Bsfr Property Management Llc

Bsfr Property Management Llc – This is a partial list of real estate transactions of single-family homes and apartments purchased during the indicated period. The data is based on the filing of the warranty and not the closing. The subdivision, addresses or lot identification numbers generally appear as on courthouse records.

Questions about this information? The data above was compiled from public records by Metro Market Trends, a provider of real estate sales, tracking, market share reporting and analysis information for the southern region. The information was purchased and printed without independent verification by The Record. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-239-1668.

Bsfr Property Management Llc

Bsfr Property Management Llc

St. Augustine Ocean & Racquet Club, 880 A1A Beach Blvd., Unit 8302, 32080, Drewry Paul & Valerie, $499,000

The Log: Summer 2018 By Warnell School Of Forestry & Natural Resources

Rio Del Mar Condo, 121 Rio Del Mar St. C, 32080, Welker Judy & Scott & Stanley, $280,000

St. Augustine Ocean & Racquet Club, 880 A1A Beach Blvd. 5121, 32080, Ramia Angela L & Roger A, $516,000

Villas Of Ocean Gate Condo, Montego Bay Court 417, 32080, Douglas A & Elizabeth J Barrow T, $590,000

Las Palmas On The Intracoastal C, 1070 Bella Vista Blvd. 12-126, 32084, Betty D Morgan Living Trust, $220,000

Kenton Recorder 02/25/21 By Enquirer Media

Grand Cay Villas at Ponte Vedra Condo, 120 Veracruz Drive 816, 32082, Humphreys Debra L & Mark J, $306,000

Villa San Marco Condo, 305 N Villa San Marco Drive 203, 32086, George Lorena & Michael W, $210,000

Villa Del Mar Cluster Homes, 101 Villa Del Mar Drive G-4, 32082, Frances M Jabbour Living Trust, $320,000

Bsfr Property Management Llc

St. Johns Golf & Country Club, St. 398 Johns Golf Drive, 32092, Thorpe Jason M & Kimberly M, $630,000

Recognizes Outstanding Graduates Under

Belle Haven of St. Augustine Condo, 117 Laurel Wood Way 205, 32086, Mcdonough Joseph F & Cathy L, $262,000

Grand Cay Villas at Ponte Vedra Condo, 190 Veracruz Drive 126, 32082, Jordan Jack R T & Maria-Fe M, $210,000

St. Johns Golf & Country Club, 829 Eagle Point Drive, 32092, Ankerich Joseph K & Natalie H, $900,000

Ocean Grove at Ponte Vedra Condo, 3 Arbor Club Drive 107, 32082, Vanek Martha A & Martin A, $235,000

Bald Eagles Are Georgia’s Water Resources

St. Johns Golf & Country Club, 1821 Forest Glen Way, 32092, Heck Alton B Jr & Carissa K, $650,000

Players Club Villas Condo, 50 Players Club Villas Road, 32082, Quinn Eugene Jr & Pegeen M, $391,700

Indian Creek at Cimarrone Golf & Country Club, 3436 Indian Creek Blvd., 32259, Elsbernd Reed A & Suzanna, $712,000

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Bsfr Property Management Llc

South Beach at Ponte Vedra, 132 S Beach Drive, 32084, James D & Sue C Balger Revoc Tru, $336,700

Bridge Property Management

Las Palmas On The Intracoastal C, 3015 Aqua Vista Ln 19-303, 32084, Jordan Brian R & Maureen, $249,000

St. Augustine Bch & Tennis Club Condo, 4 Ocean Trace Road 119, 32080, Fitzsimmons Chelsea & William, $495,000

Old Town Villages Condo, 140 Old Town Pkwy 3104, 32084, Faaet Joseph R & Munn Marene J, $210,000

Las Palmas On The Intracoastal C, 4015 Grande Vista Blvd. 24-103, 32084, Desalvio Karen & Nacca Richard, $225,000 The barrier to entry into the housing market today has risen so high that even wealthy people are holding off on buying homes. A 2018 study from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies found that high earners are increasingly renting.

Iredell County Real Estate: Feb. 13 19

An out-of-state company backed by a Wall Street private equity firm has bought hundreds of homes as rental properties in Hinds, Rankin and Madison counties, and more purchases are planned.

The move to the Jackson metro, which has the potential to affect both homeowners and renters and fundamentally change the real estate market for years to come, has occurred largely under the radar of many elected officials and residents themselves.

Since last year, Conrex MasterLLChas in South Carolina has purchased 530 properties, said Josh Torrence, market director of Conrex’s Ridgeland office. Those properties are in every section of Jackson — including the Belhaven and Fondren neighborhoods — as well as Madison, Canton, Brandon, Pearl, Richland, Clinton and Byram.

Bsfr Property Management Llc

“We’re here to stay. I’m not sure exactly how many properties we plan to buy, but more are on the way,” Torrences said.

