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Capstone Elite Property Management – A captive insurance program can be an attractive option for businesses to gain more stability and control their insurance costs. The Captive model allows like-minded businesses to band together to share and spread risk by essentially becoming shareholders in their own insurance company.

The commercial insurance market is cyclical. A “tough market” is defined by rising premiums and premiums, as well as shrinking capacity, or the unwillingness of insurers to provide coverage and limits they were happy to provide in the past. The insurance market began to tighten in 2019 for the first time in nearly 20 years, spurred only by recent current events such as supply chain issues, political and social unrest, inflation and general economic uncertainty.

Capstone Elite Property Management

Capstone Elite Property Management

The tough insurance market affects all consumers of traditional commercial insurance products: small and large businesses, for-profit and non-profit organizations, private and publicly traded organizations. It affects some industries and lines of coverage more than others. The purpose of this article is to educate business owners and managers on how to properly prepare and identify some strategies to consider to best navigate these challenges.

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By 2022, most analysts have predicted price increases of between 12% and 15% across all areas of commercial insurance. Lines that cause growth are:

While the outlook may look bleak in the short term, there is hope for organizations willing to prioritize their risk profile and align themselves with an advisor who strategically approaches the market and creates alternative opportunities on their behalf. Current market conditions make alternative financing options, such as high deductibles or fixed agreements, viable and attractive solutions for many organizations looking to recoup their insurance costs.

While we hope to begin to turn a corner in the tightening market cycle, we remain diligent in guiding our clients through the challenging 2022 renewals, which will likely extend into next year. Please consider us a resource and feel free to contact us to discuss your organization’s unique situation.

PR Newswire – Spring House, PA., January 27 – The Capstone Group, a leading provider of risk management, insurance brokerage and employee benefits consulting services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Gregory L. Chaples as Vice President. In his new role, Chaples will be responsible for overseeing the continued growth and development of Capstone’s Property & Casualty divisions.

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“Greg’s experience, leadership and reputation within our industry will have an immediate positive impact on our company. But what ultimately led to this decision was our shared values ​​and vision for our Property & Casualty division,” said Capstone Managing Partner Kevin Fox. “As a Certified Insurance Consultant, Greg has developed a technical skill set to manage complex insurance programs. This knowledge, coupled with his ‘people-centric’ mentality, makes Greg an exceptional addition to our team.”

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Chaples spent the last 10 years of his career at renowned insurance institutions, where he gained experience in the following areas: coverage analysis, risk management, customer service, business development, management and team building.

“I look forward to working with the dedicated and talented team at Capstone, which has accomplished so much in such a short time,” said Chaples. “We are excited to build on this foundation and continue to align with the best employers and industry professionals in the region.”

Capstone Elite Property Management

Founded in 2013, Capstone Group is an independent risk management, employee benefits and insurance brokerage firm. As an up-and-coming firm in a mature industry, Capstone’s mission is to provide results-driven solutions that exceed what our clients expect from traditional insurance and benefits brokers. To achieve this goal, Capstone’s efforts culminate in attracting and retaining the best industry experts and customer service representatives as part of its team. To learn more about Capstone or submit a request, please visit:

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October is National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month. This annual event brings together government and industry leaders to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. #BeCyberSmart

Most cybercriminals are master manipulators, but that doesn’t mean all are manipulators of technology – some cybercriminals prefer the art of human manipulation.

In other words, they prefer social engineering, that is, exploiting human errors and behaviors to carry out cyber attacks. For a simple social engineering example, this could happen when a cybercriminal poses as an IT professional and asks for your login information to fix a security flaw on your device. If you provide the information, you’ve just given a malicious person the keys to your account without even hacking your email or computer.

Like most cyber threats, social engineering can take many forms and they are constantly evolving. Here we take a look at what social engineering looks like today, what types of attacks you should be aware of, and what red flags to look out for to avoid becoming a victim.

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We are pleased to announce that Thomas Fox has been promoted to Risk Management Consultant in Capstone’s Commercial Property & Casualty division, effective March 1, 2021.

Since joining Capstone in 2019, Tom has been an integral part of Capstone’s Customer Service team, serving as both an Account Management Assistant and Account Manager. In these roles, Tom was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day insurance and complex risk management needs of large corporations and non-profit organizations of all sizes.

Through his training and experience, Tom has developed skills that benefit Capstone’s current and prospective clients, including but not limited to: security and risk assessments, contract reviews, claims management, cost and coverage analysis, and carrier negotiations.

Capstone Elite Property Management

In his new role as Risk Management Consultant, Tom will be responsible for business development and identifying organizations that would benefit from the products and services offered by Capstone’s Commercial Property and Casualty division. In addition to making connections within his personal network, Tom will represent Capstone in many of the organizations and associations the company currently supports, including the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, MidAtlantic Employers Association and Life Sciences PA.

Capstone Expands Leadership Team To Position For Continued Growth

Tom graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and currently lives in the city’s Fairmount neighborhood. Passionate about expanding his knowledge and following trends in the evolving insurance industry, he was recently awarded the Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) designation.

The Capstone Group, a leading provider of risk management, employee benefits and insurance brokerage services, has announced the hiring of Ed Stefanski, Jr., Senior Benefits Consultant.

Over the past 15+ years, Ed has held various positions at some of the nation’s most respected employee benefits and banking institutions. Ed’s diverse experience in these areas and his consultative approach to creating and implementing cost-effective employee benefit programs make him an invaluable asset to Capstone’s current and prospective corporate clients.

“Our management team has known Ed for a long time, both personally and professionally,” said Kevin Fox, Managing Partner of Capstone Group. “His previous experience in various areas of our business was certainly attractive, but it is more our shared customer-centric approach and the advancement of our insurance and benefits distribution model for both employers and employees that truly make Ed a tremendous addition to the Capstone team. .”

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Ed joins Capstone Group to work with employers to address rising healthcare costs and changing regulations. He has expertise in financial analysis, health and welfare consulting, and negotiation and risk mitigation. He also specializes in the integration of new benefits programs and technology platforms to seamlessly deliver benefits to administrators and employees.

Carpooling has completely changed the transportation industry. In just a few short years, companies like Uber and Lyft have grown ridesharing into a multi-billion dollar industry. Due to the popularity of these businesses, insurers are facing the unprecedented challenge of providing adequate coverage to both drivers and passengers.

If you’re a driver, your standard auto insurance policy most likely doesn’t cover carpooling, which could leave you and your passengers unprotected or underinsured in the event of an accident. In fact, most personal auto policies specifically exclude the use of the vehicle as a commercial travel service.

Capstone Elite Property Management

Getting the right coverage is tricky because there’s no way to tell if the car is being used personally or as a carpool or in storage. Coverage is generally based on the owner/primary operator’s average commute and residence or vehicle operation; but in carrying passengers the vehicle may be driven any distance, crossing city or even state lines.

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Mark Maucere, senior vice president of AmWins Transportation Underwriters, Inc., says, “Our pricing [for transportation classes] is based on an A to B mechanism, and the problem with these operations is that we don’t know when the car. it’s outside or in the garage, we don’t know the experience of the driver, the maintenance of the car or how it’s otherwise used.”

Companies are looking for a solution, but since the business is so new, very little information can be used in the underwriting and interest rate development process. Maucere says, “There’s an opportunity here and we’d love to look at those lines of business if we could underwrite it properly and set it around the interest rate… But it’s very difficult until you can grab that data and verify some of it. to

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