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Ckm Property Management Inc – The AK5373 is a stereo A/D converter with a USB 2.0 interface. The device includes an integrated USB

The AK5373 is in a 48-pin package. It is a low power device, operating from +3.3V, and

Ckm Property Management Inc

Ckm Property Management Inc

AsahiKASEI VREF VCOM AVDD vssw csN ) —()—()—( Comm 7 up i Decode m sun [ 5 sum Ammo ‘ LRCK Stream 1 NF 5ch Comm 3 Mm m [swim / Mm) LM mm $ 24M Q; 2010/06

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AsahiKASEI [AK5373] l Ordering Guide AK5373EQ 710 ~ +70 °c 48f LQFF (0.5mm pnch) AKD5373 Evulllmion Board for AK5373 l Pin shape 0 _ m x w

AsahiKASEI MCK] Input Master Clock Pm (XTE pm , “L”) T XT] ‘ Crysml Oscillator Input Pm (XTL pm 7 “H”) T

Parameter AsahiKASEI Symbol min lyp max Unils ADC Digital Filter ADC Digital Filter (IIPF): Symbol Parameter

Note 9. Passband and stopband frequency scale with fs (system sampling rate). All responses refer to 1kHz response

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Note 10. All digital pins except DP, DN pins. There is no Schmitt hysteresis level of the RSTN pin and levels of all the test pins

Parameter AsahiKASEI Symhul min max Units above in mode Audiu CLK Onipm Time LRCK Output Output BICK oiiipm Time dio Inierf and Timing w SP1 (EEP-ROM) Control Interface Time Time Shul Mute Time Rem

Clock AsahiKASEI WW ‘I Con necled PLL Reset Mode Device : Tsusirec DVDD“H” 03D;— J:[ 3 :; UL JL €3mh 3—H L 1 Tresm DP, DN Figure 4. Risa/Full Timc DP , DN Figure 5r Crossover Po DP, DN Flgurc 6. Schmin chcl Vonagc RSTN MSIZOZVEVOO ,H,

Ckm Property Management Inc

The AK5373 is a stereo A/D converter with a USB interface. It is easy to use as the control logic includes USB audio

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48kHz sampling rate only, what needs to be done is to prepare a suitable USB descriptor. No need to write g

The AK5373 also has an external audio steam interface to connect other A/D converters or audio DSPs. When high

When an external audio DSP is connected, the output of the AK5373 is processed by this DSP. The AK5373 receives this data

SPI™ type EEP-ROM (4-wire) can be use d to customize all USB registers and any functions.

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A 16MHz or 24 MHz crystal resonator can be used as the main clock. If the CKM pin is set to “H”, the AK5373 su pports

24MHz. If the CKM pin is set to “L”, the AK5373 supports 16MHz. The AK5373 can drive the clock up to three e x ternal

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AsahiKASEI l MIC Gain Amplifier The AK5373 hns amphficr gain for microphone M(iAIN27(ans(T1 | blc 2). 1hc MPWR pm Mmplics pe oumm cun’cm 1s maximum 2.0mA In case usmg mmimum 1m for each channel.Capacnor about any.~ MSIZOZVLVOO PMMP 0 1 T MIC Power

Ckm Property Management Inc

The AK5373 has a gain amplifier for microphone input. MIC-Amp gain is selected by the MGAIN2-0 pins or

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When PMMP bit = “1”, the MPWR pin powers the microphone. This output voltage is usually 2.2V and the

Output current is 2.0mA maximum. If two sets of fully differentiated stereo microphones are used, the load resistance

1kΩ minimum for each channel. No capacitance or capacitance will be connected directly to the MPWR pin (Figure 14).

The ADC has a digital high pass filter to eliminate DC offset. The cut-o ff frequency of the HPF is 0.93Hz at

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Fs = 48kHz. The digital high pass filter cutoff frequency scales with the sampling rate (fs). The HPF is always enabled.

The AK5373 has an optional audio streaming interface to output A/D data, or to receive and transmit DSP data to the

Host Since the AK5373 functions as a master device only, MCLK, LRCK, and BICK are outputs. The AK5373 supports it

Ckm Property Management Inc

Two audio formats, I2S format and MSB justified. Data length of ADC outputs is 24bit only regardless of USB audio

Ak5373 Datasheet By Akm Semiconductor Inc.

