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Dearman Property Management – Tracy Dearman has been a licensed California Real Estate Agent since 2009 with an MBA in marketing for over 30 years. Tracy brings experience in sales and marketing, property management and administration. He is the owner and CEO of HSM SF, a property management company focused on Homeowners Associations and apartment buildings.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Tracy moved to Oakland 20 years ago and raised her three children. Despite its location, it is located near the building center in San Francisco. He is the co-founder of SF Urban CHC, a non-profit organization that provides first-time homebuyer credit counseling and access to affordable housing. He is skilled in residential real estate in both San Francisco and the East Bay. Tracy works hard with buyers and sellers to make the process of buying or selling a home as stress-free as possible.

Dearman Property Management

Dearman Property Management

As part of the Dearman Realty Group, Tracy brings a wealth of experience in working with people. As a people person you take the time to listen to your customers to make sure you not only meet, but exceed their needs. It’s Tracy’s personal statement

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“…I don’t want to be the biggest I just want to be the best…” in real estate and everything you do.

We use cookies and tracking technology in connection with your activities on our website. By viewing and using our website, you agree to the use of cookies and tracking technology in accordance with our Privacy Policy. According to Haynes, the owner of R Properties does not inform tenants of the imminent sale of apartments. To make matters worse, he said when he asked a representative from Dearman Property Management why they were evicting, he said Mississippi law does not require them to give a reason for the eviction.

According to Haynes, the owner of R Properties did not inform the tenants of the impending sale of the apartments. To make matters worse, he said when he asked a representative from Dearman Property Management why they were evicting, he said Mississippi law does not require them to give a reason for the eviction. Charlotte Graham Laurel Role

A teary-eyed Priscilla Haynes sits on the couch in the living room of her apartment on West Haven Drive angry, sad, and worried about what lies ahead for her and the other tenants of the 16-unit, eight-story apartment building. Ellisville.

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E Bryant St #5, Smithville, Tn 37166

On Monday, July 12, all tenants received eviction notices from the new owners of the apartments asking them to vacate on August 12.

Haynes explained: “I was at work when the news came. “My sister, who lives with me, called me to tell me what happened. They put a eviction notice on our door.”

Haynes added that if tenants are at home, eviction notices are hand-delivered. If tenants are not at home, the notice is rolled up and attached to doors with rubber bands.

Dearman Property Management

Haynes said he feels violated by the new property owners, Dearman Property Management, LLC of Hattiesburg and the previous property owners, RP, Inc. (R Properties) of Petal.

Pdf) Ethical Issues In Accounting And Economics Experimental Research: Inducing Strategic Misrepresentation

“The only thing we’re saying is that I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Haynes, who shares the apartment with her sister and her 1-year-old niece. “He said the owner wanted everyone out of the apartments.”

Haynes’ neighbor, 60-year-old Deloris Blackwell, said she was told the same thing. “I have a disabled husband and I’ve been in these apartments for eight years,” said Blackwell. “I have to try to gather everything and find a way to go.”

When Ipaba was contacted for comment, a welcoming and friendly voice answered the phone at Dearman’s office. When the reporter explained the nature of the call, the woman on the phone told her to pick it up, and she would get the right person on the phone. The woman got back on the phone a few minutes later and said: “They told me to tell you that they don’t have any answers to say at this time about that situation.”

Calls made to R Properties went unanswered. A message left on the company’s answering service does not result in a return call.

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Both Haynes and Blackwell said they have been under a lot of stress and haven’t been able to sleep much since receiving the eviction notices. “It’s bad that we can get out, but they are doing this to us during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is just not right; it’s not fair,” Haynes said as she wiped away tears.

When Haynes saw his resignation notice, he visited Ellisville Alderman Aaron Heidelberg Jr. for help. Although he lives in Ward 2 and Heidelberg serves Ward 3, he thought he would do what he could to help.

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“I believe they came to me because they know I do rental property. I own two rental properties myself. I don’t know if it’s an issue in this situation, but I know that sometimes getting rent is an issue with property owners,” Heidelberg continued. “You have some people who won’t pay. You have to chase them for your rent. “

Dearman Property Management

While he said he doesn’t know if that’s the case at the West Haven apartments, he does know someone bought the property from the previous owner. He added that Dearman bought some other property in Ellisville, too.

Greeley Co Apartments Multi Family Homes For Sale

“As I understand it from the ladies who contacted me, they signed a contract with the previous owner to live there for one year,” Heidelberg said. “I did some research and based on the law as it is, the new owners are obliged to respect the lease if it is a one-year contract and let them know that they have to move in 30 days. However, if the house is rented month-to-month, the landlords have no obligation to let them stay.”

Candace Coleman from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) office in Jackson confirmed Heidelberg’s assessment. Although he could not elaborate on the West Haven housing case, Coleman said: “I can confirm that Mississippi law allows landlords to give 30 days’ notice of eviction without cause.” a, if the tenant is one month to the month’s rent.

Additionally, failure to pay rent or breaking the terms and conditions of the rental agreement is legal grounds for eviction.

“If the tenant fails to pay rent according to the terms of the lease agreement, the landlord can terminate the lease, after giving 3 days notice,” added Coleman. “We suggest the tenant seek legal help if they sign a lease believing their landlord is not following the law.”

Kara Dearman, Real Estate Agent

Coleman mentioned that the government’s municipal quarantine extension issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expires on July 31, 2021. The delay was originally set to expire on June 30.

Other than looking for a stop, Haynes and Blackwell don’t know what to do at this point. Although they are behind on their rent, the women don’t want to find themselves homeless when it’s time to leave West Haven.

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The notice on Haynes’ door said he must vacate the area within 30 days of receiving the notice, otherwise legal fees will be charged to recover not only the apartment, but also reasonable attorney and housing costs. -judgment, as well as related damages. including your default under contractual leases. The notice also states that your rent deposit will be withheld against liquidated damages. “

Dearman Property Management

Haynes couldn’t understand why the release notice previously labeled the contract he signed with R Properties as invalid “(N/A),” referring to the contract when mentioning legal fees.

Dearman Property Management, Llc

“I didn’t sign a contract or anything with Dearman.” Haynes said. “I don’t know what’s going on. I am very happy. My blood pressure is going up. I just want some answers.”

Haynes and Blackwell point out that the release notices signed by “Nikki Christy, Leasing Manager/Owner’s Agent” and dated July 12, 2021, state: “HERE IS A REQUEST FOR YOU TO LET YOU INTO THE APARTMENT AND RETURN THE PROPERTY TO THE OWNER OR YOUR REPRESENTATIVE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS WILL BE FILED IN JENS COUNTY COURT BY AFTER 8-12-2021 COURT FEE OF $74 FIRST TENANT AND $10 EACH TENANT Supplement.

Christy later told the tenants that they had extended the eviction date to August 31, 2021. Blackwell’s daughter, Deshannon Carter, 44, said what upset her the most was that Dearman’s agent waited until her mother paid the rent. before giving him a certificate and a release. notice. Carter argued that her mother could have used that $500 to help with moving expenses.

“He came out here apologizing and all that, but he didn’t help all these people out here,” Carter said. “This is a tough time for everyone right now. They have to find a new home during the pandemic.”

John E. Dearman

“Some of them may have money to move to a new place, but some may not,” he added.

“Some of these people are on fixed incomes. You have the sick and the disabled here, the elderly, the young

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