Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg – ‘Couldn’t do anything’: Winnipeg property management company pleads for implementation of Covid-19 protocol | News is loaded

A property management company is calling for the implementation of public health protocols for Covid-19, which many of its residents ignore because there are no personal consequences.

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

Brenda Bridges, head of Bridges Property Management, called on the province of Manitoba to introduce enforcement measures for Covid-19 protocols. (Provided by Bridges Property Management)

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Bridges Property Management says it has received numerous calls from residents and site staff that neighbors returning from trips are not isolating themselves, and that physical distancing – or keeping two meters away from anyone outside your family – is being ignored. But the company can do nothing more than contact non-compliant residents, because there are no enforcement penalties in Manitoba.

Brenda Bridges, president of Bridges Property Management, said the company went public last weekend after receiving a call from a tenant who tried to use the elevator to deliver food.

“Someone was riding up and down the elevator and wouldn’t let her in,” Bridges told the News on Monday.

“She wanted me to go and help her, but I couldn’t do anything,” she said, panting.

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The management company has sent instructions to its residents, including protocols such as physical distancing in their buildings and only driving with one person. The company has locked exercise rooms and removed furniture from their lobbies, but people continue to work and gather to socialize, Bridges said.

When the company calls residents to say they’re not following protocols, the phone is hung up, or the people say it’s our place and do whatever they want, Bridges said.

Bridges Property Management operates 175 apartment and condominium buildings in Winnipeg and Brandon, representing more than 5,500 units. Many of these units are privately owned condominiums, Bridges said.

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

The company has reached out to the Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg City Council, the province and two property management associations for guidance, but nothing can be done until enforcement, Bridges said.

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The company said Manitoba is following the lead of provinces like Ontario that have passed laws to implement public health orders, but now the company is giving out $100 monthly checks to residents who follow the protocols, she said. .

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“A lot of people are going to die if somebody doesn’t step in and give us some help,” Bridges said.

As of 9:30 a.m. Monday, public health officials have identified a total of 204 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Manitoba. There are 185 active Covid-19 cases in the state. 17 people have recovered from the disease and 2 people have contracted the virus.

Manitoba’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Brent Rusin, said Monday that it’s important that people take public health protocols seriously.

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“When you go in large groups and (don’t follow this advice), you’re putting yourself and other Manitobans at risk. You’re putting our front-line health care workers at risk,” Rusin said.

“We need Manitobans to understand that this is serious. This is life and death for Manitobans right now. We need to act now and we expect all Manitobans to follow these orders.”

Property managers are grappling 2 years ago Duration 2:13 Common areas, elevators present Covid-19 risks, social distancing challenges in multifamily buildings.

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Police Service told reporters Monday that it is not part of its mandate to enforce public health protocols unless mandated by the city of Winnipeg or the province.

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Meanwhile, the Winnipeg mayor’s office confirmed it received an email from Bridges Property Management, which was forwarded to the chief administrative officer, advising the company to consult with the province.

Jeremy Davis, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, told the News in an email Monday that “the province of Manitoba has the authority to enforce their public health orders and they have advised us that they are enforcing them.”

Mayor Brian Bowman later told reporters that he wanted that clarity “soon,” as the city fielded several questions about people ignoring physical distancing from Winnipeggers.

“If we can work to support and support the state’s efforts, that’s something we will do,” said Bowman, who has been pressing the issue with the state for several days but has yet to get any direction.

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“Every passing day, people are putting their own safety and the safety of our community at risk if they don’t follow the recommendations from Manitoba Health.”

During Monday’s daily news briefing, Roussin and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister alluded to the fact that the enforcement situation is evolving — though they didn’t give any details on what the penalties might be.

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Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living is aware of the situation at Bridges Property Management, a spokesperson told The News in an email on Monday.

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

“Current public health orders apply to businesses and public places. Public health officials are focusing on educating the public about the importance of self-isolation,” the spokesperson said.

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Last month, Pallister announced rental foreclosures and an extension to several eviction hearings until May 31. The exception was for health and safety concerns.

The only recourse in situations like the one described by Bridges Property Management is to file for bankruptcy, said Avrom Charach, a spokesman for the Association of Professional Property Managers.

“You can terminate a tenancy for a security breach,” said Charach, referring to recent discussions with the Residents’ Tenancy Branch.

Avrom Charach, a spokesman for the Association of Professional Property Managers, said the only action a landlord can take to evict a tenant now is to go to a security hearing. (Gary Solillac/)

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“In this situation, if someone is hacking and drawing in the hallway, you can do that. I’m not sure how quickly you can do it. But certainly if someone disobeys orders and gets sick – and you know that – that’s the only action you can take.”

Char told the News that he spoke to Brenda Bridges about her concerns and then spoke to other companies to see if they were having similar problems.

“Most of us today don’t have the same concerns that she’s facing,” said Chach at Key for Properties Inc. Residents who live in buildings under the ownership – the vice president of the company – said, “It is very scary to see.” Anyone in the hallway. Company growth is impressive amid narrow margins By: Murray McNeill Posted: 1:00 AM CST Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 Last Updated: 7:06 AM CST Monday, December 9, 2013

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

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About a year after moving back to Winnipeg from British Columbia, Brenda Bridges, a single mother with a two-year-old son, left her full-time job with the city’s oldest and largest property management firm to open her own condominium. – Management business.

Bridges started property management in the basement of her Berry Street home with just one client — the 99-unit Garden City Complex Condo Corporation.

Joe Brixa / Winnipeg Free Press Brenda Bridges started 17 years ago managing a complex out of her basement and has built up one of the province’s leading condo-management companies.

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“I wanted to see if I could make money for myself and not for somebody else,” Braids explained in a recent interview. “I did everything. I was the accountant, the (property) manager, the maintenance guy — the whole ball of wax. I thought if I got five condo corporations… that would be enough.”

Fast forward nearly 18 years and Bridges Property Management is now one of the largest condo-management companies in the county. It has more than 80 condominiums, with 5,000-plus units, under management.

“We’ve more than doubled the amount (of assets under management) in the last four years,” Bridges said. “At this time four years ago I had two property managers and today I have six.”

Brydges Property Management Winnipeg

Doug Forbes, a condominium attorney with Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP, said such progress is not easy.

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And while consolidation in recent years has reduced the number of condo-management companies operating in Manitoba, it’s still a competitive business with other big players – Ackman Management Ltd. and Stevenson Management Services Ltd. – that have been around for a long time. A century.

“(So) this is a huge achievement,” Forbes said. “It’s a great development, and I’m not sure anyone can replicate it, although some are trying.”

Bridges and Forbes said some of the growth could be attributed to an increase in the number of condo buildings in the state.

Forbes said that in the early 1990s, there were about 300 registered condo corporations.

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