Bsfr Property Management

Bsfr Property Management – The following deeds were filed in the office of the Iredell County Register of Deeds from February 13-19. For more information on specific parcels, visit

From M. and J. Hannon to Globevest Capital Real Estate US LP, (Lot 249), 318 Hermance Lane, Mooresville, $2,610,000, February 18.

Bsfr Property Management

Bsfr Property Management

From M. and H. Ajjan to E. Hamer and D. Struck Jr. Lot 1345 of The Point, 125 Milford Circle, Mooresville, $1,838,000, February 18.

Alwaleed To Buy 16% Of Saudi Fransi From Credit Agricole

From Nest Homes, LLC to J. and L. Werder, (Lot 16), 305 Wilson Lake Road, Mooresville, $1,611,500, February 14.

From Brownstone Ridge Development, LLC to Brown Cobble Hollow Development, LLC, multiple lots and lots, Lots 1-12 and 17-25 Kepli Way and Jentri Way, Mooresville, $1,575,000, Feb. 17.

From McLelland Apartments, LLC to Wellspring Carolina Investments, LLC, two tracts, 7.702 acres and 0.45 acres, West Center Avenue, Mooresville, $1,382,500, Feb. 16.

From Peachtree Residential, LLC and Peachtree Residential NC, LLC to T. and P. Green, Lot 10 Ridge Walk, 134 Broad Birch Drive, Davidson, 847, $500, Feb. 15.

Saudi Pension Agency’s Property Arm Commences Operations

From G. and G. and S. and S. and A. and A. and K. and K. and M. and M. and J. and J. Wood to C. Watford, Targets and Boundaries, 4926 Harmony Highway, Hamptonville, $185,000, February 18.

From M. and M. Watts and M. Centofante/AIF to J. and A. Johnson, two tracts, one acre and 0.967 acre, 3406 Harmony Highway, Harmony, and Woodland Bend Drive, Harmony, $261,000, February. 16.

From T. Wilson III and B. Reavis to T. and M. Dobbins, Lot 3 Sheffield Acres, 829 Sheffield Road, Harmony, $63,000, Feb. 16.

Bsfr Property Management

From A. Carter and C. Anderson to L. Gonzalez, Lot 40 of Sagefield, 147 Cedarvale Drive, Harmony, $4,500, Feb. 18

Changes In Vegetation Structure And Gopher Tortoise Population Structure After 17 Years Of Restoration Management

From QE Ventures, LLC to Kaya Properties, LLC, 0.35 acre, 220 E. Center Ave., Mooresville, $218,000, Feb. 14.

By G. and G. Yorganson and J. Hawkey Jr. to K. Mateer and F. Henninghausen, Target and Boundaries, 739 N. Church St., Mooresville, $250,500, Feb. 14.

From K. Wood and J. Stokley to E. and R. Babcock, Lot 1 Lakewalk, 114 Tomahawk Drive, Mooresville, $595,000, Feb. 14.

By QE Ventures, LLC. to Kaya Properties, LLC., 0.22 acre, 214 E. Center Ave., Mooresville, $135,000, Feb. 14.

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Bank Of America Loses Saudi Investment Bank Head To Efg Hermes

From A. Allen/Indvl and AIF and A. and A. Allen to D. Dickinson, Lot 7 Lake Vista, 143 Shoreview Drive, Mooresville, $520,000, Feb. 14.

From M. El Fasi and N. El Fasi to J. Pettigrew, Lot 52 Templeton Bay, 115 Pauls Lane, Mooresville, $685,000, Feb. 14.

From T. and T. Gill to D. and B. Tobias, Lot 1095 Woodburn Crossing, 151 Limerick Road, Unit E, Mooresville, $210,000, Feb. 14.

Bsfr Property Management

From J. and L. Stewart to D. and J. Smith, Lot 59 Linwood Farms, 183 Golden Valley Drive, Mooresville, $408,000, Feb. 14.

Iredell County Real Estate Transactions: July 7 16

From M. and M. Howe, M. Smith and S. Howe to M. and A. Sullivan, (Lot 19), 129 Bobby Lee Lane, Mooresville, $40,000, February 14.

