Boyd & Hassell Property Management

Boyd & Hassell Property Management – The following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in the Erie County Clerk’s Office records for the week ending October 8, 2021.

• 167 Montbleu Drive, Catherine L. Krueger; Daniel C. Krueger to Chelsea J. Netter; Christopher R. Netter, $418,000.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

• 164 Randwood Drive, Blessed Jacqueline B Walker; Blessed Michael L. Alla A. Costantini; Kevin C. Costantini, $380,000.

S Josephine Boyd St, Greensboro, Nc 27403

• 403 Mill St., Christopher P. Plewinski; Stacey C. Plewinski to Jeanette S. Denick; Mario L. Hicks, $305,000.

• 137 Chestnut Hill Ln S, Lois R. Bellan; Robert J. Bellan to Wentao Cao; Meng Qi, $281,500.

• 202 Patrice Terrace, Denise Forster; dawn geery; Lindsay Mead to Michael J. Broadbent; Molly S. Broadbent, $272,000.

• Irrevocable Trust of 116 East Royal Parkway, Stephen A&linda C Lisicki; Stephen A&linda C Lisicki Irrevocable Trust Tr a Robert A. Hunt, $190,000.

Jacksonville Daily Record 5/8/19 By Daily Record & Observer Llc

• 950 Hopkins Rd Unit C, Brian S. Perelstein; Jennifer L. Perelstein to Sciandra/sullivan Revocable Trust Tr, $165,000.

• 553 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Donald G Braun Irrevocable Trust 032410 Tr a Saleh Ghadiyali; Nadia Malik, $130,000.

• 46 Balcom Drive, James E. McClure; Michael P. McClure; William K. McClure to Kathryn Suzanne Smith, $280,000.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

• 39 Balcom Drive, Gwen H. Fowler; Jill Fowler; Robert C. Fowler; Robin S. Fowler to Olivia S. Russell, $215,000.

River Pearl Street, Raleigh, Nc 27603

• King St. Vacant Land, David Rcr Peltan; Karen Rcr Peltán; Persico Jennifer C Rcr to Andrea Perry; Gregg Perry, $110,000.

• 365 Lakefront Boulevard, Noreen M. Buckley; Colleen B. Nielsen to Deborah Q. Brown; Keith P. Brown, $392,000.

• 7 North Drive, Nancy A. McCarthy; Nancy McCarthy; Nancy F. McCarthy to David Richards; Elizabeth R. Sheehan; Thomas J. Sheehan, $250,000.

• 105 Eighteenth Street, Michelle Anne Cutrona; Lanthier Michele Anne Cutrona; Michelle Lanthier; Michelle Anne Lanthier to Sikder Mohammed Nu, $100,000.

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• 241 Amherst St., Barbara Mcneely Ira Ben; Equity Trust Company Cust to Peninsula Wholesale Holdings Corp, $82,000.

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• 56 Dart St., Lester Hughes Ira Ben; Moutain West Trust Ira Cust to Lmsm Propertys LLC, $50,000.

• 165 Rowley Road, Clifford A. Biber II; Jamie L. Przepiora to Hannah R. Nazzarett; John P. Nazarett, $300,000.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

• 93 Crisfield Ave., George J. Dixon III; Kelly M. Dixon; Kelly M. Mckenney to Clayton J. Barrows, $175,000.

Homes For Sale In Mountain View

• 18 Princeton Court, Leslie Ann Malinowski; David James Mazurkiewicz; Michael Joseph Mazurkiewicz; Randy Jude Mazurkiewicz; Scott Edward Mazurkiewicz; Annette Marie Snyder to John L. Wagner Jr., $167, 143.

• 57 George Urban Boulevard, Schlant Mark J Bkr Tr; Waters Theresa Bkr Tr to Idris Mollah; Sobuz Mollah, $155,000.

• 245 Orchard Place, Annemarie Walkow; Thomas P. Walkow to Autumn R. Smith; Gary S. Smith; Tony Marie Smith, $153,000.

• 31 Wanda, Edward C. Petre; Jerome R. Petre; Philip J. Petre; Thomas M. Petre to Muhammad Shariful Islam, $119,100.

The Tecoan 1931

• 9647 Garden Walk, Mark Blankenberg Revocable Living Trust 102820 Tr a Dennis Allen Gooch; Judith Ann Gooch, $749,000.

• 5337 Glenview Drive, Forbes Capretto Homes; Forbes Homes Inc dba to Douglas B. Cotter; Kelly M. Smith, $626,554.

• 8970 Shannon Court, Edward A. Orgon Jr.; Gina L. Orgon to Navaid Jamal; Saba Iqbal Khan, $533,750.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

• 8657 Sheridan Hill Drive, Nancy S. Murto; Peter J. Murto to Haralambos K. Papadakis; Jessica S. Papadakis, $365,000.

Find Realtors & Real Estate Agents In Rutherford College, Nc

• 4865 Glenwood Drive, MacKenzie Fern G; Fern G. Mackenzie; Robert B. Mackenzie to Andrew D. Griffin, $250,000.

