Choptank Property Management

Choptank Property Management – The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is committed to preserving and sustaining the vibrant communities of the Eastern Shore and the lands and waters that connect them.

ShoreRivers is a river stewardship organization focused on improving the water quality of our local rivers and waterways through land-based management, environmental education and advocacy. They participate in the Envision the Choptank (ETC) partnership with other state, local and volunteer organizations; Envision the Choptank specifically focuses on efforts to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and community well-being in the Choptank River watershed.

Choptank Property Management

Choptank Property Management

Envision the Choptank currently has a grant-funded opportunity that offers funding and incentivizes implementation of agricultural best management practices, specifically grass buffers, tree buffers, wetlands, bioreactors and some trenching practices. These programs are designed to be more flexible than some of the state and federal cost-sharing programs. Whitley Gray, Landowner Assistant Coordinator at ShoreRivers, serves as a liaison for the program under the Envision the Choptank partnership.

Brandywine Watershed Wetland Assessment

In the Envision the Choptank grass buffer program, there are no restrictions on seasonal mowing, unlike state or federal programs where the individual is limited in mowing during the summer season. A cutoff limit has been proposed, but because the goal is water quality, there is no formal limit. The grass buffer program also offers flexible widths, which go as narrow as 10 feet and can go over 50 feet. The grass buffer program lasts three years and requires one native grass and one legume. The payment varies depending on whether you have warm or cool season grass: warm season will be a one-time payment of $1,300 per acre, while cool season will be a one-time payment of $900 per acre. When asked about the cost to a landowner to implement this practice, Gray stated, “If you wanted to make a meadow for a grass, it’s not going to fill that price completely because meadows and flowering plants are more expensive, but if you wanted to just do a switchgrass buffer with a legume in there, you’ve got money in your pocket.”

In the tree buffer program, they plant trees and prefer a 35-foot-wide buffer or useless nooks, which are areas of the landscape that cannot be harvested or are no longer accessible. They are currently offering to provide the service of planting the trees as well as providing a bonus of $1,000 for each hectare installed; participants can also plant themselves, but it is not a requirement.

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There is also a wetlands program that offers $3,000 per acre of wetland restored, and ShoreRivers can also provide an engineer on staff who can design wetlands. Some of these projects go through the Soil Conservation District and can be linked with CREP, MDA or other similar incentive programs, but the Envision the Choptank program cannot be linked Gray stated, “that’s something I want to be very specific with the landowner about, that if you going through our program, we’re going to keep things separate from the conservation district.”

For each of these programs, ETC requires a confirmation of implementation and will visit the property or accept photos to ensure that the practice was installed. Landowners participating in these programs must manage invasive weeds, but otherwise the functionality of the land depends on preference. The grass buffers can be removed or kept after the three-year mark; However, tree buffers and wetlands are required for ten years (essentially permanent), and management may vary based on use. Gray commented, “Do you use it for hunting or do you use it as habitat for salamanders and frogs? It’s maintenance, but it really depends on the landowner.”

Choptank Ave, Rosedale, Md, 21237

To enroll in these programs, the land must be in the Choptank River Watershed. ETC is primarily interested in working with agricultural properties, but they have also worked with landowners to buffer other waterfront areas. With the wetlands programme, there is a requirement to verify that the soil is a suitable soil type for a wetland. ShoreRiver’s programs are set up to incentivize by providing additional money to the landowner, depending on the practices they implement. Other benefits are land management and improved water quality: reducing runoff, nutrients and sediment from entering local waterways. In some cases for marginalized land, this is a way of raising income where landowners could not otherwise by farming.

Gray recommends looking at all other programs available from organizations like MDA and NRCS, especially considering that ETC does not offer land rental rates, while some state or federal programs do. It is noteworthy that ETC’s program is non-binding when selling the plot.