From D. and D. and J. Torres to US Property Partners LLC, Lot 21 of Winborne, 115 Endicott Court, Mooresville, $290,000, Feb. 14.

From J. and D. and D. Meadows to J. Drye and C. Pickard, 0.434 acre, 283 N. Church St., Mooresville, $117,000, Feb. 14.

From US Property Partners LLC to BAF3, LLC, Lot 21 of Winborne, 115 Endicott Court, Mooresville, $315,000, February 14.

Broward Roof Top Pool Leaks Water Into Homes, Forces 250 To Evacuate

From W. Tulbert to RM1 SFR Propco B, L.P., Lot 126 at Harris Village, 122 Garden Gate Lane, Mooresville, $422,000, Feb. 14.

From Orrell’s Food Service, Inc. to T. Orrell/TR and Tony R. Orrell Revocable Trust, (Lot 55), 173 Riverwood Road, Mooresville, $450,000, Feb. 14.

From Pinkerton Properties, LLC to N. and J. Tucker, (Lots 1-3), 1319 Mount Ulla Highway, Mooresville, $570,000, February 14.

Bsfr Property Management

From Offerpad SPV Borrower G, LLC to P. Heilman and G. Westmoreland, lots 27-29 of Trexler Heights, 312 Cook St., Mooresville, $268,000, Feb. 14.

St. Johns County Real Estate Transactions

From E. and E. Bohn to A. Allen, Lot 17 Brook Glen, 174 Brook Glen Drive, Mooresville, $340,000, Feb. 15.

From C. Farrell and T. Farrell/AIF to V. McClelland/TR and The Vicki L. McClelland Revocable Trust, Lot 30A Yards at Brawley Point, Mooresville, $500,000, Feb. 15.

From A. and J. Davis to W. Tulbert and S. Russell, Lot 9 of Ashlyn Creek, 133 Branchview Drive, Mooresville, $510,000, Feb. 15.

From J. Bradham to L. Maia, Lot T28 of Waterlynn, 142 Silverspring Place, Unit B, Mooresville, $263,000, Feb. 15.

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Voters Guide 2020 By East Cobber Magazine

From C. Caldwell to Smoky Mountain Equity LLC, metes and bounds, 150 Kerr St., Mooresville, $100,000, Feb. 15.

From N. Wheeler and E. Hemmerle to C. and O. Torres, Lots 18 and 19 Patterson Heights, 544 Biltmore St., Mooresville, $190,000, Feb. 15.

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to L. Irminger, Lot 293 of Atwater Landing, 388 Preston Road, Mooresville, $530,000, Feb. 15.

Bsfr Property Management

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to J. Shady, Lot 66 of Lakewalk, 157 Hanks Bluff Drive, Mooresville, $424,000, Feb. 15.

Misconceptions Of Cutting Trees

From Nest Homes of the Carolinas, LLC to A. and J. Davis, Lot 15 of Sills Creek Plantation, 117 Sills Creek Lane, Mooresville, $696,000, Feb. 15.

From Nest Homes, LLC to Helmsman Homes, LLC, (Lot 2), 1502 Mount Ulla Highway, Mooresville, $125,000, February 16.

From Offerpad SPE Borrower A, LLC to R. and L. Barondess and M. and A. Collins, Lot 12 Pecan Hills, 169 Pecan Hills Drive, Mooresville, $480,000, Feb. 16.

From D. and M. Disharoon to D. and M. Parks, Lot 62 at Gibbs Cove, 114 S. Gibbs Road, Mooresville, $538,000, Feb. 16.

University Of Georgia Magazine December 2016 By University Of Georgia Alumni Magazine

From K. Isaacs-Olagunju, K. Isaacs Olagunju and K. Olagunju to Opendoor Property J, LLC, Lot 51 Johnson Manor, 108 Boxtail Way, Mooresville, $357,000, Feb. 16.

From S. and R. Miller to Offerpad SPE Borrower A, LLC, Lot 14 of Trillium Way, 161 Eagles Landing Drive, Mooresville, $557,500, Feb. 16.

