Brycorp Property Management

Brycorp Property Management – Beautiful Atria condos are located at 101 Market and encompass an entire city block bounded by First and Second Avenues and Market and Island. Atria is conveniently located in downtown San Diego’s Marina District and is surrounded by high-rise luxury condos.

Atria’s prime location is walking distance to grocery stores, Westfield Mall, Horton Plaza, Seaport Village, San Diego Bay, and more. Atria residents enjoy a variety of concierge services, onsite management, state-of-the-art fitness center, community rooftop deck with BBQ, media room, downtown views, and secure underground parking. There is so much to love about Atria condos!

Brycorp Property Management

Brycorp Property Management

Atria condos leave absolutely nothing to be desired. What makes the Atria experience so special has a lot to do with its incredibly convenient location and the beauty of the neighborhood. Minutes from the Gaslamp Quarter and the best boutiques in downtown San Diego, Atria offers a variety of opportunities for a high-end yet casual lifestyle. Sounds tempting?

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With Neuman & Neuman, you can have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. It’s our mission to make people happy by helping them find their perfect home and Atria Condos could be the perfect choice for you! Contact us and we’ll help you find the condo that speaks to your soul.

San Diego’s Marina District is known for the unique lifestyle it offers its residents. From gorgeous waterfronts and high-end boutiques to quaint townhouses, this urban neighborhood has a lot to offer. Families, young professionals, and retirees alike will find the Marina District and Atria Condos in particular a phenomenal place to live, work, and play. And with the help of Neuman & Neuman, your ideal home is just one step away!

No matter what type of property you plan to purchase, you need experienced real estate agents to help you do it right. There is little room for error when it comes to buying a new home. That’s why Newman & Newman goes to great lengths to provide its neighbors with a hassle-free real estate experience.

For more than 38 years, Neuman & Neuman has been at the forefront of the real estate industry, making countless San Diego neighbors happy with their new homes. With our vast experience and expertise in the business, we are your best choice if you need professional help to find your dream home.

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We don’t stop at the luxe Atria condominiums. In fact, we bring you countless luxury condos in San Diego. Whatever San Diego neighborhood you want to live in, contact us and we’ll help you find your forever home.

Maybe the charming Watermark condos or the cozy 235 on the market condos are the right choice for you? No one but you can know this for sure! All we can do is give you all the support and information you need to ensure your San Diego real estate experience is nothing but enjoyable. We have no other choice. Contact us today and let’s start browsing for your ideal home! I have been very vocal in my opinion about how much I love old architecture; Recycling our resources and being kind to the places we live. When my contact emailed me to let me know there was a new subdivision being built in Burlington that might be worth an interview, I hesitated. That is, until I heard that it was specifically planned to contain and protect the wetlands it was being built on. That caught my attention. We must face the fact that construction will continue as long as humans exist. There must be responsible ways to do this without damaging the land we build on.

Michael, Christine and Jerry Bryant joined me on a beautiful day last month at a luxury model home on a hilltop to explain what their business and project is all about. It was located right next to the house being built that they themselves will be living in this fall with their baby daughter.

Brycorp Property Management

“We started BryCorp in 1984,” Jerry shared. (He is Michael’s father and Christine’s father-in-law.) “My brother Bill and I started out as excavation contractors and gradually started building houses and building roads. Six years ago or so, Bill and I struck out on our own and Michael took over the company. Ran with the mic. That’s where we stand today.”

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Christine is a licensed Realtor who co-lists homes with Summerfield Realty and handles marketing for BryCorp. She works closely with buyers to customize their homes just the way they want, from flooring to fixtures, paint and wall trim.

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The company does the excavation itself and hires subcontractors for house building, framing, sheet rocking and the like. Jerry is now the company’s chief consultant.

“I go to wetlands meetings and that kind of thing,” Jerry said. “The members of the commission know me because I have done business 30 years ago. They have seen me many times and there is a certain level of trust that I have developed. “

Clearwater Creek, the conservation project that introduced me to the company, is about 75 acres with 35 lots for homes.

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“We knew we wanted to go down the conservation subdivision route,” Michael said. “The property is a Nepag reservoir property. Initially when we were planning the layout of the road we had several options. The property has road frontage on two different roads. We wanted to have entrances to minimize the impact on wetland crossings on land. “

“After some layouts, we were able to create the entire project with zero buildings touching the wetland crossing. There are a total of three large wetland crossings on the property. We were able to include all of them as sensitive areas for conservation.”

About 30 acres, or about 40%, of the property is in conservation areas. Residents will be able to interact with and respect the wildlife and the land, as it naturally exists.

Brycorp Property Management

“Yeah, then they put a series of different alignments in the fields and Michael and I went out and walked them,” Jerry explained. “We look at one and say, ‘No, this doesn’t work or you have to move it’. There was a lot of back and forth, design time, go back and walk areas. There was more than any other development I’ve worked on. It was significant. “

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BryCorp chose to work on this development in Burlington because of their roots there, but also because of the very unique nature of wells in Burlington.

Will be developed,” Jerry said. “Most of it is watershed and state forest. We liked this land because of its location near the reservoir and Burlington Falls. It was difficult to develop but we are happy to achieve it. So we spent a lot of time making roads and houses flush with the ground, not the other way around. Others will move heaven and earth to make the roads fit. We spent a lot of time and obviously a lot of money building it this way. It certainly wasn’t the cheapest, or highest density plan we could have built. But we knew that going in. That was not the goal. The goal was to produce a project we could be proud of.”

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“It’s not just about the money,” Michael said. “That’s a point of pride in the quality of land, development, homes and materials we use. Although things are not less expensive, we think they are perfect for our work. The end result is a beautiful, high-quality home.”

Part of the conservation aspect of Clearwater Creek is an integrated environmentally responsible stormwater management system. Once they set the layout, around 10 total rain gardens, including level spreaders and bioswales, discovered stormwater management to use land and rain; All examples of using land grading, native vegetation and other non-destructive techniques to recycle stormwater and snow melt from infrastructure and into the environment.

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“These measures use vegetation fed by rainwater to filter out pollutants,” explained Christine. “Storm water runoff is one of the major pollutants of our water. This helps in recharging the aquifer with clean water. It’s like a natural process in undeveloped land, so we tried to mimic that.”

“Usually … they have these huge holding ponds,” Jerry explained. “You have to destroy a lot of land to build those things and they’re expensive and difficult for the city.”

Because of their responsible planning, neighboring landowners (and their response, ) BryCorp easily passed zoning and hearings with the city, which is no small feat in zoning.

Brycorp Property Management

“We were also very careful about where we put the conservation lines,” Christine said. “Especially in areas that are important to address water quality, riparian areas, steep slopes… we tried to keep most of the developed areas so that those conservation points are just the beginning.

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