The AK5373 has a digital volume control that ranges from +24dB to -31dB in 1dB steps. The highest measure, the

When ZCE bit = “1” (zero-cross detection enable), L-channel and R-channel amplitudes are independently adjusted to zero

Cross or zero timeout. Zero time limit is set by bits ZTM1-0 (Table 9). When n ZCE bit = “0” (find a zero cross

Disable), the volume will be changed immediately. The mute operation and zero cross detection have the same relationship to the

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The AK3573 has LMUTEN and RMUTEN pins, and can control the mute function from the device side. But,

Since the AK5373 has no HID function, the host cannot recognize mute operation with these pins.

There are two ways to mute the LMUTEN and RMUTEN pins; one is normal mute and the other

Ckm Property Management Inc

In normal mute operation (OSME bit = “0”), mute is executed on zero crossing or zero crossing time when the LMUTEN and

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Community Bank, N.a.

Pins RMUTEN = “L” if zero crossing detection is enabled. When zero cross detection is disabled, it is executed immediately.

In case the pins LMUTEN and RMUTEN = “H”, the mute will be released on a zero cross or a zero cross timeout if the zero cross

In single-shot mute operation (OSME bit = “1”), mute is executed on a zero cross or zero cross time after a fall is detected

Edge of the LMUTEN and RMUTEN pins. The AK5373 emits the mute on zero cross or zero cross timing after mute

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USB specifies that the current during suspend mode cannot exceed 500 μA. When the USB device is in pen d e mode, th e

SUSN pin also comes to “L” to communicate this mode to the external components like DSP’s to see USB

The USB audio class has a very flexible, but complex format. To maintain both flexibility and simplicity of use,

Ckm Property Management Inc

In EEP-ROM is divided into two blocks; header information block and USB description block. Header block size is fixed

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Layout, microphone gain, power management information, etc

AK5373 reads the header block in EEP-ROM, and maps these values ​​into the internal registers. Note that bits are 8k or larger

The AK5373 does not store all descriptions in memory within my mission at startup. Instead, the AK5373 reads the

Register information and description information on EEP-ROM are read by SPI I/F pins (CSN, SK, EPAO and EPAI). The

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Data on the I/F includes Instruction Byte, Address Byte (MSB first, 16bits) and Input Data Byte (MSB first, 8bits). The

AK5373 outputs Instruction Byte and Address Byte on falling edge of SK and downloads address data from EPAI. The

The data of the next address is read by sending SK signal continuously. Data reading ends with the rising edge of CSN. Clock speed SK

Ckm Property Management Inc

Usually 1.5MHz. The AK5373 reads data from EEP-ROM according to a request signal from the USB host after

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Note 21. The data address must be written to slide forward if the number of bytes is less than the data size above in the

If this bit is set to “1”, the AK5373 receives audio data via the external digital audio interface and through ansmits

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“1”: Lch and Rch are mixed. Dynamic range and S/N can be improved by about 3dB when the same analog

INTVOL7-0: The value returned by the AK5373 when the host requests the current volume at the first time. (Table 10)

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If no Feature Unit is defined in the description, the volume is based on the first value defined in

D) PCM format (Note that the AK5373 supports 7 sample rates even when 1 sample rate is specified in the

Description AsahiKASEI Offset Field Size Value Description Field Size Offset Value Description Field Size Offset Description

Ckm Property Management Inc

Mn§u Ex 9x:5 oz NC 23 DVDD 22 TESTMZ 21 csw E SK E EPN E4 EPAO W AK5373EQ Top Vlew AVDD NC 16 NC 14 vssi 3—4 M’CRN M’CRP b—ENC 39 VREF7 —mmAno VCOM Huom E MPWR 43 NC 44 vssa um 5 6% [w Mmmphone MSIZOZVLZOO ,49,

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Figure 21 shows the system connection diagram. An evaluation board (AKD5373) is also available for quick evaluation

“C” and “Rd” values ​​depend on the crystal. When the 24MHz crystal oscillator is used (CKM pin =

Supplied from the system’s analog supply. If AVDD and DVDD are supplied separately, the chain is not powered up

Urgent VSS1-3 of the AK5373 must be connected to the analog ground plane. System analog ground and digital ground

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They must be connected together near where the items are taken on the printed circuit board. Disconnection cap acitors

It needs to be as close to the AK5373 as possible, with the small value ceramic capacitor being the closest.

VREF voltage is 2.2V (typ) and set the analog input range. VCOM is 50% VREF and signal base of this chip.

Ckm Property Management Inc

A 4.7μF electrolytic capacitor in parallel with a 0.1μ F ceramic capacitor connected to the VREF pin and VCOM pin

Document Current Report 8 K

Eliminate the effects of high frequency noise.

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