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Calsur Property Management – PARIS, Texas () – The First National Bank building downtown on the square has sat empty for years, but the building’s new owner wants to renovate it. He says the city of Paris won’t allow him to make these upgrades.

“The point is that the law requires that a dangerous building with deficiencies” be red tagged. That allows the building owner to do the repairs,” Alarid said.

Calsur Property Management

Calsur Property Management

But City Manager John Godwin says a building must be found to be structurally unsound to ‘red tag’.

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“The owner of the property suggested that it is not structurally sound, but we have asked him to give us an engineering report and we have not received such an engineering report, so as far as we know, it is structurally sound. The wall which is in The question is a facade wall, it is not the wall that holds the building up, so if it were to fall, partially fall or fall apart, as far as we know the rest of the building would be good,” Godwin said.

He says he won’t pay a cent and blame the city if the wall falls.

“The city refuses to follow the law and they are liable. They try to say that I refuse, I do not refuse. I asked them to intervene and they refused,” added Alarid.

Godwin says that all parties involved have come to an agreement on what to do, but Alarid is not cooperating.

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“Well, I think the only middle ground is for everybody to go out there on the site, meet and agree on what can be done to take care of the problem,” Godwin said. “That happened, and he refused to participate.”

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