Certe Group Property Management

Certe Group Property Management – Somerville renters and homeowners joined CAAS and Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) in early October 2020 to protest the end of the state of Massachusetts’ eviction and foreclosure moratorium. The protest started in Union Square and ended with a march to Somerville City Hall.

Our mission: CAAS’s Community Organizing & Advocacy program takes a systematic approach to advancing the mission of CAAS through working

Certe Group Property Management

Certe Group Property Management

The ability to be a leader. There is power in your personal story and in life’s journey. By connecting our individual experiences to a shared vision for our community, we can build a movement of families and neighbors that will make Somerville a better city for everyone, starting with our housing.

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Are you a renter/tenant in Somerville facing one of these questions, or would you like to refer someone who needs support? Use the contact form below or call: 617-623-7370 ext. 148.

Looking for rental and eviction assistance, affordable housing search, or public benefit assistance? Use the CAAS Housing Advocacy Program (HAP) online application or call: 617-623-7370.

For assistance, use the form below. Due to the Covid-19 public health crisis, our office in Union Square is closed for walk-in appointments.

CAAS Community Organizers and the first group of Somerville residents to participate in our Leadership Development Institute (LDI) training program, posing and smiling with masks on at their award ceremony (May 2022).

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Members of the Somerville Tenants Committee smile for a group photo in Fossa Park (August 2021). From left: Matt, Akida, Denise, and Yolanda

CAAS organizers hold a virtual meeting for Somerville renters on the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00-8:30 pm (*dates subject to change; contact CAAS to confirm). The purpose of these meetings is to provide a space for renters to build community with neighbors, get support if you are struggling to pay rent or have challenges with your landlord, and learn about renters’ rights , resources and empowerment through organizing. The meetings are held in English, Spanish and Portuguese with simultaneous interpretation.

Register for the meeting here: bit.ly/Somerville-Renters If you prefer to contact the CAAS organizer directly, please contact 617-623-7370 ext. 148 or send an email to: [email protected]

Certe Group Property Management

¡Tenemos interpretation al español! Nosotros esperamos que usted pueda unirse a nosotros, for encontrarse le otros inquilinos sa communidad, tener apoyo durante este momento defesifante and aprender sobre los derechos de los inquilinos. For favors, register: bit.ly/Somerville-Renters.Si usted prefiere puede ponerse en contacto con la organizadora de CAAS Nicole Eigbrett: [email protected] o 617-623-7370 ext. 148

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Temos interpretação em português! Nós esperamos que você possa comparecer, para encontrar com os inquilinos da comunidade, ter apoio durante esse momento defesafador and aprender sobre os direitos do inquilino. For a favor, don’t register bit.ly/Somerville-Renters. Se você preferir pode entrar em contato com a organizadora Nicole Eigbrett do CAAS: [email protected] o 617-623-7370 ext. 148

Is your building for sale, recently sold, or facing an unaffordable rent increase? You don’t have to move!

CAAS partners with the City of Somerville’s Office of Housing Stabilization (OHS) to educate and support renters in situations of building sales, unaffordable rent increases, no-fault evictions, and other “market forces” causing displacement. Tenants have legal rights and you don’t have to move out.

To learn more, contact us using the form above, or email [email protected], or call 617-623-7370 ext. 148

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Working-class renters who have lived in Somerville for decades are being forced from their homes to make way for luxury apartments and condos. At 109 Walnut Street in Gilman Square, Vanessa, her mother, and her school-aged son are at risk of eviction. This is through no fault of the family, but because the apartment building was sold this fall

. We cannot accept this. Somerville residents need to show up and support our neighbors that real estate developers like Northstar Group of Compass Realty are targeting.

CAAS organized the Somerville Community Press Conference at the grand opening of the Union Square GLX station on March 21, 2022. Our tenant leaders and Community Organizers spoke to the crowd of tenants, activists and organizers, community members and elected officials.

Certe Group Property Management

Read about our Somerville Community Press Conference at the grand opening of the MBTA Green Line Extension (GLX) at this link. Vanessa and other tenants supported by CAAS bravely shared their stories of how they are resisting conviction, and called on lawmakers to act immediately to prevent further displacement.

