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Blue Diamond Property Management Boise Idaho – What makes a great discussion? For some, it’s one side the clear winner and the other losing their shorts. If the negotiation is for a one-time purchase and you will never deal with the company again, this definition may apply. However, commercial real estate negotiations are quite different as the parties are necessarily dealing with the same transaction, a future transaction, or re-interacting with a different but related party. For example, take a lease negotiation where the tenant’s representatives pick apart every detail of the lease, negotiate every nickel of the tenant’s improvement offer and ask for a lower rent, which creates financial risk for the landlord when combined. After a year the landlord will reduce services, abandon maintenance or completely ignore the favors requested by the tenant. A bad lease can even jeopardize the landlord’s loan agreement or make it difficult to refinance the project. When lease negotiations get tough, I like to remind the parties that once the lease is executed, the tenant and landlord essentially become business partners, as they depend on the other to make their own business a success.

Even in a sales negotiation when the two parties are less likely to work together in the future, there are many times when the buyer and seller will need to negotiate further after executing a letter of intent or purchase and sale agreement. The most common occurrence is when the two parties disagree on deferred maintenance, such as a roof or HVAC equipment. If a buyer negotiates a lower price and hires a mechanical contractor who reports that the HVAC needs near-term work or replacement, most sellers are unwilling to accept any price reductions.

Blue Diamond Property Management Boise Idaho

Blue Diamond Property Management Boise Idaho

A recent CCIM Ward Center course taught real estate negotiations in Boise and was well attended by local CCIM members and candidates. Steve Cannariato facilitated a class that impressively ranked the following top 5 characteristics of a great negotiator: 1) Good judgment 2) Market knowledge 3) Sense of humor 4) Ability to listen and 5) Understanding the negotiation process. These are ranked above other amazing traits such as logic, sense of fairness, ability to work with others and developing a specific strategy for each negotiation.

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The CCIM approach provides a framework to evaluate and capture your and other parties’ needs. The three-step process is summarized as follows. Step 1) Stakeholder Interest Analysis – Establish who is involved and what their interests are, provide basic assumptions as open questions to set the stage, identify all issues as fully as possible, determine the level of each issue as it applies to each party. Step 2) Brainstorming Activities – brainstorming aimed at finding solutions that satisfy stakeholders’ needs, evaluating options, deciding on a proposal that takes into account stakeholders’ most critical concerns. 3) Risk analysis and consequences of any deal – what is the projected outcome if no deal is reached? What is the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (“BATNA”) and how likely is it to happen? What are the consequences of timing? It’s important to establish a walkthrough, which is often pricey, but can be any number of goals. Many successful real estate investors can quickly recall a deal they negotiated and wanted but walked away from. There are always other opportunities and if you save time and money on adversarial deals, you may not win the race but you will win the marathon. A BATNA allows you to understand the options before you negotiate, keeping perspective and emotion at bay.

The best negotiators I know are willing, calm, prepared, good listeners, and have an amazing ability to make both sides believe that a fair deal was negotiated – and usually is. Knowledge is power and negotiators who have more information and ask the right questions have advantages. I can’t stress enough that understanding the other side gives you tremendous insight into how you can negotiate the best deals. It’s important to find creative ways to satisfy the other party’s needs while still satisfying your needs, or find acceptable compromises. The diagram below is a great summary of the boundaries we all work with in negotiation.

It is reasonable to ask at the outset whether you are dealing with the decision maker and if not what the process is for final approval. If you know that different people are involved, CCIM recommends using a “bogie,” a nonessential question that you don’t necessarily want, also known as a “throwaway.” By agreeing to give Bogey later in the negotiation, you can persuade the other party to concede something important. If the other party is tempted to make some concessions, but you know more is coming, or if the parties reach an impasse on an issue, it’s best to say, “I’ll consider it, now let’s move on.” Then assess all requests as a package and respond in a tactical manner. If there are awkward items, it’s best not to let them hang around in limbo.

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Two types of negotiations were reviewed in the CCIM course: A) Joint negotiations are mutually supportive and make the pie bigger than what they started with. It’s a difficult process and may involve a creative solution, so not everyone can do it. Typically, the top brokers in our industry exemplify this discussion and it is no coincidence that they are perennial top producers. Win Win negotiations are also integrated, with each party having an incentive to work towards a mutually acceptable deal. An example is a developer who might be the preferred developer for a national retail chain. B) Distribution negotiations are adversarial and usually a one-time transaction. Often relationships don’t develop, and tactics or back-trading take place. Fortunately, this discussion doesn’t happen very often in Boise Valley, because it’s a small town and the bad reputation spread fast.

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To become a more effective commercial real estate negotiator, I urge you to sign up for the next CCIM negotiation course, which can be taught online or live. Never forget the number one rule of negotiation: everything is negotiable. Located in a comfortable and convenient neighborhood, this property is classic and naturally well-lit. It is close to several restaurants, markets, shops and parks. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1154 square feet. Space and its key features include a 440 sq ft garage, private garden, LVP flooring and spacious rooms. $1850/month + $1850 deposit. Tenant pays all utilities and covers yard care. Single family home in great meridian location

Less than 10 minutes north of downtown, the Northwest Meridian neighborhood features a mix of residential homes, , and businesses. Locals looking to rent in the area are looking for properties close to Settlers Park. This local hot spot offers tennis courts, disc golf and picnic areas. Kids enjoy the playground equipment and splash area in the summer.

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When residents want Italian food, they stop by Gino’s Italian Restaurant. This upscale restaurant features classic pasta and Italian dishes. In the morning, neighborhood commuters take advantage of the drive-through Dutch Bros. coffee shop.

Blue Diamond Property Management Boise Idaho

You’ll be able to find places to ride your bike in this area, but you’ll probably need your car for most errands.

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545 Creekview Dr has 3 shopping centers within 0.8 miles, about a 15 minute walk. Miles and minutes will be for the furthest property.

545 Creekview Dr has 5 parks within 12.1 miles including Eagle Island State Park, Boise WaterShed and Arboretum Park.

545 Creekview Dr is 14.7 miles from Old Fort Boise Military Res and convenient to other military bases including Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Good news! Applications are accepted through this recruitment. Act now and your $ purchase includes 9 additional FREE application submissions on participating properties. 1 in 20 Lawrence Ellis sits with his nephew Harvey on his front stoop at 817 W. Poplar St., the fourplex where he and his predecessor lived two years ago. The rest of the tenants had to leave – some through eviction. Jessica Phelps / Jessica Phelps Show more Show less

The Apartment Complex Didn’t Have Hot Water For Over A Year. Then The Tenants Were Evicted

20 of 20 20 Lawrence Ellis 817 W. Poplar St. standing on the front stoop of the fourplex where he lived for two years before he and his fellow tenants were forced to leave, while his nieces and nephews played with the children next door. While living there, tenants endured poor conditions such as a lack of hot water. Jessica Phelps / Jessica Phelps Show more details

3 of 20 LaToya Graves, her stepfather, Gary Simmons, 817 W. Poplar St., W. In the apartment Graves used to rent in the fourplex building, his 5-year-old son, EJ, was wrapped in a towel after giving him a shower. Boil water on the stove for her son’s bath because there was no hot water in the apartment—a problem that wasn’t fixed even after her stepfather was forced to leave.

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