Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

Blue Frog Property Management Reviews – Every real estate agent’s dream: Quality local offers on autopilot. Fewer cold calls, no more meetings with unqualified prospects, and of course, more revenue. How do you make a dream come true? Answer: Real estate SEO (Search engine optimization, that is, when people search for the services you provide, they appear, and stop on Google). Today, 90% of home buyers use the internet. With so many people searching for homes online, agents who master real estate SEO and know how to work with search engines are winning the game in the real estate business.

The best part about real estate SEO? Not comfortable at all. It generates leads for you 24/7, without the need for you to call, buy ads, or hit the button. Are you ready to get off the lead generation hamster wheel? Follow this ultimate real estate SEO guide and you’ll not only have a clear understanding of where it ranks in your local market, but a tactical roadmap to make it happen.

Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

They show up in search engines when people are looking for someone to help them buy or sell a home.

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Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a moment, and imagine that you want to buy a new house. Where do you live, and what kind of property – so, what are the first steps?

If you’re one of the 44% of home buyers, the first thing you do is head straight to Google, open a new tab and start typing.

You have a short list of options to consider. And, there’s a 60% chance you’ll click on one of the three results above to start a review:

However, the design of the SERP (search engine results page) has changed recently. Now ads, instant responses, local map packages have driven down the organic rankings they once had and it’s harder to get found online for important search terms:

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With so many businesses competing for what little organic (no pun intended) real estate is left on SERPs, Search Engine Optimization for brokers and agents has become a fiercely competitive place.

It is no longer enough to create a real estate website and publish quality content. Today, if you want to rank for important keywords that drive qualified leads, you need a real SEO strategy.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of all buyers search for real estate listings online as the first step in their journey.

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Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

That’s a big change in the real estate industry since 1981, when newspaper ads were the most used source (by 22% of buyers).

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Almost half of buyers start their property searches directly. For this great piece, your property listings must be optimized for neighborhoods and other terms that indicate Google’s local relevance.

Hundreds of visits per month from searchers looking for homes in the local area – just from a small set of keywords.

Wherever you look, regardless of location, there will be between hundreds and tens of thousands of prospects looking for real estate in that local area each month:

But, these keywords do not represent the mind of every buyer. Some are not yet ready to choose a home – they are still stuck due to legal or financial questions that slow down the process.

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So 13% of searchers are just looking for more information. They are less secure than the last steps of those who search for things like “condos for sale madison wi”, but they are still real estate that leads to growth.

By targeting these informative keywords, you can provide searchers with helpful content to build brand awareness, and grow your lead list.

But the emergence of mobile devices has changed how users search online. Data from the last five years shows a clear trend that mobile is steadily overtaking PCs in the search field:

Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

Now, 93% of buyers age 36 and younger go online as part of the real estate search process – that’s the largest market segment, with 3% more share than baby boomers.

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And if you think you can skip just implementing your real estate SEO strategy and focus 100% of your time on paid advertising, remember that paid spending doesn’t translate to organic search results. The average conversion rate for Google ads across all industries is 3.75%, but real estate only converts at 2.47%. Real estate marketers seem to be making it harder to convert leads into sales with paid advertising.

The market is open and your competitors are leaving a lot of money on the table for buyers by ignoring SEO.

Now that we have learned the basics of SEO, let’s deepen our knowledge and understand the four types of SEO that will help us create the most useful content and become real estate SEO experts!

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Basically, On-Page SEO refers to all the content on your real estate website for website visitors to read, both on the main page and subpages. To take full advantage of this Search Engine Optimization king, you need to properly fill your website content with real seo keywords, fix the navigation on the website and make sure that all URLs are seo- friends, that is, they are as short as possible. , describe the subpage (eg containing the subpage title). If it has a keyword, that’s even better.

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On Page SEO is easy to manage because most of it is under your control. If a change is needed, you can easily update the content and keep it in line with the latest real estate SEO trends.

Off-page SEO is based on link building, which means everything that affects the visibility of your website, but is not directly linked to the website, i.e. external content that refers to your website – your social media channels, Other websites, external expert blogs that link to your website, guest posts, brand listings, etc.

Managing off-site SEO definitely requires more work and attention: this means creating additional content for your social media and establishing partnerships with other creators who can include a link to your website in their content. It’s definitely worth the effort, but you should remember that a) not all links are created equal, and b) it’s not always possible to find everything on external real estate sites that link to yours. are not published, so choose your promoters wisely. and make sure their websites are also SEO-friendly (they are reputable, reliable and not too stuffed with keywords).

Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

Technical SEO is probably the most difficult to manage because it often requires coding knowledge or the support of an expert. In short, technical SEO consists of all the technical aspects of your website that need to be adjusted to meet search engine requirements. It may be indexing, layout, site architecture and navigation, rendering, page speed and security as well as mobile friendliness.

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It’s good to have seo experts look at the technical SEO of your website, however, there are some things that just take a bit of tech savvy to improve the technical SEO aspects of your website, such as a) making sure that the content site is not duplicated (eg you have the same content on your main page as in your About Us subpage), remove all dead links from your site and check that all other links are working properly. If possible, pay attention to the architecture of your website, make sure it is logical. The better the website structure, the better it will cooperate with search engines.

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Local SEO is the fourth type of SEO and is probably the most important for real estate seo marketing. Basically, local SEO optimization means creating content that is relevant to the queries of local users. If users are looking for general information such as “how to do something” or historical facts, they will most likely get similar Google search results. However, if they search for “homes for sale”, they will most likely end up with completely different results depending on their location. Because Google uses our localization to show us the most relevant results.

Continue reading the article to learn how to use Local SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO for real estate websites.

Coming up with an effective real estate SEO marketing strategy is easier by using dedicated tools that will help you plan and track activities. It is also important to avoid some common mistakes that will negatively affect the site’s ranking in search engines.

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It helps you customize key on-page elements, control content readability, create custom site hierarchies, and manage technical SEO.

Google Search Console provides insight into your search performance, identifies technical SEO issues, collects link data and controls exactly how Google sees your content:

There are several reports that are worth checking regularly, including your organic search performance, 404s, crawl errors, and warnings.

Blue Frog Property Management Reviews

Would you ignore a warning on your website that came directly from Google? In general, it’s a good idea to follow their best practices, since you’re playing their game.

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Lighthouse is the next generation of Google tools that builds on PageSpeed ​​​​Insights and Mobile Friendly Testing. It is a complete set of testing tools built into Google Chrome that gives you insight into the technicalities as well

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