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Renters, if you are facing an illegal eviction: your landlord is trying to physically evict you, lock you out, take your belongings, or if you have made such threats, call the Somerville Eviction Response Network : 617-623-7370 ext. 111

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CAAS and the Somerville Eviction Response Network (ERN) organized a protest against evictions in Davis Square (June 2021). Addressing the crowd on the left is Marla from the Renters’ Committee.

In January 2021, the CAAS Organizing team launched the Somerville Eviction Response Network (ERN). The ERN is a solidarity partnership of local residents, workers, and non-Somerville allies organizing together to prevent evictions and displacement in our community. We are an avowedly non-violent network and expect all our volunteer members to commit to the values ​​of non-violence. We build our local housing justice movement by:

Knowledge is power. All renters have rights, regardless of immigration status. CAAS is proud to lead the Somerville Know Your Rights Coalition (KYRC) – a partnership of City offices, attorneys, housing nonprofits, and community organizers – who want our neighbors to know whether you are giving facing eviction, struggling to pay rent, or need legal guidance, you are

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View our March 2022 Somerville Tenants’ Rights Webinar hosted in partnership with the City of Somerville’s Office of Housing Stabilization at this link.

CAAS, the Somerville Renters Committee, and the Somerville Eviction Response Network (ERN) organized a demonstration at city hall to encourage an extension of the eviction moratorium and foreclosure. The emergency order was extended until April 30, 2022 by a unanimous vote of the Board of Health.

In September, the Somerville Board of Health voted in favor of extending the local eviction moratorium from September 15, 2021 to April 30, 2022! We, the people, made our citywide ban on evictions and foreclosures a stronger policy by organizing on a grassroots basis as a community. The City of Somerville in Massachusetts has the longest municipal eviction and foreclosure moratorium (read the full ordinance here ). To learn more about the campaign to extend the eviction moratorium, visit: bit.ly/SomervilleMoratoriumVictory21

Certe Group Property Management

Homeowners in our city, other than the 2 months originally planned. It gives agencies like CAAS more time to organize and conduct outreach to people in need – which also means the work to keep our neighbors stable doesn’t stop here. Check out our programs on this page to join our local housing justice movement!

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CAAS Somerville Renters Committee staff and members hosted the 2021 Somerville Candidate Forums on Housing.

In August 2021, CAAS organizers in partnership with our Somerville Renters Committee hosted a series of three forums for Somerville housing seekers. The Renters’ Committee asked the candidates running for Mayor and City Council in Somerville to address the housing concerns and aspirations of working-class, low-income, immigrant, and housing-instability renters. face them in a different way. To view the forum recordings and review the candidates’ housing questionnaires, visit our events page.

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The CAAS organizing team worked with residents at Somerville Housing Authority’s Mystic River Apartments in Winter Hill to revitalize the Mystic Tenant Association (MTA). Elections for MTA Board members were held in February 2017, and at the beginning of April this new group of resident leaders held their first all-residential meeting. It was a great success with over forty tenants in attendance, with people actively participating in English and Spanish. The MTA Board now wants to continue building their base and engaging more and more Mystic residents from all language backgrounds.

Pearse Street Park (PSP) is a privately owned building for the elderly and disabled. When private owners sign a contract with HUD that makes their buildings affordable, there is usually a time limit; at the end of the stated time period the building returns to market rent. PSP affordability was set to expire in September of 2018. The organizing department at CAAS took note of buildings that had expired because we wanted to preserve all of Somerville’s affordable housing. We did this by helping tenants organize a tenants’ association; enable them to take actions that will improve and stabilize their housing situation; and work with management and owners to keep their housing affordable. Our efforts at Pearse Street Park have been successful: PSP affordability has been expanded.

Island Palms Apartments

CAAS organizers worked on a tenant rights activism project at the Clarendon Hills Apartments in West Somerville. The Somerville Housing Authority partnered with private developers to redevelop the site, temporarily displacing the 216 families currently living there. The redevelopment will include increasing the density of the site by adding 300 market-rate and workforce-rate housing units and rebuilding the existing affordable housing units. CAAS worked with residents to organize a tenant association that will represent tenant voices throughout the process. Due to the vulnerable population currently living in the housing project, ensure that tenant

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