Clockwork Property Management Reviews

Clockwork Property Management Reviews – Professional services related to rentals, management, accounting, 24/7 maintenance, inspections, reporting and compliance will give you the peace of mind knowing your property is always taken care of.

You are assigned a full-time property manager who is an expert in your geographic area and serves as a single point of contact for you, your tenants and suppliers in the management process. Transparency and communication are their top priority.

Clockwork Property Management Reviews

Clockwork Property Management Reviews

Due to the volume of maintenance operations with our approved suppliers, we are able to offer low prices and prompt service. In addition, if we find that the tenant’s negligence caused the problem, we will bill the tenant for any costs.

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Our team works together to take the hassle out of you and keep your portfolio running smoothly. Our comprehensive software gives you 24/7 real-time access to all the information you need about your property.

Up to $1,000 in protection against any damage caused by a pet, in addition to what the security deposit covers.

If we can’t rent out your home in 30 days or less, we’ll give you ONE month of management for free! This means we WILL OFFER the first month’s management fee.

The manager ensures that our employees are available by phone, text or email and will answer any questions from the owners within 24 hours. If the Manager does not respond to the Owner within 24 hours, the management fee within one month will be cancelled.

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Our goal is to provide every customer with a great customer experience. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services, you can terminate the management agreement at any time without penalty.

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You will never have to pay twice for us to find a new tenant for your property. If a tenant fails to meet their lease terms, there will be no fee to replace that tenant.

We sell, advertise, check tenants, prepare leases and check before you pay anything. Our Result Guarantee provides peace of mind knowing we won’t get paid until a qualified tenant is found and moves into the property. Welcome to the Clockwork Knowledge Base! This page has everything you need to know about property management, leasing and leasing. Filter by our categories, latest posts, or use our quick links for help.

Clockwork Property Management Reviews

There are two types of property managers. The first considers a person’s home precisely as a place where he goes to escape from the world. They respect it.

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Good property management means understanding that managers manage part of tenants’ lives. When they do this, they tend to have more respect for their tenants, and the tenants notice. They work better with people who see them as more of a rent receipt.

Property managers can also stand out from the competition by taking care of the people they rent to. Tenants will be more willing to work with them.

Getting to know the locals is a huge advantage. This makes them feel like part of the community and you can see if they are good people to rent.

Being interested in the lives of your tenants, they are more willing to pay on the day of rent. By that time, they will no longer feel that this is just a payment for the fact that they live where they live. Renting will be a way to stay part of an engaged community.

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There is nothing worse for tenants than not knowing how to pay rent or apply for maintenance. Difficulties in the main tasks only complicate the relationship between the property manager and the tenant.

Modern technology corrects this by bringing tenants and owners closer together. Most of today’s technology collects rent online and hassle-free submitting maintenance requests. It also preserves the relationship between the management company and the investor, since the accounting is kept automatically.

A good management company will fix the performance of your property. This will let you know when you are breaking even. This will also notify you of any red flags that may appear.

Clockwork Property Management Reviews

The best property managers do this automatically. Once a tenant pays rent or money is to be spent, this must be recorded in readily available accounting software.

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A disorganized property manager will slow down the entire operation. Getting valuable information from them can be more difficult. Disorganized managers can frustrate tenants. The right manager will always be organized!

Being up to date with documents and work in general is the most important trait of all successful property management companies!

First of all, you should not try to manage the property yourself. This is your property and your investment. You have already invested what you need.

Turning to a reliable management company, you can be sure that your investment will pay off. They will take care of all the day-to-day work of handling your property.

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They will also work to keep tenants happy. Good management companies can even find new tenants!

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After graduating from California State University Fullerton in 1997 and an initial job as an international sales representative for a major computer manufacturer, Brent followed his instincts and began his career in real estate. In 2002, the US real estate market was at its peak, and Brent opened a new career path for himself. Starting as a loan officer, Brent quickly rose to senior positions by hiring, training and managing teams of loan officers. He has led successful teams at SeaBreeze Financial, LendingTree and Homefield Financial. This path connected him to his now lifelong passion for property management. Clockwork Property Management was founded in February 2009 and has experienced explosive growth through our commitment to excellence and our specialization in managing single-family homes, condominiums and multi-unit residences of 15 units or less. “By specializing in this market segment, we can offer a more focused and intimate approach to property management at a better price.” – Brent Holmes

Waiting for your reply! Feel free to call us or send us a message. Whether you are a current homeowner or renter with us, or just want more information, we’d love to help!

Clockwork Property Management Reviews

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