Bml Property Management

Bml Property Management – Newly appointed project committee of Bendemeer Management Limited (from left) Jo Dey, Ian Adamson, Preston Stevens, BML property manager Nicole Timney and Brooke Mitchell ahead of Bendemeer Woolshed

A team of design experts has been formed to preserve the beauty and unique natural landscape of Bendemeer, Queenstown’s leading residential development.

Bml Property Management

Bml Property Management

The management company, Bendemeer Management Ltd (BML), selected the best Queenstown-based landscape architects and architects to form the Bendemeer Design Commission as high-quality rural development continues to thrive.

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A new committee, made up of Warren & Mahoney Director Ian Adamson, McAuliffe Director and Director Stevens Registered Architects Preston Stevens, Baxter Design Group Director Brooke Mitchell, and LAND Landscape Architects Senior Landscape Architects Joanna Dey, will facilitate and support the application process for landowners with Bendemeer. that the Bendemeer design philosophy is protected and improved.

Previously, BML directors provided design advice to landowners and architects before and during the construction process. The advice focuses on the Bendemeer covenant that was formed under the original consent of the Bendemeer resource. As investments grow and more properties are built, it’s time to get professionals involved, says BML property manager Nicole Timney.

“By introducing professional assistance to registered architects and landscape architects, Bendemeer Management Ltd and the larger Bendemeer community will have confidence in the continuity and integrity of the project in relation to the contract,” he says.

The Bendemeer Design Committee offers unbiased advice and has no intention of influencing any particular style or solution constructed.

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“The design checks that the Committee recognizes will provide guidance to future homeowners so that the overall design vision to preserve and enhance the Bendemeer character is preserved for the future,” says Timney.

“When a landowner purchases his land, we encourage him to meet with the on-site Design Committee before starting the design and construction process. When a project is submitted, landowners pay a small fee and the committee offers advice to ensure a smooth approval process which ultimately makes it easier for Bendemeer residents, ”adds Timney.

The Bendemeer has experienced a period of rapid growth over the past year and is now supporting a community of passionate landlords. Twelve months ago, Bendemeer had one complete house and two full-time residents. Currently, Bendemeer has three complete houses, five houses under construction and another three at the planning / design stage.

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Bml Property Management

“This is moving away from developing start-ups to have like-minded people who enjoy what Bendemeer has to offer,” says Timney.

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The Bendemeer is a 130-acre premium residential property located between Queenstown and Arrowtown, New Zealand. Offering a limited number of unique homes and a unique opportunity for a rural way of life, it is a champion-planned development, protected by a covenant. The Bendemeer has been designed so that all landlords can enjoy both their private property and the natural beauty of the entire property. The Bendemeer combines a spectacular landscape with views of mountains and lakes on a scale that is rarely available. The main goal of Bendemeer development is to preserve the size and quality of its natural assets and make them available to a small group of landowners for shared use. The common land in Bendemeer is administered by Bendemeer Management Limited (BML). Each property owner also has one share in the BML. Currently, BML has three directors: Alistair Jeffery, Luise Lockwood and Geof Harp. For more information, visit the Bendemeer website.

Celia is an award-winning journalist who has worked for New Zealand newspapers and radio stations and UK magazines. She has worked in public relations in both New Zealand and London. Celia also specializes in digital media strategy and website copywriting for SEO.

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Building and Structure Management (a / f / property management course) This course is registered and approved by the AIA for the purpose of professional continuing education for architects to obtain credit outside of HSW. You must attend all class sessions for CES credit (a separate fee is required for credit for continuing education).

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Real estate management lectures, daily supplementary paper-based textbooks and periodic industry speakers are included in the cost of these classes.

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Those who enroll in this class and a Construction Project Management course at the same time will receive a $ 50 discount on the combined price of the two courses ($ 800).

Bml Property Management

For most sessions, we arrange guests (subject to availability) with expertise in various areas of the property to deliver a presentation to the class. You will be notified who will present when class starts. Earlier presentations included: HPD Lecture on LL # 1; Financing and debt; Environmental rehabilitation; Real Estate Information System (software application); and an interactive overview of operational management issues included in a field trip to New York (see photos from previous classes).

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Topic I: Communication Skills and Understanding of Property Management in Commercial, Residential (Apartments / Co-operatives), Medical, Industrial, Government, Hotel / Resort, Special Applications and Infrastructure Projects

A Course Participant may make an oral request by an Instructor to be involved in the preparation of optional course work, which may be assessed with a letter or numeric grade in order to obtain an educational reimbursement from the employer or an employment program for career development.

Salvador Rozenberg is an experienced business, construction and development services administrator and property management consultant and provides consulting services through his business entity, Transaction Maintenance Company. He is also a recognized regional leader, educator and innovator in the development and creation of course programs in business, construction, development, project and real estate management, and is an assistant professor in these fields.

Mr. Rozenberg’s client list includes property owners, general contractors and developers. His customer service covers all business related functions including property accounting, construction, development, financial reporting and management. His experience includes the preparation of business and marketing plans and scope of work, offer reviews, construction planning, operational management and project scheduling, supervision of renovation and restoration projects, preparation of budgets / financial reports, leasing and analysis of lease agreements, and general business activities. administration.

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As Assistant Professor, Mr. Rozenberg lectures on subjects related to construction, development, facilities, project management and real estate for the City University of New York (CUNY) Baruch College; Zicklin School of Business, William Newman’s Department of Real Estate; New York University, Tandon School of Engineering, Civil Urban Engineering Department, New York University, School of Professional Studies, Schack Real Estate Institute and New York Institute of Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering among other prominent academic institutions and organizations.

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Through his economic entity, Mr. Rozenberg provides consultancy services to various property owners, investors, clients and developers in the areas of administration, rental, procurement, financial reporting, construction planning and project monitoring. His projects for commercial and residential clients included waterproofing projects, sidewalk vault replacement, roof repairs, exterior renovations, vertical transport upgrades, HVAC upgrades and compliance, and fire refurbishment. He also deals with construction planning for ordinances, management of agent functions, coordination of building regulations, compliance with DOB, DHCR, HPD, ECB, ADA, EPA and OSHA regulations and implementation of major capital improvement projects (MCI) for residential, commercial, commercial, industrial buildings and warehouse development projects.

Mr. Rozenberg has provided construction and property management services to clients or has been associated with the following business organizations: Advance Construction Concepts, Inc. (General Commercial and Residential) Newmark and Associates, (Asset Management) State of New York, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, (Construction and Project Management) EMMES Realty Service, (Asset Management) Schur Management Company, Ltd, (Restoration and Management) Alliance For Progress (Not For Profit – Residential Housing), U.S. Treasury Department, (Asset Disposition Division), New York City, Department of General Services (DGS), Concord Asset Group (Real Estate Investment Trust “REIT”) , Patrician Group (Asset Syndications), and Helmsley-Spear, Inc. (Accounting, Construction, Investments and Management)

Bml Property Management

Since 2002, Mr. Rozenberg has been developing and implementing teaching programs in the field of business, construction, development, housing, rental law (housing court procedures), business negotiations, project and real estate management. As an academic course developer, Mr. Rozenberg coordinates multiple collaboration agreements to optimize construction and real estate courses for students, graduates, and continuing education and corporate training programs to maximize the potential of student enrollment and tuition fees for educational institutions.

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