A grass buffer that was installed through Envision the Choptank’s buffer program on a property in Dorchester County that is also protected by a conservation easement through the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

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Choptank Property Management

These practices have proven effective in reducing nutrients and sediments and greatly benefit the vast agricultural properties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. “I would say one thing that is unique about the Eastern Shore is that the land-water connection is clear,” Gray noted. “If you’re a farmer in Iowa, you don’t necessarily see the consequences downstream in the Gulf of Mexico; here we see consequences for the water quality of our local Chesapeake Bay.”

Choptank Health Leadership — Choptank Community Health

ShoreRivers and Envision the Choptank offer many volunteer opportunities. Recently, Envision the Choptank hosted a tree planting event in Trappe on March 19 to plant approximately 250 trees. Other volunteer opportunities include trash pickup, event assistance, tree stewards and many more which can be viewed at After photos of Choptank’s dress code circulated online, critics quickly accused the restaurant of discrimination. (Ulysses Muñoz/Baltimore Sun (Staff, ))

Owners of Fells Point’s Choptank restaurant have changed a dress code following accusations of racial discrimination, but in a statement Wednesday defended their right to limit what patrons can wear.

Atlas Restaurant Group founder Alex Smith called it “unfortunate” that “a brand new, beautifully restored landmark in the Fells Point area, which has created more than … 100 much-needed jobs for the community, is under scrutiny.”

The original dress code, posted on a plaque outside the restaurant in the south shed of Broadway Market, prohibited “excessively baggy clothing” and accessories that some interpreted as excluding African-American patrons.

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In addition, a memo warned that management could “enforce these policies at its sole discretion.” Critics argued that it could be a gateway to blatant discrimination, which violates citizens’ legal rights.

That line was taken out of the updated dress code, labeled “house rules”. It no longer prohibits baggy clothing, shorts below the knee or sunglasses after dark. It notes an exception to the ban on brimless headgear – religious garments are permitted – but most of the original rules remain intact.

Smith has donated heavily to local politicians, including many members of the Baltimore City Council and Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, who came to his defense Wednesday.

Choptank Property Management

Referring to allegations that the dress code at Choptank — which opens Thursday — was meant to exclude black people, Young pointed out that African-Americans often dine at Atlas properties, where similar dress codes exist. “If you go to some of their restaurants, like Ouzo Bay, there are black people there,” Young said.

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Choptank Cove Court, Annapolis, Md 21401

Choptank, a new restaurant at Broadway Market in Fells Point, has a strict dress code that some on social media have called racist.

In a series of public Facebook posts, Smith pointed out that Baltimore city schools have a fairly strict dress code. “Hypocrisy knows no bounds,” he concluded. Choptank’s dress code, Smith wrote, “applies to anyone and everyone, and it doesn’t change.”

Get the scoop on the new restaurant, learn about chef changes and discover your new favorite recipe. All your food news from Baltimore is here.

Choptank’s location — in a city-owned former public market — may make it subject to closer scrutiny.

Choptank St, Fulton, Md 20759

“Given that the restaurant is on property owned by the people of Baltimore, the standards for inclusion and diversity must be high,” wrote the Rev. Kobi Little, president of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP, in an email to The Sun. The Fells Point property is leased through the Baltimore Public Markets Corp.

Stacey Pack, project manager for Baltimore Public Markets, said the organization could not disclose how much money Atlas Restaurant Group or any other vendor pays in rent to the city.

From the perspective of Baltimore author D. Watkins, the dress codes across Atlas properties are designed to exclude black people from entering. He points to the ban on “designer sneakers” at Bygone. “Come on, dog,” he said. “It’s kind of clear.”

Choptank Property Management

Watkins launched a one-man boycott of Atlas-owned restaurants after being refused entry to Harbor East’s Loch Bar. At the time, Watkins said, he was wearing pants from Zanerobe, “which look like sweatpants for the fashionably challenged,” he wrote in a tweet — but are sold at high-end stores like Neiman Marcus.

Choptank Riverkeeper — Shorerivers

“I thought it was ridiculous,” said Watkins, who is black. Before that incident, “I went down there every week.” He now advises friends and tourists to steer clear of Atlas properties as

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