From NVR, Inc. to D. Wu, Lot 66B Langtree at Waterfront, 108 Helm Lane, Mooresville, $365,500, Feb. 16.

Bsfr Property Management

From C. and J. Theobald to BSFR I Owners I L.P., Lot 50 Mills Pond, 221 Creek View Road, Mooresville, $275,000, Feb. 16.

Kenton Recorder 02/25/21 By Enquirer Media

From Morrison Suites, LLC to OFM Properties, LLC, Fast Lane Condominiums, Unit 1, 129 Fast Lane, Mooresville, $800,000, February 16.

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to T. and K. Moran, Lot 440 of Atwater Landing, 398 Preston Road, Mooresville, $507,000, Feb. 16.

From E. and E. Kendall and A. Kendall/AIF to J. and M. Keever, Lots, Cove View Park, 138 Cove View Drive, Mooresville, $80,000, Feb. 16.

From K. Wolfmeyer, L. Treadaway and K. Beyersdorf to A. and A. and K. and K. Wilkinson, Targets and Boundaries, 2260 Highway, Mooresville, $120,000, Feb. 16.

Brookfield Buys Controlling Stake In Sfr Landlord Conrex

M. and V. McClelland to N. Watts, Lot 3 of Lake Norman Airpark, 120 Airplane Court, Mooresville, $1,133,000, Feb. 16.

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From Equity Trust Company to S. Huntley, Lot 4 Grace Meadows, 130 Carolina Wren Drive, Mooresville, $161,000, Feb. 17.

D. and D. and J. Wigfield to D. Goodrich, metes and bounds, 613 Brookwood St., Mooresville, $225,000, Feb. 17.

Bsfr Property Management

From Zillow Homes Property Trust to Y. and V. Nicholson, Lot 99 at Kensington Village, 139 N. Cromwell Drive, Mooresville, $455,000, Feb. 17.

Things To Do To Increase Land Productivity

From Good Life Properties LLC to B2 Properties LLC, Lot 8 of River Park, 109 Magnolia Park Drive, Mooresville, $205,000, Feb. 17.

From M/I Homes of Charlotte, LLC to J. Perez, J. Correa Perez, M. Salazar and M. Tebares Salazar, 127 of Heritage at Neel Ranch 107 W. Neel Ranch Road, Mooresville, $401, $500, Feb. 17.

From W. and M. Bonnin to G. and S. McKee, Lot 71 at the harbor, 281 Bay Harbor Road, Mooresville, $600,000, Feb. 17.

C. and C. Staines to Rayna Properties LLC, Lot 13 in Hampshire, 118 Hampshire Drive, Mooresville, $312,500, Feb. 17.

Iredell County Real Estate: Feb. 13 19

From W. Graham to T. Reid, Station 115 Condominium, 135 Locomotive Lane, Unit 102, Mooresville, $180,000, Feb. 17.

B. and C. Larson to J. Schonbrun and S. Clark, Lot 160 of Bells Crossing, 329 S. San Agustin Drive, Mooresville, $1,045,000, Feb. 17.

From TENC Investments, LLC to M. and L. Prince, 0.37 acre, 349 Moore Ave., Mooresville, $170,000, Feb. 17.

Bsfr Property Management

Smoky Mountain Equity LLC to Mercury Real Estate LLC of Virginia, 150 Kerr St., Mooresville, $136,000, Feb. 17.

Thinking Big: Using Ai To Manage Natural Resources

From P. Mukhtar and J. and J. Jaramillo to S. Osorio, Lot 42 of Winslow Bay, 143 Coronilla Road, Mooresville, $320,000, Feb. 17.

From T. and K. and K. Wilson to Galaxy Property Management and Investments, LLC, in bounds, 370 Sharpe St., Mooresville, $70,000, Feb. 17.

From D. and T. Pedulla to V. Pedulla, Lot 3 Quail Run, 844 Linwood Road, Mooresville, $325,000, Feb. 17.

By C. Fry/Indvl & AIF, C. Fry/Indvl

Ccpt June 29

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