spring and fall, depending on the weather and will vary based on group size and current District needs. Projects are usually 2-3 hours and may include activities such as weeding the planting area, spreading playground bark or chips, pulling invasive weeds and picking up trash. BPRD staff provide support for your group’s efforts and provide any tools or materials needed for the project.

The Deschutes River Trail (DRT) is over 12 miles of trails along the Deschutes River and through some of the best of Central Oregon. The trail meanders through the heart of Bend, but also through a pristine part of the riverfront with pine, juniper and ponderosa forests – winding through canyons, basalt rimrock formations and other geological wonders.

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Deschutes Property Management Email

These rules are in place for the safety and comfort of all park users. Park users are responsible for knowing and following all park rules. This is a partial list. See the Rules and Regulations page for complete rules or call (541) 389-7275.

Floating The Deschutes River

It is the Bend Park & ​​Recreation District’s goal to provide trail access for all. However, not all existing trail segments have been evaluated nor are all trails intended to be fully accessible routes. Roads on this map may have obstacles, walking slopes, cross slopes, narrow tread widths and unstable surfaces, making them inaccessible for some users. Trails at Farewell Bend, Riverbend, Pioneer and Pine Nursery Parks offer the best access for visitors with mobility aids. Updated information on trail conditions and accessibility is available by calling (541) 389-7275. It is the responsibility of the trail user to determine if the difficulty of the trail is appropriate for their skill level.

Unless otherwise indicated, dogs must be on a leash on roads and in parks. Bend has eight areas to recreate the dogs. The North Reach of the Deschutes River Trail (DRT), through the Riley Ranch Nature Reserve, does not allow dogs in the park or on the trails. Editor’s note: This is the third story in a series about how Oregon officials manage groundwater supplies. crisis and inequities, leaving the country ill-prepared to face the many challenges of drought and climate change.

When Susan Burdick was hunting for a Central Oregon home to buy in 2006, she looked at dozens of listings without landing anything. Then one night, a realtor called about a property about 5 miles southwest of Redmond. Burdick jumped in the car.

Susan Burdick milks her goats Rose and Miley at her home in Deschutes County, Ore., on July 1, 2022. The population is growing as groundwater is depleted.

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The 5-hectare tract is just what he wanted: a simple country house with plenty of space for his priorities – horses, dogs, chickens, goats and a garden.

Burdick has been without running water for weeks while waiting for a drilling company with months in arrears. He ended up saddled with more than $30,000 in fees.

Burdick is one of the Oregonians paying the price for groundwater in the nation’s fastest-growing region. Over the past 10 years, Deschutes County residents have deepened an average of 29 wells per year. Last year, it was taken up to 60, and until this year the problem is worse. Meanwhile, development is booming, with more than 1,100 new wells drilled since 2020 alone.

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Deschutes Property Management Email

State regulators have long taken a timid approach to protecting groundwater for domestic wells, which are not as regulated as larger commercial or agricultural uses. People who complain about dry home wells are often told that the only recourse under state law is to keep digging deeper.

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Aiken Well Drilling Operator has a domestic well on the site of a new village home about ten miles east of Bend, Ore., July 5, 2022.

Even in the upper Deschutes, one of the most regulated river basins in the country, lawmakers and officials have focused on appeasing instead of reining in wealthy developers who are allowed to buy groundwater rights in one place and then extract that water from miles away, where . the aquifer level is falling at an alarming rate.

Groundwater problems in the dry, high desert of the upper Deschutes are not surprising. More than a decade ago, state and federal scientists described the trend and predicted it would continue.

Still, Burdick could see dust rising from construction on a luxury development a mile or so down the road from his home.

Bend, Or United States

Public land surrounds the Thornburgh destination resort site in Central Oregon’s Deschutes County, where construction is underway amid legal challenges to the project’s water rights.

Over the years, plans for the nearly 2,000-acre Thornburgh resort included three golf courses, a private lake, more than 400 overnight lodging units and nearly 1,000 single-family homes. Deschutes County officials approved the use of the land despite public opposition.

Much of the pushback comes from the amount of water a green oasis needs. And since all water in Oregon is publicly owned, state agencies regulate how and where it is used.

Deschutes Property Management Email

In 2013, regulators first agreed Thornburgh would be allowed to pump up to nearly 6 million gallons a day from the well. Every year, the resort can take as much water as the city of Prineville, population 10,000, was reported to use at the end of the year. Under this permit, up to a third of Thornburgh’s water can go to the golf course.

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Group Resurrects Idea For Footbridge Over The Deschutes Southwest Of Bend

But when the construction did not happen within five years, which opened the resort’s water permit to a legal challenge. And much has changed since 2013. The country is studying more about the crisis created by approving too many wells, and officials are scrambling to plan for climate change and population growth. In response to the change, water regulators have pledged to be more careful about groundwater.

Caught up in this change, Thornburgh developer Kameron DeLashmutt is pursuing a different strategy to capture water – buying and transferring multimillion-dollar water rights from elsewhere in the basin, to the resort.

DeLashmutt said they are in the process of reducing their water footprint, calling Thornburgh “the greenest, most ecological project ever built in the West.”

Plans for the Thornburgh resort over the years have included three golf courses, a private lake, more than 400 overnight lodging units and nearly 1,000 single-family homes on nearly 2,000 acres.

Assessor’s Office Home

One of the water rights DeLashmutt hopes to move to a site starting at a historic tree farm just outside the city limits of Bend, more than 13 miles from Thornburgh.

The orchard became part of the multi-million dollar home around 2016. The developer carved out 50 lots on more than 500 acres, turning most of the land into a park.

But as Bend’s service area grew, the city lost its supply of groundwater. However, the water right up to the auction, and the city was outbid.

Deschutes Property Management Email

Tree Farm’s developer, Brooks Resources, is seeking a sealed bid in 2020. (Editor’s note: Brooks Resources, as well as board chairman Mike Hollern, are financial backers.)

Deschutes Historical Museum

Much land in Central Oregon has been added to the municipal system, he said, so water rights can be sold separately.

In this case, Bend’s offer of $225,000 was not enough. Schueler declined to share winning figures or details about the buyers.

State records show two entities are in the process of subdividing portions of the Tree Farm water right. One of them, KC Development Group, hopes to put groundwater at the center

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