Jacksonville Daily Record 10/29/21 By Daily Record & Observer Llc

While some see Conrex’s investment as a positive — putting homes that would otherwise remain vacant into circulation and using local contractors for the work — others worry about property values, the changing character of neighborhoods, declining prospects for first-time home buyers and the company ‘s long term. -term commitment.

Conrex will not provide a complete list of properties, and only properties that are currently available to rent are listed on their website. Using land rolls, the Clarion Ledger was able to identify more than 300 properties owned by Conrex or a partner. The map below shows the properties we can confirm are owned or managed by Conrex.

Torrence described Conrex as a local company with 10 employees based out of a Ridgeland office. Secretary of State records show Conrex formed a MississippiLLC in August.

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“We are local. We operate in 19 different markets, but as a whole we are local. We have an office in Ridgeland and local people do the renovations,” he said.

Price Hill Press 01/27/21 By Enquirer Media

However, the parent company was founded in South Carolina in 2011 with an eye on the single-family home market. Short for Connorex-Lucinda, the company bills itself as one of the fastest growing property management companies in metro areas in the Southeast and Midwest.

It owns more than 8,000 properties and boasts the purchase of more than 400 properties per month, according to its website. It’s aggressive entry into metro Jackson parallels a drive by Wall Street private equity funds in recent years to add single-family homes to their portfolios. .

Conrex is affiliated with private equity firm AG Mortgage TrustInc., which has acquired 1,225 single-family rental homes in the Southeast from funds affiliated with Conrex, according to Business Wire. The fine print on property deeds in metro Jackson confirms this connection.

Bsfr Property Management Llc

The company says it mainly buys properties where there is an undersupply of affordable housing and converts them into rental homes; he usually rents a house three to four months after acquiring the property.

Brownsburg Property Management, Brownsburg Property Managers, Brownsburg, In Property Management Companies

“This is the first I’ve heard of them,” said Jackson Ward 1 Councilman Ashby Foote. “I think if they buy all these properties, that’s a company we might want to look at.”

Jackson Ward 7 Councilwoman Virgi Lindsay advised due diligence on the part of homeowners in communities where Conrex has purchased properties.

“There is nothing worse than an absentee landlord, so it is very important that the community hold them accountable, get names and phone numbers of people they can reach out to. The homeowners in the communities need to be able to monitor the company,” she said. said.

Brandon Mayor Butch Lee said he was not familiar with the company or their plans. He said the end results could be a good thing.

University Of Georgia Magazine Spring 2018 By University Of Georgia Alumni Magazine

“…You see it especially in older neighborhoods, where people buy houses and turn them into rental properties. It can make the neighbors uncomfortable, but sometimes (rental property owners) take better care of those properties than the (home) ) owners,” said Lee said.

A major concern with rental properties is the belief that their presence – if not balanced – will lead to a decline in neighborhood values.

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Lindsay, whose ward covers 7 parts of Fondren, Belhaven and Belhaven Heights in Jackson, said home ownership is preferable from a community standpoint as owners tend to take better care of their property. However, she said “healthy” neighborhoods include mixed-income rental properties, though it’s a cautious ratio.

Bsfr Property Management Llc

“You really want to have a nice mix. Ideally, rentals aren’t bad, but the question is whether or not the management company allows the tenant to eventually become homeowners. If you don’t have that, it can change the face of the whole neighborhood changes,” she said.

Campbell Recorder 01/14/21 By Enquirer Media

Bill Brister, a finance professor at Millsaps College who lives in north Fondren, said Conrex has bought 10 properties in his neighborhood. If all these leases go as expected, he fears that it could change the character of the neighborhood.

“There’s a healthy balance between home ownership and renting in a neighborhood,” Bristersaid. “I’m not against renting, but there’s always a concern about absentee landlords—especially from out of state—who have less incentive to maintain the property or improve the property. Sometimes, in fact, they let the properties run down.”

“Is Conrex going to be a good corporate sponsor with the city? Will they give back to the city, get involved? Will they provide money for parks, that kind of thing. What’s their long-term commitment?” he asked.

Lee said that in some cases, rental property owners provide better maintenance than some property owners, thereby increasing the property value of an area.

Boone Recorder 01/14/21 By Enquirer Media

“If they have high property maintenance codes, or standards, that can be a good thing for a community.”

Torrence made the same argument. He said the company follows detailed standards for renovation and maintenance and hires local contractors. Some long-vacant properties are being used, he said, increasing property values.

Conrex employs four maintenance workers to oversee more than 500 properties throughout the Jackson metro area. Torrence said the number was sufficient, thought the number of workers could increase with future purchases.

Bsfr Property Management Llc

Torrence also shot down suggestions that Conrex would engage in questionable practices used by other investor-driven companies that have been denounced in some media outlets, such as charging tenant fees for maintenance requests or

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