• 5861 Goodrich Road, Caroline A. Wagner; Cora E. Wagner; Karl F. Wagner III; Karl Wagner III to William R. Barr, $241,000.

• South Lane 69, Emily A. Levandusky; Stephen J. Levandusky to John David Burke; Christine Curtis Wilson, $160,000.

• 2769 Grand Island Boulevard, James P. Blenk; Joan D. Salvalzo at 2797 Grand Island Boulevard LLC, $120,000.

Program Of Exercises For North Carolina Day, (charles Brantley Aycock) [1912

• Old Lakeshore Road Vacant Land, Barbara M. Harder; Paul J. Harder at 7220 Lake Shore Road LLC, $800,000.

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• 3518 Lakeview Road, Sherri A. Wrazen; Steven L. Wrazen to Francis S. Muscarella; Jennifer Mae Muscarella, $658,000.

• 4800 John Michael Way, Gary C. Ruszczyk; Lisa K. Ruszczyk to Kasey K. Barrett; Gary C. Pochron, $460,000.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

• 4543 Camp Rd #53 Uni14075, Villages of Mission Hills Patio Homes LLC to Barbara M. Morano; Thomas J. Morano, $380, 939.

Th Ave Drive Ne Hickory Nc 28601

• 32 Janice Place, Daniel P. Reiford; Walter Daniel Reiford to Brendan D. Ebert; Emily R. Ebert, $280,000.

• 5035 Milestrip Road, Elizabeth A. Herr; John W. Herr to Crystal A. Herr; George J. Smierciak IV, $200,000.

• 3316 Park Ave., Kathleen J. Antonio; Patricia F. Mayo; Deborah A. Scibisz to Melanie R. Walgate, $163,000.

• 3423 Mckinley Parkway, Arthur J. Griffith Jr.; Patricia A. Griffith to Hadeer Hasaneen; Robert L. Pandak, $146,500.

Shiloh Church Rd Hickory, Nc 28601

• 147 Belmont Ave., Patricia L Grime Irrevocable Trust Tr; Patricia L Grimes Irrevocable Trust Tr to Sarah Collins; Larry R. Stuber, $265,000.

• 8 Richmond Ave., Hannah R. Field; John P. Nazzarett to Molly V. Leising; Christopher S. Ponichtera, $210,000.

• 4 Rock Dove Lane, Bridget A. Aronica; Philip A. Mann to Erin M. Ware; Jeffrey Ware, $750,000.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

• 6029-4 Webster Road, Marilyn A revocable trust from Gerken Tr to Dorothy E. Lowicki; Stanley J. Lowicki, $246,938.

Th St Unit 106, Hickory, Nc, 28601

• 165 Elk St., Donald B. Myers; Maureen E. Myers; Maureen E. Vaughan to James Michael Macduffie; Samantha Macduffie, $189,000.

• 241 Newell Ave 1415, Nancy Glasser to Michael Filipski; Grace Kocic; Michael Kocic Jr.; Michael S. Kocic, $150,000.

• 190 Westgate Road, Edward J. Devine; Edward James Devine; Carol Ann Wagner to Cathy Henderson; Scott Henderson; William Henderson, $140,400.

• 147 West Hazeltine Ave., Diane E. Salvamoser; Francisco Salvamoser; Francis X. Salvamoser to Andrew J Smith dba; Soft zone heating and cooling, $60,000.

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• 37 Westview Drive, Diane Nelson; Margaret Winkle; Karin Winter to Lawrence J. Strozewski Sr.; Marie A. Strozewski, $265,000.

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There hasn’t been enough demand to make it worth shipping long distances, according to the local company that makes the WNY staple.

Upgrades to the KeyBank Center could cost more than $150 million, according to industry experts. While few dispute that the arena is in need of major upgrades, who pays for them is another story.

Boyd & Hassell Property Management

Marty Boryszak, senior vice president of acute care services at Catholic Health, has been named president of Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo.

Find Realtors & Real Estate Agents In Lenoir, Nc

“We have built a community of 70 residents, 60 mentors and more than 40 UB faculty,” said program director Amanda Winkelsas.

The local organizing effort has turned into a nationwide push that has seen more than 200 Starbucks locations vote to join Starbucks Workers United.

After a $3.3 million renovation by Severyn Development, the 120-year-old East Side homes, Buffalo’s version of San Francisco’s Seven Sisters, are fully restored, with 14 residential apartments for rent.

Terry Pegula is expanding his push into financial services as part of an effort to expand his family’s investments and diversify assets.

Real Estate Agent Reviews: Testimonials From Past Customers

Archer Daniels Midland could have the equipment he needs to demolish the Great Northern grain elevator on site and be ready for use within two weeks.

Here’s what the 17 other NHL teams that, like the Buffalo Sabers, built their stadiums between 1993 and 1999 have done or plan to renovate.

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Boyd & Hassell Property Management

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