Blue Sky Property Management Santa Cruz

Blue Sky Property Management Santa Cruz – With real estate logistics, historical data and the highest level of experience, we can help you buy or sell your home.

We manage rental occupancy, lease signing and rent payments through an online portal. Enjoy life while earning extra.

Blue Sky Property Management Santa Cruz

Blue Sky Property Management Santa Cruz

CENTRAL LOCATION Located in downtown Santa Cruz and serving all of Santa Cruz County. We are never far from your property, allowing us to keep a close eye on your investment and do our best for you.

Katherine Pl Unit 59, Windsor, Ca 95492

TO THE CUSTOMER We take care of both people and property. Our customers trust our direct communication and responsiveness to your needs.

FREE CONSULTATION Find out what property you should rent for. Maximize the potential of your investment Property. Save time and gain peace of mind.

IT’S ALL AT YOUR HANDS When managing your property, we use the latest technology. Access your account online anytime, anywhere.

Professional and helpful management. The Blue Sky team quickly and efficiently solves all the problems that have arisen in connection with the rental. This company has handled my rental perfectly for the past 5 years! I am very satisfied, no complaints and feel comfortable with the management service. Thanks Blue Sky!

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I have worked with Blue Sky for over 6 years and am very satisfied with our relationship. They deal with issues quickly and efficiently and have done a great job managing my property.

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Learn about California’s new bill, AB-1482, which was recently passed to help address California’s housing crisis. The bill caps rents beginning Jan. 1, 2020, and is expected to last until Jan. 1, 2030.

Spring offers many activities in Santa Cruz, many of which take place outdoors to take advantage of the return of perfect weather and longer days. It’s no secret that Santa Cruz is an outdoor-worthy community, and you’ll notice a lot more people when the weather starts to cooperate on a daily basis. If you own rental properties, keeping track of all your bills can be a daunting task. When you hire Blue Sky Property Management, we take care of all your bills. Our system can take care of both recurring and one-time invoices. Plan for home owner association fees, mortgages, property taxes and insurance payments. Utility and gardening bills are in one place and scheduled to be paid on time. This makes it easy for you, other owners and Blue Sky to access the same documents in case of confusion.

Blue Sky Property Management Santa Cruz

Invoices are stored in the cloud, so you can access them anywhere, anytime. No need for a wall full of ugly metal filing cabinets. Our online system is also more secure. You won’t have to worry about identity theft and all the problems that come with it. At tax time, you can share a folder of relevant documents with your tax professional. Tenants also pay rent and utilities online. Our relational bill payment system also makes paying your utility bill easy. We create an allocation and enter an invoice each month. Tenants are billed for their fair share of the total entitlement on the monthly rent statement. In the age of the Internet, there is no reason for rental property owners to struggle with paper sorting and complicated calculations. It’s all taken care of for you in just a few clicks.

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Blue Sky Property Management uses ratio billing (also known as ratio utility billing system or RUBS). This is a great method for landlords to use, especially if sub-metering is not possible due to excessive cost or limited space. RUBS is a method of calculating each unit’s share of a utility bill. The formula is based on occupancy, square footage and number of bedrooms.

We enter utility payments every month. The system automatically calculates population shares. Utility bills are integrated with other monthly charges, including rent, and are applied to your rent statement each month. Tenants receive only one clear bill. The system is easy to use. Just make sure the feature is turned on.

Bill ratio is also a great way to reduce overall resource usage. This is especially important when it comes to water use. In an apartment building, everyone is encouraged to maintain utilities. The EPA and the National Apartment Association have conducted studies showing that rationing bills promote conservation. Utility usage drops from 5 to 40% when a billing ratio is introduced.

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